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Pan's Labyrinth, Organization 13 fan-fiction Chapter 10Category: Organization 13
Friday, 21 January 2011
03:29:41 PM (GMT)

Arie and Xiannon were walking through the forest, keeping as quiet as they possibly
could. Suddenly, Xiannon stopped, her eyes wide.
"I heard something..." she mumbled, looking around.
"It's nothing.. don't worry..." Xiannon told Arie, after looking around.
She turned around to head on, but gasped in shock when she turned to see Axel, and
all the guards standing infront of them.
"Xiannon. Arie." Axel said, glaring at them both.
Arie looked up at Azel, and then hugged onto Xiannon in fear.

Axel flung Arie into her bedroom in the attic. Arie landing on her bed, quivering in
fear. Axel gripped Arie by her shoulders, glaring down at her.
"How long have you known about her?" Axel asked Arie.
Arie didn't answer, she just stared up at Axel, breathing heavily and almost in
Axel shook her, and slapped her across the face.
"How long have you been laughing at me? Little bitch!" He asked her in a horrible
He turned around to Xigbar and Marluxia.
"Watch her! And if anyone tries to get in, kill her first..!" He ordered the guards,
and walked out of the room.
Arie held onto her sore cheek, from after Axel slapping her. She started to cry into
her hands, her hand covering her mouth so that Axel couldn't hear her.

Axel was now in the storeroom, unpacking all the items Xiannon had packed into her
"Dry Meat. Tobacco." he listed out the items.
Marluxia was tying Xiannon to the same pole that Xanthe had been tied to, in the
"If you had asked for it, I would have given this to you, Xiannon." Axel told her.
"I want the names of whoever wrote these letters." he told Marluxia, walking up to
Xiannon stood still, not saying anything.
"And I want them in front of me, tomorrow!" Axel told Marluxia.
"Yes Captain" Marluxia answered, taking the letters Axel had given him.
"You can go, Marluxia" Axel told Marluxia.
Marluxia looked from Axel to Xiannon, and back at Axel again.
"You're sure, Captain?" he asked him, a little unsure.
"For gods sake, she's just a woman!" Axel sighed.
Marluxia nodded, and then walked quickly out of the storeroom.
"That's what you've always thought. that's why I was able to get away with it. I was
invisible to you" Xiannon told Axel.
"Damn. You've found my weakness. Pride." Axel grinned, holding Xiannon's face with
one hand, and then walking away over to a table.
"But it's your weak points were interested in." he told Xiannon.
He picked up the hammer he showed to Xanthe before, holding it up to show Xiannon.
"It's very simple. You will talk, And I have to know that everything you say is the
truth." he spoke, putting the hammer down, and examining the other tools.
Whilst Axel had his back turned to her, Xiannon took a knife out from under her
"We have a few things here, strictly for that purpose" he began.
Xiannon started cutting the rope that had bounded her hands together.
"Nothing complicated. Things we learn on the job. At first-" Axel started, but was
cut off, when Xiannon suddenly stabbed Axel in the back with the knife she had used
to cut herself free.

Axel winced in pain, holding onto his shoulder where Xiannon had stuck the knife
into. He turned around and stared at Xiannon, his eyes wide. Xiannon then lunged the
knife to where Axel's heart would be, missing his heart though when Axel moved her
hand slightly. Axel landed onto the ground, on his knees and looked up at Xiannon.
Xiannon quickly placed the knife into Axel's mouth.
"I'm not some old woman! Not a wounded prisoner! Mother fucker! Don't you dare touch
the girl! You won't be the first pig I gutted!" she told Axel, and suddenly sliced
Axel's mouth at the side, giving him a 'Glasgow Smile'.
Axel fell to the ground, holding onto his cheek. Xiannon rushed to the door of the
storeroom, stepped outside, and shut the door behind her. She hid the knife back into
the pocket of her apron again, and started walking cautiously away. She kept her face
looking to the ground when she saw Xigbar looking at her.
Xigbar stared at Xiannon, confused.
"Hey!" he called over to Marluxia, only to get 'shushed' by him, since Marluxia was
listening closely to the radio.
"Look, he let her go!" He told Marluxia.
"The fuck did you say?" Marluxia asked Xigbar, walking up to him.
They both stared at Xiannon, who was now heading off up the hill.
"HEY!" Marluxia called after Xiannon, who kept walking at a fast pace.
Marluxia took out his gun, and pointed it at Xiannon. At that moment, Axel stumbled
out of the storeroom, and up to Marluxia and Xigbar.
"Get her! Come on, bring her to me!" Axel told the two guards.
Marluxia was about to answer Axel, when Axel burst out yelling at Marluxia "BRING HER
TO ME, DAMN IT!", taking his hand away from his mouth. Blood all over the side of his

