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Cotton Candy Makes You Crazy...Category: (general)
Monday, 17 May 2010
11:27:19 PM (GMT)
“Mary... Hey! MARY!” someone cried. “Wha~at...?” Mary whined, lifting her head off the desk. She tried to focus her half lidded eyes on her friend who was waving a hand in front of her face. Mary was not what you would call a morning person. Never had been, never would be. So this was a dangerous thing her friend was doing, waking her up in the middle of their first period biology class. “Jeez, you’re always so tired! Here...” she tossed her a bag of cheap cotton candy that she bought at the general store. “......What’s this for?” Mary asked her, suspiciously raising her eyebrow.“Wha’d ya lace it with crack or something?” “NO! It should keep you on a constant sugar rush so you can stay awake. Face it! You’re failing because you’re always sleeping in class!” At this, her friend pulled off a huge piece and stuffed it in Mary’s mouth. It dissolved into tiny sugar crystals as she sucked on the piece and she instantly felt her body respond to the high sugar content. Tearing off an even bigger piece, she stuffed it into her mouth and swirled the sugar around on her tongue. By the time class had ended the entire bag was gone, leaving a hyper, irritated, and slightly twitchy-eyed Mary. She watched with great impatience as the last few minutes of her second period class ticked by, while furiously tapping her pen on the desk. “MARY!” the teacher yelled across the room at her. Mary’s head snapped from the clock to the direction of her teacher’s voice. “This is the fifteenth time I’ve had to tell you to stop tapping! The bell will ring when it rings!” Luckily her teacher was a very tolerant woman. And then the bell rang... Lunch rolled around, and it just happened to be the day that Mary got her allowance. So she decided to buy everything she could afford. That’s to say… she bought all the candy she could afford. She ate it all, practically at once. She stuffed what appeared to be four Twix bars, three Snickers, a small bag of Jolly Ranchers, several bags of Skittles, and another bag of cotton candy into her mouth and proceeded to wash it down with a Monster BFC. Her friend watched the scene as if it were a horror movie, wondering what kind of monster she had created. As she sat in her last class of the day Mary felt the tendrils of sleep start to creep up on her again, only faster this time and with more power. “Crap,”she thought. “I’m crassshh--....” She felt her eyelids slide closed but she never felt her head hit the desk. There was a sudden falling sensation and she opened her eyes again to find she was no longer in her class room. Looking around herself she noticed she wasn’t anywhere familiar... or even of the norm. There were odd poles with red stripes that spiraled upward, resembling trees as they seemed to sprout off into branches with dark brown leaves at the top that seemed to resemble dark chocolate. Getting to her feet, she decided to have a better look at them. They were tall and smooth with twisting grooves that followed the spiral. Her nose suddenly picked up the familiar scent of peppermint that gave her a sudden urge to lick it. “A peppermint tree, who’d a thunk it,” She mused as she licked the tree again. “Wonder if anything else is edible around here.” Looking around, she noticed she had been standing on a path made of translucent golden colored candy. Bending down, she sniffed it. “Butterscotch?” She went to step on the road when she heard a voice from behind. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” She swiveled around to see something step out from behind a peppermint tree. “The road gets sticky when the sun is hot.” It took her a second to realize she was speaking to a gingerbread man. “Typical...” She muttered under her breath. “Where am I...and who are you?” she asked. “I’m one of the Gingerbread men that live in the Gingerbread Village on Gingerbread Hill.” She rolled her eyes.“I should’ve known.” He narrowed his gaze at her. “And who, may I ask, are you? You certainly don’t look like any of the Gingerbread folk I’ve ever seen.” “That’s because I’m human. Ya know, a person?” She said with slight sarcasm. “Hoo-man?” “No, Huma- nevermind, you were close enough. Think you could show me where this Gingerbread Village is?” She asked him, rubbing her temples. Man, all that sugar must have given her a headache. “Right, I have to get back anyway before the licorice wolves eat all my cotton candy sheep.” She gave him a confused look. “Um... sure.” She followed him out of the Peppermint Wood, through a field of tall grass that was apparently made out of lime flavored gummies, and over a peppermint bridge that crossed a river of milk. “Hmm, I wonder what would happen if I pushed him overboard...” she thought as her mischievous mind visualized a soggy cookie man with broken off limbs floating down stream, only to be snatched up by the licorice wolves and eaten... whatever they were. She snapped out of her humorous vision