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wow I'm 23, xD hehe [How old are you?] O.OCategory: (general)
Saturday, 4 December 2010
09:35:12 PM (GMT)
ut an" x" in; 
Every box that applies to you, then, add them up, and that' s your age! 

[X] You know how to make a pot of coffee 
[x] You keep track of dates using a calendar
[x] You own a credit card 
[X] You know how to change the oil in a car 
[x] You've done your own laundry 
[x] You can vote in an election 
[x]You can cook for yourself 
[] You think politics are exciting 

[X] You show up for school late a lot 
[]  You always carry a pen in your bag/ purse / pocket 
[] You've never gotten a detention  
[x] You have forgotten your own birthday at least once 
[x] You like to take walks by yourself 
[x] You know what credit bill means, without looking it up
[x] You drink caffeine at least once a week

[x] You know how to do the dishes
[x] You can count to 10 in another language 
[x] When you say you're going to do something you do it (eventually  XD)
[x] You can mow the lawn
[x] You study when you have to
[x] You have hand washed a car before

[x]You can spell experience , without looking it up 
[] The people at Starbucks know you by name 
[] Your favorite kind of food is take out
[x] You can go to the store without getting something you don't need
[X] You understand political jokes the first time they are
[x]You can type pretty quick

[] Your only friends are from your place of employment 
[] You have been outside of your home country 3 or more times
[x] You make your own bed 

‹Legendary Catwoman› says:   4 December 2010   782330  
LMAO Im 16 jaja
‹Monkey boy› says:   4 December 2010   981795  
LOL 16... hehe.. wow it shows my metal age.. lol 
‹Legendary Catwoman› says:   4 December 2010   303395  
‹Monkey boy› says:   4 December 2010   140946  
hehe... is that a good thing? lol 
maiiainwonderland says:   4 December 2010   927891  
i'm 7 :C
‹Legendary Catwoman› says:   4 December 2010   418107  
yes its good I guess!
‹Monkey boy› says:   4 December 2010   242499  
Aww.. sorry.. 

LoL beat answer all of them and be really old.. lol 
‹Legendary Catwoman› says:   4 December 2010   386146  
LOL I will!....... Someday hahaha
‹Monkey boy› says:   4 December 2010   984371  
LOL... well am old but hey that just age.. LOL 
‹Legendary Catwoman› says:   4 December 2010   283557  
you're not old!!! You're fine!!
‹Monkey boy› says:   4 December 2010   559103  
Aww thanks Alicis...  
‹Legendary Catwoman› says:   4 December 2010   969393  
welcome!!! : DDDD
‹Monkey boy› says:   4 December 2010   763454  
hehe..  =D 
‹Elmo's_World_<3's_leaf_fish› says:   4 December 2010   969284  
im 20 
‹Monkey boy› says:   4 December 2010   224422  
hehe 20 is good.. lol... I'm like 23 lol 
‹Elmo's_World_<3's_leaf_fish› says:   4 December 2010   776101  
but im old
im 4 years older than i really am
well ok ill be 17 in 40 days but w/e
‹Monkey boy› says:   4 December 2010   424375  
Aww but its just an age.. 
nothing more 
‹Elmo's_World_<3's_leaf_fish› says:   5 December 2010   435887  
but i dont wanna b old
but actually i was told i look 21
and i have an ID that says im 21
cuz of my sister we look alot alike lol
‹Monkey boy› says:   5 December 2010   255593  
hehe.. being 21 isn't that bad... its more like Party town when you
are 21... lol
but I know what you mean.. age is a state of mind... come on.... you
can't be 17 forever, well mentally you can be but age wise no not
happening unless you found the fountain of youth and then you be
rolling in money.. -blink- you haven't found it have you? hehehe.. 
‹Dr.giggles› says:   5 December 2010   433098  
wow i'm 14 XD
‹Elmo's_World_<3's_leaf_fish› says:   5 December 2010   695063  
-looks around and whispers-
dont tell anybody but maybe just maybe i have
‹Monkey boy› says:   5 December 2010   278466  
hehe.. 14 hmm not bad.. 

Oooooo -put hands over mouth and nod-
where is it?? hehe^^ 
‹athena101› says:   5 December 2010   241071  
im 9 
‹Monkey boy› says:   5 December 2010   178302  
hehe.. 9? LOL sorrry Yuki... hehe
9 isn't bad.. lol 
‹athena101› says:   5 December 2010   603020  
i know its just when your 9 you acn do the think you can when your
‹Monkey boy› says:   5 December 2010   563045  
very true... can't wait until i get 99 lol.. j/k 
‹athena101› says:   5 December 2010   300782  
lol wow
‹Monkey boy› says:   5 December 2010   731823  
only messing.. hehe... 
‹athena101› says:   5 December 2010   957318  
i know
‹Dr.giggles› says:   6 December 2010   624995  
ya but it would be weird if it said 13 cause i'm turning 13 march
‹~XL'AmoreX~› says:   7 December 2010   638990  
I got 15.. HAHAHAHA!! ^^
‹Monkey boy› says:   7 December 2010   538995  
hehe oh it would be.. 

omgosh 15... lol ah not bad 
‹Xxdestiny's_ally_of_lifexX› says:   23 June 2011   457856  
Im 21!!!!!!! i get to drink whenever i want :D Im so late
‹Monkey boy› says:   23 June 2011   196008  
What wait you're 21? No not fair! LOL 
‹Xxdestiny's_ally_of_lifexX› says:   23 June 2011   997615  
Lol the right age hehe
‹Monkey boy› says:   25 June 2011   336519  
oh really now.. hehehe @XxdatkidyoxX 
‹Xxdestiny's_ally_of_lifexX› says:   25 June 2011   487417  
haha yup yup lol imma drink until i pass out xD 
‹Monkey boy› says:   26 June 2011   832250  
No you have to share... give me drink LOL @XxdatkidyoxX 
‹Xxdestiny's_ally_of_lifexX› says:   26 June 2011   456464  
Ok buddie imma pass you a drink we gonna drink together till we pass
‹Monkey boy› says:   27 June 2011   605922  
hehe... ok.. thanks for the drink... as along as you don't throw up on
me we can do that.. lol 
‹Xxdestiny's_ally_of_lifexX› says:   27 June 2011   796531  
-gasps dramaticly- really, throw up on you. I'm so ashamed
that you would say that.... i would throw up on the driver haha (:<
Then crash at a hotel cuz im so drunk and i can't get home.   x3
‹Xxdestiny's_ally_of_lifexX› says:   27 June 2011   109501  
For at least a week 
‹Monkey boy› says:   27 June 2011   497806  
hehe... hey wait who is the driver? LOL
aww that would be totally shameful lets not do that.. lol 
‹Xxdestiny's_ally_of_lifexX› says:   27 June 2011   554076  
Idk who ever would drive us lol...wait, i wasnt talking about
that,...maybe.... you dirty dirty boy hehe... 
‹Monkey boy› says:   27 June 2011   716806  
Innocent look.... I have no ideal what you are talking about? 
‹Xxdestiny's_ally_of_lifexX› says:   28 June 2011   488050  
Hehe yea you do....I don't mind if you are lol 
‹Nya_To_You› says:   28 June 2011   821672  
I'm 18 O.O Lolz
jess897 says:   4 July 2011   731110  
I got 13! my actual age lol
‹Monkey boy› says :   4 July 2011   682632  
haha... well i guess that is good.. LOL   


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