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Bleach Fanfiction - Zekkyou Knife, part one (Recluse)Category: (general)
Tuesday, 29 June 2010
01:46:54 PM (GMT)
"Hah... Hah... Hah..."

The desperate panting of the hunted and the hulking steps of the Hollow were the only
sounds that seemed to matter at the moment. It was gaining on her with every
footfall, the pale, non-atheletic girl weakening fast as her body was unaccustomed to
even a light jog.   

Naturally, no sane person would be on the natural three-mile long walking path during
the night, especially heading into the deeper parts of the forest as Haya was in her
frantic attempt to get away. 

It wouldn't have mattered if she were on the streets. Thought she yearned with every
fiber of her being at that moment, she couldn't yell or even talk loudly.

She wouldn't.  

Someone, please, help meeeeee! 


When her mother had nagged that she should have gotten a used treadmill instead of a
laptop with her birthday money, she didn't think it would seriously matter. 

Haya didn't need strong legs to flee from bullies. As long as she stayed home, she
would be safe. Graffiti and eggshells, though smelly, were much better than tacks and
matches and shoves down the staircase. No more pain. 

World of Warcraft. Final Fantasy. Maplestory. 

These people would never hurt her, only her character, Zekkyou. 

In those worlds, she could fight back if that happened. No one would throw her out of
the game for doing that; In fact, she was allowed, even encouraged, to defend

If they ever said mean things and trolled her, she could report them and people would
actually listen, banning the offender.   

Worst comes to worst, she could always switch to a different world. She never needed
to speak out loud. Her typing was good enough, accepted even by those who were
grammar Nazis. Not bad for someone who had quit school in the middle of Eighth

There were two years. Two years of refuge before her mother smashed the laptop and
booted her out of the house.


"I.. Just... You..." Haya sputtered angrily, her glasses haphazardly barely clinging
onto the bridge of her nose. "You-You-You-!"

The huge, black creature with the gruesome white mask leered at her, smiling with
rows of tombstone-shaped teeth. She was cornered, having tripped on a tree root. With
long, vine-like black claws, the Hollow had immediately stabbed them into the loose
parts of her clothing, effectively pinning her to the ground.

As usual, the power of speech failed her. Warm tears began leaking out of the corners
of her eyes, frustration acting like thick gag in her throat and jamming any words
she had to say. 

What sort of sick joke is this?! No matter what anyone said, I never did any
drugs. This isn't a hallucination. This thing is God's way of saying, "Screw you",
isn't it? Goddamnit! Just because I was too afraid to die!

Her thoughts flew fast and furious, as they always did. It was the actual speaking
part that fizzled, and Haya knew perfectly well that she probably sounded immensely
retarded. Nevertheless, considering she was about to die by the claws of this
nightmare creature, at the very least she would try. 

"F- Fuh... I... I hay... tih..."



The Hollow cocked its head sideways, intrigued by the funny noises its prey made.
Usually, they screamed. It opened its huge mouth in amusement, the creature's
laughter sounding like multiple ravens cawing raucously.

Goddamnit, is this thing mocking me too?! RRGH!! Am I too stupid to even say, "I
hate you!"?

Too late. The claws of one hand withdrew, freeing her upper body but still keeping
her as trapped as a pinned butterfly. It was ready to plunge into her heart and
devour her flesh.


To her entire surprise, the monster then began to speak with a voice, uncannily, much
like her own. The voice of a teenage girl, if somewhat higher.

"You're funny. You're really funny."

Though every syllable rang loud and clear, its mouth did not move along with the
words. The words simply projected from the open mouth as if it was a puppet that a
ventriloquist forgot to move in time. 

"I bet that you're one of those people who have a lot of friends, or none at all. But
it must be the latter, unless you have friends that are truly unbearable."

Haya squirmed, but to no avail. The Hollow plunged its claws further into the ground,
tightening the hold, and continued talking with the same dreamy tone.