when the village came into sight. Imagine an entire village made of peppermint limbs and butterscotch bricks with chocolate siding. “I thought you said this was a gingerbread village?” “Yeah, it was a gingerbread village. There was a flood a few years back and it dissolved most of the houses. We had to rebuild. This time we choose something that wouldn’t dissolve so easily.” “Ah, I see…” She thought. They proceeded to enter the town square where it was noisy and busy with little gingerbread people hustling and bustling about everywhere. Gingerbread Men and Gingerbread Women were in and out of shops while Gingerbread Venders were scattered about the square, selling various things from giant rainbow lollipops and barrels of cotton candy to pitchers of warm honey and milk. She even saw a vender with a cart piled high with marshmallows. “Oh! Give me a moment...” The Gingerbread man mumbled as a toddled off towards the Marshmallow vender. He bought what appeared to be a fairly large size bag and handed the man some form of currency, Mary hadn't exactly been able to make it out, and put the marshmallows in a cart. The bag seemed to tower over the petite man as he toddled be over to her with the bag in a wheel barrel smiling proudly at his mallowy treats. Mary raised one curious eyebrow at him. “What!? These are a rare delicacy! Marshmallows from Mallow Marsh! They're delicious... and seasonal! I preordered last year when I didn't get any...” She just nodded slowly as if he was coming off his rocker right before her eyes as she spoke. “Sure, yeah. Delicacy, huh?” 'Where I come from, there only about $3 a bag...' she thought as she turned away from him to look at the other venders around. That's when she spotted it, sitting there in all it's pink, fluffy, glory. Cotton Candy. As she made her way, hastily, through the crowd, she knocked anyone and everyone out of her way. The little Gingerbread man she'd been with was fallowing closely behind her, trying his best to get her attention. Finally, she broke into a run. Throwing caution, and little Gingerbread people to the wind, she dove, head first, into a huge barrel of Cotton Candy. She gobbled down every last bit of it's delectable, sticky, sweet goodness and reappeared out of the barrel only to disappear into another just as quickly as she came out of the last one. Within five minutes she had wiped out 50 barrels of Cotton Candy. The town, all gathered around now, looked on at the scene in terror as she rose up from the last barrel and stepped out, her eyes wide and blood shot. Suddenly, someone in the crowd screamed and set off the trigger. She roared, like some monster, and grabbed the nearest Gingerbread person and mercilessly bite it's head off, causing the rest of the town to scatter in screaming terror. After finishing off her first victim, she ran after the terrified towns people. Vending carts where toppled over and shops, as if knowing that some sort of panic had spread through town, were suddenly aflame! Mary spotted a helpless bag of Marshmallows lying on the ground and immediately lunged to grab it. Ripping the bag to shreds with her teeth, she devoured it's contents before the delicious white fluff fell to the ground. Just as she was finishing off the fluffy contents of the poor, defenseless marshmallows, she saw from the corner of her eye, another victim cowering in a corner. Just as she lunged at it, the gingerbread man screamed and suddenly everything went slowmo and she herd a voice speaking in her supconcious. “Mary... MARY!! Mary, wake up!” The voice cried. Suddenly, she was back. Back from the land of candy and gingerbread men, of giant lollipops and big bags of fluffy marshmallows and -Mary gulped- Cotton Candy... “Mary, hello? You there?” her friend snapped her fingers in front of her face and bolted upright. She instantly regretted the act as she clutched her aching head. “Woah, careful, you kinda feel out of your desk and onto your head when you crashed in class. You've been out the entire day!” “No, really? I never woulda guessed...” Mary grumbled as she swung her legs over the edge of the table looking at the clock. She finally noticed that she was in the school's clinic. “Ah, I see you're up now,” the nurse bustled in with a cup of what looked like two ibuprofen and a cup of water. “You took quite the tumble there, miss. You should really watch your sugar intake from now on.” Mary swallowed the medicine and the water and hoped off the table, ready to go. “Thanks, I'll be sure to do that.” She mumbled, barely audible. “Hey, Mary! Could'ya hurry it up? We're getting ready to leave for the Candy Store!” her friend stood at the door, waiting. “Yeah, yeah. I'mma commin'.” Mary mumbled as she walked out the door. Still inside, the nurse clucked her tongue and laughed slightly as she pulled of her mask to reveal the gingerbread man. He continued to laugh menacingly as he spoke. “Run, run, as fast as you can. But I will catch you, Mary. I'm the Gingerbread Man.”
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