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Sunday, 5 September 2010
07:11:39 PM (GMT)
i've got something to say about aaron. and then, i'm completely done. but i must say it because i don't want others getting hurt and falling in his trap. i feel bad for the poor souls that still don't see through his stupid veil. don't trust him. if he tells you he loves you, say, and who else? if he promises you anything, say, no you don't. if he swears he's telling the truth, say, no you're not. if he asks why you won't believe him, say, meredith told me. he lies. all the time. he's made of empty promises. every single girl he likes gets the same garbage from him. he swears he loves you, you're the only one. he's never loved anyone like this before. he wants to call you late at night, he wants to hear your voice. you'll live in his beach house, you'll get married, you'll have kids. he promises. but you won't. i promise. hey, aaron, remember when you said i was a goody-two-shoes? and i tried to deny it? well, i take that back. i am most definitely a goody-two-shoes. and proud. because at least that means i've never done what you did to me. now i'm finished. crucify me for this. i just don't care.

‹il♥veyoufive.› says:   5 September 2010   374239  
'because meredith told me.'

all up there is true, my dears.
same thing happened to me.
don't fall in his trap, i'm begging.
that is all.
‹più o meno› says:   5 September 2010   370762  
it's liked that one song where this girl dates a boy and he lies to
her and tells her the same thing he told the other girls. it's just
like that song. and the girl wont listen and then later she realizes
it and she tries to warn the other girls but they wont listen. (it's a
weird mix up)
‹freckleshoulders› says:   5 September 2010   181347  
You were actually the one that helped me completely bust him.
So yes, Bridget too.

Not sure I've heard that one.
unlikeme says:   5 September 2010   491381  
this is similar to me, nolan's the guys name though.
how many different girls he said i love you too ..
yet he always break up with me, & when he does?
he goes & kisses girls, then i stupidly take him back ..
i gave him my virginity too..
i'm 14.. & i did that for him, 
too show him i loved him & wanted to stay with him & only him..
he wasnt even a virgin when i was..
& now look at me.. i'm pregnant with his kid & he wont even talk to
its so hard.. i cant take it, i try to be strong but i can't.
& it's all because of him.. partically me too though,
for trusting someone like him when everyone told me ..
they told me this would happen.. they knew & i denied it.
i was blind. :
‹chemicular› says:   5 September 2010   949220  

Fresh writes:   6 September 2010   257827  
I could tell what he was like, when i first started talking to him.
he's an ass. because when you guys were dating, he was claiming how
much he 'loved' me.
and I told him he was an idiot and that he had a girlfriend.

just saying.
‹freckleshoulders› says:   6 September 2010   335059  
Oh gosh, I'm so sorry.
Some guys just don't have a heart at all.

It's all true, Yesenia.

Yeah, he's insane.
But you wrote a diary about how you loved him and all.
Which was why I began getting extremely suspicious.
He lied and told me you were just a friend. 
Fresh says:   6 September 2010   677865  
yeah, i fell into his little trap for a bit.

like he kept saying all this stuff, and I'm like " you better tell
meredith how you feel, before I do."
he's an idiot, and i'm sorry about everything.
‹freckleshoulders› says:   6 September 2010   750684  
Ohhh gosh.
Yeah, he acted so innocent to me and kept saying, "Meredith, I love
you. Why can't you see?"
And it was weird how not long ago, he had "meredith/taken"
or whatever on his profile, then took it off and replaced it with, "i
love you."
Like he didn't want people to know. 
Fresh writes:   6 September 2010   358881  
he's pathetic,
I almost feel bad for him,
well, I could probably go on for days about all the things I hate
about him,
but that'd be a waste. 
it was nice chatting with you.
and all I have to say is, thank god he's actually leaving.
‹freckleshoulders› says :   6 September 2010   296299  
Yesyesyes, exactly.
Nice chatting with you too.


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