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Beautiful Disaster Ch.1 PreviewCategory: Book/Drama
Thursday, 18 November 2010
11:45:35 PM (GMT)

	She looked up at him then. A gentle caring in her eyes as he pushed her hair back.
Goodbyes were always the hardest part, especially when you knew the one you’d love
would never be able to see you again. She held a secret inside of her, and as he
finally kissed her forehead and let go of her hand, she knew that this secret was
what would tear them apart forever.
	“I’ll write to you every day. So you have to answer. I love you Melanne.” He
called to her as he hoisted the bag over his shoulder. He stood at the door of the
bus that would take him away from her forever, waiting for her reply. 
	“I’ll always reply. I’ll always be here. And I’ll always love you.” She
called back as he smiled softly, the doors closing and forever disconnecting them.
Melanne made a promise to herself and held the locket he had given her close to her
chest; a lone tear rolled from her closed eyes and fell onto the golden locket. If I
ever get the chance to see you again, I promise I’ll still love you.

Part 1; A small place

	Melanne watched as the people around her rushed off to catch buses out of the small
little place of Fort St. James, British Columbia, Canada. All of the people were
getting ready to go off onto bigger and better things, such as summer adventures and
summer love while Melanne Wescott was stuck here in the small town of Fort St. James
for the summer. Sighing she put her palm to her chin and connected her elbow to her
knee as her father past her to talk to the front desk lady. Did she forget to mention
that even her father was leaving her here in this small town all alone, to watch over
the house? Yeah what a summer she had in store. She faintly looked up; brushing her
curly luscious brown locks out of her face when her father’s hiking boots appeared
in front of her. 
	“Now Melanne don’t look at me like that. You should feel excited to have the
house down beside the beach all to yourself for the summer. Most other adolescents
would kill to be in your situation.” Noah Wescott told his daughter in his soft
voice. Melanne rolled her eyes and got up from where she was sitting on the curb,
brushing off the dust on the back of her light blue skinny jeans. 
	“I know. It’s just I wanted to explore this summer. Go on that road trip that I
and Febs had been talking about. I am eighteen now.”  Melanne told her father as
she now began to fuss with her messy ponytail, cursing in her head that it had let
most of the curls free. Melanne could never keep her hands still, in fact she always
had to be moving or else she wouldn’t be satisfied. Her friends joked she’d never
be able to settle down because of that tiny little fact. 
	“I know you would. But Febs is down in Ontario for her grandfather’s funeral and
she’s spending the rest of her summer there. So maybe next year, okay Mel?”
Melanne bit her lip but then nodded and gave her father a quick hug, breathing in his
scent. She was the only family she had left, her mother had died when she was five
and grandma and grandpa on both sides had only had her mom and dad. 
	“Alright then, you get going now and catch your bus before Christmas. Have fun at
the convention, don’t worry I won’t burn down the house while you’re gone.”
Melanne then began pushing her father towards the bus as he laughed at her. Finally
she got tired from trying to make him go and just shook her bangs out of her eyes as
she looked up at him and his old face, stuck with wrinkles from his permanent smile.
And that overshadowing look of sorrow and love in his dark blue eyes, a look that
would never leave until the day he died.
	Noah had been through a lot, at thirty he had lost his wife and father all in the
same year and was forced to raise a little girl all by himself. Not even three years
after his wife and father died his mother also went. And he was truly left alone to
raise Melanne, for Georgia Wescott’s parents had died when she was twenty in a car
accident. After that he was caught between holding down three jobs, dealing with the
Wescott and Rinchin’s estates and finding a baby sitter that could put up with
Melanne’s stubbornness to make them all want to quit. And not to mention the high
fee of having a house by the beach, he really deserved these three months of fishing,
well a fishing convention up in Alaska. 
	“You have a good time now kiddo, don’t forget who loves you the most!” Noah
exclaimed as he quickly laid a kiss on Melanne’s forehead before hopping onto his
bus. Melanne stood with a cheesy smile on her face and waving goodbye to her father
as he too waved from the window of the bus as it drove away. Melanne let out a long
sigh as she stumbled—that was one thing that happened a lot, Melanne’s brain
couldn’t focus on balance all too well. It was a serious problem for her since she
really loved to play sports and no one wanted the girl who easily fell over on their
team. Melanne had always been ridiculed for this fact—regaining her balance Melanne
took a deep breath and dug her keys out of her pockets. She repeated her encouraging
words over to herself, it was okay. Nothing’s wrong with me. My balance is just a
little wack. I’m alright, I’m fine. 
	Walking over to the old white pickup Chevy truck from the nineteen eighties Melanne
opened the door with a great heave as it went, ka thunk, and hopped into the
driver’s seat. Sure the car was old and broke down a lot, but this was her baby.
Putting in the keys and turning them twice until the familiar pop sounded Melanne put
the car into drive and did a u-turn out of the small bus pick up station. 
	As she drove she rolled down the window and let the wind whip back her hair as she
took out the ponytail and ran her fingers through her hair. Ah, fresh air. Was her
first thought as she tried to resist the urge to close her eyes and let the coolness
of the wind engulf her into a quiet drive. She had to keep her eyes on the road until
she hit the turn off to the left and down to the beach where her house lay.
	As she drove many thoughts consumed her, like how her last name; Wescott reminded
her of the word butterscotch. How the greens of the rolling fields and hills never
ended along with the gravel roads and light blue skies. 
	Fort St. James was a small place with a small population. The schools still used
black boards instead of white boards and needed a major update on their textbooks but
all in all it was a good place to live. With beautiful scenery and air as fresh as
fresh could get. The people were kind and hospital and always busy hosting some kind
of event. And not to mention the talking rock and historic parks around town which
tourists loved to visit. The talking rock was located about twenty five km south of
town, it was an important landmark to the people of Fort St. James of British
Columbia and has been painted over many times with all different sayings for the past
twenty five years to commemorate special occasions.  And lest you forget the
unforgettable Stuart Lake and the one of a kind old styled church of Fort St. James.

	Turning left finally Melanne came down to the waterfront in the tiny alcove of the
beach where trees created the alcove and kept her house from on lookers. Parking in
the front drive way she hopped out of the Chevy and shoved the keys into the back
pocket of her jeans as she stepped up the front porch steps to the front door and
inside the house.

****Will Update As Soon As I Write More****
Last edited: 18 November 2010

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