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Pan's Labyrinth, Organization 13 fan-fiction Chapter 3Category: Organization 13
Monday, 27 December 2010
07:23:00 AM (GMT)
Arie continued to follow Xena the fairy, walking through the narrow, spooky
pathways. Xena lead Arie down a stone spiral staircase, leading her into a large cave
type place. Xena was sitting on an ancient monolith at the edge of an empty stone
pool. Arie walked closer to the edge of the stone pool.
"...Hello??" she shouted down.
The pool returned her shout again and again.
"Hello?" she tried again, her shouts echoing around.
"It's you­ It's  you­ You've returned!!" A voice answered her call.
In the shadows, was a tall man with goat legs, strange looking goat ears, and large
horns coming out the side of his head. He was very tall, and his hair was auburn and
slicked back into rather odd, messy spikes (Lexaeus xD ).
Arie stepped back in shock, speechless.
"No no, don't be afraid, I beg you. Look!" Lexaeus told Arie, as he opened a small
wicker basket.
Two more fairies flew out of the wicker basket, one had long flowing blonde hair
(Vaproskiax), and the other had long brown hair (Xiulan).
Arie smiled a little.

"My name is Arie. Who are you?" she asked him.
"Me? I've  had so many 
names. Old names that only the wind and the trees can pronounce." Lexaeus
told Arie.
Xena flew towards Xiulan and Vaproskiax, joining her friends.
"I am the  mountain, the forest and the earth. I am... a faun..." Lexaeus
told Arie, bowing.
"Your Highness.." He finished his sentance.
"No I'm-"
"You are Princess Xaveria, daughter of the King of the Underworld." Lexaeus
cut off Arie's sentance.
"No.. my Father was a Tailor.." she told Lexaeus.
"You are not born of  man. It was the 
moon that bore you. Look on your left shoulder and you will find a mark that proves it."
Lexaeus told Arie.
Arie instinctively touched her shoulder with a strange expression on her face.
"Your real father had us open portals all over the world to allow your return. This is the last of them."
Lexaeus spoke, opening his arms out and gesturing the well that surrounded them.
"But we have to make sure
that your essence is intact, that you have not become a mortal.
To insure your return, you have three tasks to fulfill
before the moon is  full." Lexaeus told Arie.
Lexaeus took a few steps back and deposited a large leather bound book on the ground,
as well as a leather bag.
"This  is the Book of Crossroads. Open it when you're alone and it
will show you your future to show you what must be done." Lexaeus told
Afterwards, Lexaeus, Xena, Xiulan, and Vaproskiax faded away into the shadows.
Arie picked up the bag and the book. she opened the book, but no matter how many
pages she turned, every page was blank.
"They are all blank.." she muttered.
But she was alone. Absolutely alone in the well.

The next day, Axel was in the Dining Room, busily shining his shoes. Xiannon walked
into the Dining Room, carrying a tray with a cup of coffee for Axel.
"Xiannon, prepare these rabbits for dinner tonight." Axel ordered Xiannon.
Xiannon looked at the dead scrawny animals on the table. She picked up one and
examined it.
"They are too young." she told Axel.
"Well, see if they'll do for a stew." he answered her.
"Yes sir." Xiannon replied, turning to leave, but Axel stopped her.
"And, this coffee was burnt, taste it yourself." he told her.
Xiannon did so, whilst Axel placed a hand on her shoulder.
You should keep an eye on it" he told her sternly.
"Yes sir." she answered, and walked out of the room.

Xiannon walked into the kitchen.
The kitchen was enormous. The open charcoal cook stove was two meters high by five meters wide.
Two other cooks, Brix and Alexis, were in the kitchen busy working.
Xiannon handed out the rabbits to them both.
"Take them to the table." she told them.
Brix and Alexis started washing the table with boiling water.
"He didn't like the coffee." she told the two.
"Agh, he's nothing but a fussy dandy. A dandy!" Brix told Xiannon.
Xiannon picked up a pale of hot water.
"Were going to need some beef and one more chicken. We have more guests.."
Xiannon told them all.
"Well, where are we suppose to find that?" Alexis asked.
"The Doctor's wife and the Mayor's too" Xiannon said.
"Well, they eat more than a pig!" Brix insulted the two they were talking about.
"And they don't shut up!" Alexis laughed.
"Not even underwater!" Brix added on.

Meanwhile, in the upper bedroom, Shexia opened one of her travel trunks and brought
out a gothic looking dress.
"Arie, Your Father is giving a dinner party tonight... look what I made you!" she
Arie studied the dress, as if
it were a strange artifact rather than something she might wear.
Xiannon entered the room with a breakfast tray.
"Do you like
it? What I wouldn't have given to have a dress as fine as this when I was little.
"Shexia asked Arie.
Shexia then took out a pair of shoes and showed them to Arie.
"And look at these shoes! Do you like them?" she asked her.
Arie made an effort at a smile, and nodded.
Shexia sighed and looked at Arie.
"Alright, go on now, take your bath. Go." Shexia told Arie.
Arie did as her Mother told her, and went to take her bath.
Once in the bathroom, Arie walked over to the large radiators, and pulled out the
book Lexaeus had given her. She had hidden it behind the radiator, so that no one
could find it. She sat on the edge of the bath, opening up the book and running her
fingers over the pages. Suddenly, a wondrous image took shape:  
Arie and five chestnuts. Squatting at her side, under a
huge tree: a massive Toad.
Suddenly, Shexia was knocking on the door of the bathroom.
"Arie.. Arie!" she shouted as she knocked on the door.
"Hurry up. I want to see the dress on you. I want you to be beautiful 
for the Captain..." Shexia told Arie, whilst Arie was examining her shoulder in the
mirror. Looking at the birthmark Lexaeus had told her about.
"You'll look like a princess.." Shexia told Arie.
Arie smiled to herself.
"a princes..." she muttered.

Xiannon was in the kitchen, organizing everything for that night.
"Make sure those chickens are cleaned properly... and the beans..." she told
the workers of the kitchen.
Everyone suddenly stopped working, and looked over at the door where Arie was
standing in her gothic dress.
"You look marvelous, simply gorgeous." one cook commented.
"What a dress" another said.
Xiannon looked happily at Arie, but turned around and looked at the cooks.
"Alright, get back to work, stop wasting time" she told them.
Xiannon stood infront of Arie and smiled, as everyone got back to work.
"Do you want some milk with honey?" she asked Arie.
Arie smiled and gave an eager nod of the head.

At the stables, Xiannon placed a bucket underneath the cow, and began milking it.
"Stand back, I don't want you getting milk on your dress" Xiannon smiled at Arie.
Arie stood a little back, and thought to herself.
"Xiannon... do you believe in fairies?" she asked Xiannon.

(Sorry, I had to go offline, so Chapter 3 will be continued into Chapter 4 ^^' )
(To be continued 8D )
Last edited: 27 December 2010

‹❄Shexia: The Wintery Archer❄› says:   27 December 2010   802241  
 Lovely! Keep on going, Neoma! :D
‹☢CAUTION!!☢› says:   27 December 2010   995286  
XD I shall ^^ it's fun to type, but it takes a looooong time xD 
‹.::SHINee♥Locket::.› says:   27 December 2010   391484  
Man I can't wait for Xiannon's good part >:3 This is gonna be
awesome~ x
‹☢CAUTION!!☢› says :   27 December 2010   157743  
Yah ^.^ Badass scene xD
I just can't wait to finish it all, then it'll be a story that I
actually have finished! xD 


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