"You tried to hang yourself, didn't you? I watched. But you're even funnier. You
didn't really tie the knot right. I bet you knew how to. I did. I used the same tree.
It's pretty. Cherry blossom trees are like that, you know?"

That voice... Where have I heard that before? It's almost like a sense of de-ja
"I waited. And waited. And waited. You looked sooo yummy, but I still waited for you
to kill yourself. If you became like me, then I would have someone to talk to. You
used to talk a lot, Ha-chan. We had fun."


"Y-eek!"  Haya made a pathetic squeaky sound, the mewl of a mouse compared to the
warning bells that went off in her head.

"That's riiight. You do remember." The Hollow sighed contently. "Scary. I
would have stabbed your eyes out if you had forgotten. Forgetting is mean, don't you
think so? I liked your eyes. Dark chocolate! Mine were beer bottle colored. So.
Dying. Are you going to do that, or am I going to have to eat you?"

Gently, the monster pinched her glasses with two claws and took them off, examining
them briefly before placing them back. The girl was unbearable when she lived, but as
this macabre masked thing, Haya found herself hating it even more than before, which
was really saying something. 

"F... Fuh..."


The Hollow laughed again. "That's a naughty word. Don't worry. Since you failed, I'll
kill you for you!"

Through the moonlight that lanced between tree branches, Haya could see a thin black
claw extending. When it was inches away from piercing her chest, she made up her mind
once and for all.

"I don't want to die!" Haya screamed. "I DON'T WANT TO DIE!!"

"Yeesh, you're so loud! I heard you the first time!" A snarky voice commented from
above. "God, just when I thought I found a nice place to sleep. If you were in mortal
peril, hon, you should have screamed that earlier!" 



"Who are you?" The Hollow raged angrily. "Where did you come from!? She's MINE!!"

A figure leapt out of the tree she was concealed in, the woman quickly slicing
through the claws that held the girl down with a sword that resembled a katana.  

"Possessive much?" The woman said, brushing her thigh-length bangs behind her ears.
Oddly enough, the rest of her nut brown hair was trimmed short in the back. She held
out a hand to Haya, who was confused but nonetheless quick to accept it and stood

"I'm Rina Nakano of going-to-kill-you-in-a-few-seconds. No hard feelings, but you
heard the girl. She wants to live, despite how crazy I suspect she is." The woman
said with a shrug, smiling at Haya. 

"I was watching you earlier as well." Rina whispered. "I'm glad you didn't hang
yourself. I was too late to stop this one, but at least I can send her where she
belongs. I know none of this makes sense to you right now, but-"

"STOP IGNORING MEEEE!!!" The Hollow shrieked wildly, remaining claws going wild.

"Oh, crap!" She said just as Haya thought the same words at the exact same time. 


Quickly, the Rina pushed the quiet girl down where there was a lessened chance of her
being stabbed by the flailing claws. She used her weapon to hack parts of the
creature off, narrowly avoiding the various sharp-tipped points.

She cursed silently as one of the lance-like claws skewered her shoulder, realizing
too late that this one was very close to becoming a Gillian, a higher level of

"Too long!" Her zanpaku-to grumbled unhelpfully. "You've been in that fake
body far too long. You're not getting rusty, are you?"

"Hollows are much different than people, even more in recent times now that some
asshole is making them even tougher. I could still stab that goddamn Ikkaku in four
places before he knew it if I saw him today!" She replied, trying to ignore the
bleeding and the pain of her wound. "*Sigh* Ow..."

"Hah! Remember what Kenpachi always told you. If you can feel the pain..."

"...You're not badly wounded." She finished in a fond, if exasperated, way while
severing the Hollow's head at the same time. "Yeah, yeah. I remember."

- End Zekkyou Knife, part one-

Bootheghost says:   29 June 2010   122818  
‹A role to play› whispers :   29 June 2010   550904  
^_^ If I ever stop, slam me in the head with a yaoi paddle. I'm going
to try to make sure this doesn't become a
left-in-the-freezer-and-never-touched-again fanfiction.


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