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Wednesday, 9 June 2010
09:08:43 PM (GMT)
Do you give up easily?
depends. usually, haha.

Do you give in easily?
also, depends.

Who or What annoys you the most?
there are alot of people and things that annoy me,
i'm not going to bother listing them.

Do you believe that everyone deserves a second chance?

Has your heart ever felt like it was about to erupt?
uuhh, i guess.

Do you like the Beatles? if so how'd you find out about them?
love them. my grandpa used to play the White Album alot
when i went to his house when i was younger.

Whats a Liger?
a lion, tiger mix. oyaaa.

How do you express yourself?
i don't know.

Have you ever heard of the Band Garbage? If so do you like them?
i have not.

What goes on first..the left shoe or the right shoe?
doesn't really matter. whichever one is closer.

Do you like Waffle cones?
i don't think i've tried them.

have you ever had a Friend who you never forgot but they forgot you?
why did you capitalize Friend and not have?
and, yeah.

whats your favorite Scent?
you are fucking terrible at capitalization.

Do you like being in the pictures or taking them?
i enjoy taking them.

What bothers you?

Did you have a Good day so far?
yeah, i guess.

Whats your current Craving?
food. any kind. just foooooood.

are you forgetful?

Do you like Fried Eggs?

Do you wanna learn another Language? if so what language?
i would like to, but it probably won't happen. 

Are you hiding something from someone?
i think so.

What/who brings out the best in you?
i don't know.

What/who brings out the worst in you?
ohh alot of people.

is it me or alot of celebrities and deaths have happened this year?
yeeh. who cares.

so how has 2009 been for you so far overall?
it's 2010.


why do they call em Deviled eggs?
i don't know, i don't care. disgusting.

have you ever been on a boat?

Do you have Good reflexes?
i don't know, i guess.

Have you ever ridden on a Unicycle? If not would you want to?
i have not, and no.

Your biggest passion in life:
i don't know. music?

A food you could never live without:
uuh. well any food in general, technically.

Your favorite quote:
boo, you whore.

A celebrity you would love to hang out with:
i've lost interest in celebrities.

The nicknames you give your pets:
maxy and mistmist.

One thing you would change about the world:
i don't even know.

A movie that you could watch over and over again:
(500) Days of Summer and Zombieland.

The name of your first love:

A goal you hope to one day achieve:
have a job that i love.

Your gulity pleasure:

The person you look up to most:
i don't really look up to anybody but Mark.
that may sound weird to you, though.
he's smart, and strong. emotionally, i mean.

The snack you have to have when you go to the movies:
usually popcorn.

Something that always puts a smile on your face:
my friends.

The best day of your life:
i don't know yet.

A song you sing when your alone:
there's usually more than one i sing.

Your Highschool's colors were:
our school colour is purple, but
our uniforms are basically blue.

Something you admit to not being good at:
venting anger.

Your Favorite Disney movie when you were little:
what a typical childhood stereotype.

The name of your first crush:
cody keating.

Something you love about your life:

If you could be someone else for a day, you would choose:
naah i'm good.

A celebrity you can't stand:
too many to list.

The color you wear when you want to grab someone's attention:
i'm not into that.

What you hate most about the opposite sex:

Your secret obsession:
i don't know.

What your most likely to be doing on a Saturday night:
sitting here, or at trisha's.

Something you did that was embarrassing:
i don't know.

Your nationalities are:
i was born in canada, as with my parents and my grandparents.
my great grandpa is aboriginal/some kind of asian, and my 
great grandma is french/german.

Something you would run in a burning buliding for:
my cats, and my teddybear.

Your proudest moment was:
probably when i found mark's tickle spot.

Something someone might be surprised to know about you is:
i'd rather not tell you!

The first thing you would do with your money if you won the lottery:
buy clothes, new house, furniture, etc.

Something you always wanted:
none of your businessss.

Right now you wish you were:
at mark's house, away from all this bull.

Your opinion of celebrities:
getting more and more pathetic.

Your ideal future spouse would look like this:
it's a secret. :D

Something your grateful for:
my bitch.

The last gift you gave someone was:
Bob Dylan record.

Something unique about you:
uuuhh .. i don't know. 
you'd have to ask someone else.

What do you think your life will be like 5 years from now:
i'll be 21. the rest is for me to keep and you to figure out. (:

What you love most about yourself is:
i don't know. i guess i like how i haven't been 
tempted to impress people.

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