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Monday, 13 September 2010
05:28:49 AM (GMT)
I not sure how many are you all are going to read this, but.. Ever since I started watching anime and reading manga, I had a big dream of becoming a manga-ka(Quite sure I told most of you..?). Well, yeah, I can draw quite.. alright. But that's not the thing. I've been creating a few mangas but I stopped most of them because it's either I got lazy with the story or it isn't right. But honestly speaking, I've never finished a single chapter before(That's how lazy I am XD ). Recently, I did create another manga(once again) and it turned out.. well. Pretty good. The storyline in my head, I mean. It didn't turned out right at all when I drew. Yup, the problem of not writing the script out before drawing. //sighs Plus, I google on WikiHow on some tips, etc. (It was interesting, man :D ) Noticed that I have to do lots of work to become a manga-ka.. So technically, I will have to put in extra work on my manga-ing skills, eh? SO. I created a DeviantART Account. :D Nonoididntmakeadiaryjusttotellyouguysthat Y' know? To improve my drawing skills. And show off XDD--Ahem. Will published it in a page.. sooner or later. C' ya, guys. //Geh I was partically talking crap :P Sor-weh to waste yer' time. Feel free to comment. Or say hello.

‹Ninja.Pocky(っ>ω<)っ› says:   13 September 2010   518925  
Awesome~! I KNOW you'll be a GURREAT Manga-ka~!

(as for me, I can't draw, so I'm better off designing clothes and
stuff :P)
‹★ 「❝Fiona❞」☆› says:   13 September 2010   793083  

Why is there always a "delete" in yer' comments? XD

I knew you would say that!! :D You're always the kind that would cheer
me up. //loveyadudette 
‹Ninja.Pocky(っ>ω<)っ› says:   14 September 2010   141225  

It's because my display name is too long... The delete is for you, so
you can delete people's comments, hence the little box thingy at the
side of each comment. x3
‹★ 「❝Fiona❞」☆› says:   14 September 2010   111193  

Oh. Yeah, you're right!

Lmao, didn't notice that XD 
JessikaLeigh says:   14 September 2010   888664  
‹★ 「❝Fiona❞」☆› says:   15 September 2010   857553  


No by hello, I mean "post a hello". 
‹Ninja.Pocky(っ>ω<)っ› says:   15 September 2010   708439  
Like the hello just right at the bottom of the diary. xD

LOLOL, she thought you meant say hello like, literally. :3 
JessikaLeigh says :   15 September 2010   478468  
Lmao my bad.
I haven't been on here in forever.
Plus I was a lil intoxicated yesterday.


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