Xiannon was now running as fast as she could through the woods, stopping every so
often to catch her breath. Marluxia, Xigbar, and the rest of the guards weren't far
behind, all were riding on their horses. Xiannon ran into an opening of the forest,
where all the guards surrounded her. She stopped, taking deep breaths, looking around
her for escape routes. Marluxia got off his horse, and started walking towards
Xiannon. Xiannon took the knife out of her pocket, pointing it at Marluxia.
He chuckled to himself, and kept walking towards her.
"It'll be better if you come with me without struggling. The Captain said that if you
behave-" he started but stopped, when Xiannon pointed the knife to her throat.
"Don't be a fool, sweetheart. If anyone's going to kill you... I'd rather it be me!"
he told her.
Suddenly, gun shots were heard off in the distance. Bullets flew into Marluxia,
hitting him 5 times in the chest. He fell to the ground. Dead. Other guards got shot
also, falling off their horses. Some guards got away, riding back down the hill, back
to the Mill.
Xiannon turned around to see Dexion and his men entering the forest. Xiannon ran up
to Dexion and hugged him. He hugged her back tightly, comforting her.
Dexion's men went around the dead bodies, shooting them a couple more times, just to
make sure they were dead.

Meanwhile, Arie was sitting on the cold ground of the attic, staring into space.
Suddenly, she heard a sound of wings beating. She perked her head up and looked
Xena flew up to Arie, and landed on Arie's hand.
"I've decided to give you one last chance." Lexaeus' voice entered the room, he was
standing infront of her by the door.
Arie got up off the floor and ran up to Lexaeus, hugging him tightly. Lexaeus hugged
her back, smiling.
"Do you promise to do what I say?" Lexaeus asked Arie.
Arie nodded her head, not speaking a word.
"Will you do everything I tell you, without question?" he asked her, one hand on
Arie's shoulder, and the other on the side of Arie's face.
She nodded once again, staring right at him.
"This is your last chance. Listen to me. Fetch your Brother, and bring him to the
Labyrinth, as quickly as you can, Your Highness." Lexaeus told Arie.
"My Brother?" Arie asked Lexaeus, slightly confused.
"We need him." Lexaeus answered her question.
"But-" Arie started but got cut off by Lexaeus.
"No more questions." he smiled.
Arie looked down at her feet, thinking, and then back up at Lexaeus.
"The door is locked" she told him.
"In that case, create your own door." he smiled, handing Arie the chalk she had used

Meanwhile, Axel was washing his face in his study. He looked in the mirror at his
face. He tried opening his mouth properly, but couldn't. The cut on the side of his
mouth was too sore to move. Axel carefully brought a threaded needle to his mouth. He
started stitching the cut side of his mouth up, wincing in pain.
Arie had secretly snuck into Axel's study. She placed the piece of chalk on a table,
and looked over at the wooden crib that Xilatz was lying in. Xilatz was awake and
talking in his own language.
Axel carefully cut the end of the thread with a shaving knife, and looked at his face
in the mirror. He brought a cotton wool pad to the stitched up cut, and put sticky
tape on the four corners of the square cotton wool pad. He stuck it over the stitched
up cut, and looked at it in the mirror again. Axel walked over to his table, ignoring
Xilatz. HE sat down at his table and poured himself a drink. Arie was sitting on the
other side of the table, ducking down so that Axel couldn't see her. Axel took a swig
of his drink, but immediately winced in pain, as blood started seeping through his
cut, and soaking the cotton wool pad. He ignored it, and quickly poured himself
another drink. Before he was able to drink it, he noticed the piece of chalk on the
table. He picked it up and examined it. He then placed it back down, and took out his
gun. He looked around the table where Arie was. No one was there.
"Captain with your permission" a guard spoke as he entered the room.
Axel turned around to the guard and nodded.
"Come quickly." the guard told Axel.
"What is it now?" Axel asked.
"Xigbar is back. He's wounded." he told Axel.
"Wounded?" Axel asked.
He then walked out of his study with the guard, exiting the room.
Arie was hiding behind a couch. She stood up when she heard the footsteps exit the
room. She quickly walked up to the table where Axel had put his drink down, and
started looking around in her pockets for something.

(Continued in Chapter 11. The second last chapter ^.^ )

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