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Rant about those Famouse PepleCategory: (general)
Tuesday, 4 January 2011
10:53:37 PM (GMT)
*This rant is not pointed toward any specific person. I am simply expressing my
thoughts and it is directed only toward anyone who feels the way I DON'T. And when
I'm talking about comments and stuff, I mean people who comment on places like
youtube or facebook or even at school.*

Famous people.
We all know them.
We look up to them, idolize them, fall in love with them, like them, hate them, &
diss them. Yeah, we got that part.
But one little photo, one little Twitter update or blurry video, is all it takes to
start the rumors. Pretty soon, everyone is expressing their opinion about some
scandal that may include drug abuse, broken relationships, ect ect. 
I feel that nobody realizes that those famous people are people JUST. LIKE. US. It
doesn't matter if they're a Disney star, or on Jersey Shore, or whatever, but just
because they live in the spotlight doesn't mean they don't have feelings, too. And
sure, sometimes they get cought up in their fame and maybe even become stuck up and
just plain stupid. 
But this is especially about those teenagers-they are going through the same things
as us! They are falling in love, making mistakes, and learning through life. But the
reason it looks so "scandulous" is because everything is put out into the open and
they have no privacy. Yes, I'll admit, I love finding out who's dating who, what
pictures this person sent, and shaking my head sadly at the latest bad thing; and
that's Ok! But what's not OK is putting those people down and making rude comments,
like "You suck!" and telling them to go die. Because you know what that is? it's
calling cyber-bullying, people. Just because those famouse people can't see what
you're typing, doens't mean it's OK. How do you think they feel about that? Oh,
right, they're famous, they have everything they could possibly need/want, so it's
OK. I don't know them, I don't care about them, so whatever.

And you know all that stuff about posting nude pics or something that looks like 2
girls kissing? Or maybe they went out and got drunk at a party.They do those things
just like anyone else might. Take this from someone who knows-when you're having a
good time, you're just in such a good mood, you get giddy and silly. You do stupid
things that sometimes turn out good and sometimes turn out bad. But because those
BELIEVE SHE DID THAT *LE GASP*. Famous people are people just like us whose lives are
constantly recorded, butted into, and watched. Sometimes they do silly stuff to
please their fans, and sometimes it's simply because they're *in the moment." they
have their own reasons for the things they do-whether it's why they broke up with
their girfriend/boyfriend, why they don't write their own songs (if it's a singer),
why they said that stuff online, ect ect. And it's not ANYONE'S place to have to know
that. Reporters only tell us these things because it gets good hits and because
people want to hear it. I bet half of them don;t even care about what they're

So what I'm trying to say is, famous people are just like us. We don't need to know
every single detail about their personal lives. And it's not right to make mean
comments about them because, yes, it's bullying, no matter how old, or ugly, or bad,
or jerkish, or whatever......it's still bad.

Comments/thoughts if you want, but please don't kill me. >.<

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