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The Mysertious Adventures Of Sam & Meaghan InfoCategory: Sam, Meaghan & Liza Stuff
Friday, 8 October 2010
02:20:07 AM (GMT)
Liza And Sam Will Have To Like Send Theirs To Me XD

Meaghan Fowler
Age: 14
Height: 5'1
Eyes: Hazelish
Skin:Pale, Pale, Pale
Habbit: To stick out her tounge and bite it while in deep thought.
Personality: Has deveolped a thick skin to the strange happenings of the world ever
since her sceience teacher turned into a zombie before her eyes and tried to eat her,
yeah her crush on him ended there. Being eaten by the man you potentailly liked,
that's a huge turn off. Has a mulitpule personailty disorder due to the thick
skin she has developed can turn one on and the other off, or both of them off and
just be herself. Optomistic, daring and outgoing she's actuallly secertly afarid of
the dark and hates spiders. Her favourite zombies to kill are the specails, espically
the ones that can eltrocute you. Her cooking can suck but as long as she has someone
to instruct her on what to do the meal will turn out fine. Her background is a little
fuzzy and a thing that she'd rather not talk about, making her a mysterious figure.
She can randomly tell if people are good or bad also has a strong sense to protect
anyone until they turn on her. With a killer long distance shot you wouldn't want to
mess with her and her scope, although she rathers to use Matella, no Matella is not a
small human child, but simply Meaghan's favourite axe sorry to disapoint you. She
spends time inventing and stragizing weapons and ways to get to the safest town left
in london, if she's interupted while working she can become angry and hot-headed.

James Hownes
Age: 17 
Height: 5'7
Eyes: Dark Brown
Skin: White
Habbit: Smoking when stressed
Personality: He's always kinda been, well out of it ever since he lost his parents
awhile back. And when his sister was turned into a zombie and he had to kill her he
had just had enough. Traveling through towns until he came to the town which he
thought was the safest, Windsor, London, England James ended up staying at a bar and
using it as a headquarters, drinking his sorrow away until Sam & Meaghan  found him
and kicked his butt for being a hopeless fool. He connects with Meaghan the most
because he too has known the discomfort of loneliness. Despite being rash, foolish
and always wanting to be in control he has the I.Q of a genius and was accepted into
the most protegious school of england ever. So don't be calling this boy dumb when he
can figure out how to shoot your head off while being in mid-air of a jump just by
focusing on his gun and math. He also likes to kill specails, but mainly the ones
that can use magnatism to open anything with metal inside of an object. If put on the
spot he will respond with a witty and quick answer. Also hot-headed James usually
misunderestamates many situations even though he is really smart, he will rush out
into a crowd of zombies and be overwhelmed. His favourite weapon of choice is two
hand guns, one in each hand. Many don't know this since the way he acts now a days,
but James actually comes from a very rich family, his dad was a C.E.O of a company
and when his dad died James was expected to take on that role, well until the zombie
appacolypse that is.

Liza, Sam Your Turn LOL
Last edited: 30 September 2011

‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   8 October 2010   369554  
Fine. I'll do it later.
CrazyMeaghanJellieBeanie says :   8 October 2010   972666  
Haha Yes, After You Finish Ch.2 =D 


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