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Saturday, 1 May 2010
09:59:51 PM (GMT)
Sakura knew a few things about Hinata that no one else, not even Neji, was
privileged enough to know.


Hinata secretly liked to wear punk clothes with a little bit of rocker chick and Goth
thrown into the mix. When she and Sakura went out Hinata especially liked to wear her
black thigh high fishnets, Nana Black Overlay Pole Climber Boots, Lip Service Black
Ruffled Dress and Black Moto Jean Jacket.

But that was for certain clubs.

At Sakura's house Hinata would wander around in her plaid bootie shorts, dark purple
speghetti strapped 'The Used' tank top, black and purple stripped knee high socks and
Girr slippers.

But what Sakura loved most on Hinata was her lilac soft cotton night gown with the
rips tears and worn out seems. Hinata had had it since she was a little girl, it
barely reached mid thigh now. Sakura just couldn't get enough of seeing Hinata wear


"Didn't they hurt?"

Hinata smiled at Sakura's question and gently poked her belly button piercing. "No,
not really." she replied in her soft voice.

It was a new one to Sakura, who was already familiar with the hood piercing, secret
nose stud and multiple ear piercings kept hidden by Hinata's long black hair. Sakura
lowered herself to Hinata's stomach and let her tongue trace the piercing in awe.
Hinata shivered and Sakura smiled, "Any other piercings I should know about?"

Hinata smiled, "I'm going to get my tongue pierced next."

This time Sakura shivered, "Can't wait to test it out."


The Beatles blared through Sakura's speakers as she continued to pilfer through
Hinata's vast collection of C.D's. Hinata kept her C.D's at Sakura's house for
safety. She had a lot of older music, a mixture of punk and rock. The Beatles, The
Sex Pistols, The Runaways, Television, The Ramoanes, Kiss, Areosmith, AC/DC and Alice
Cooper among the titles. Sakura put on Here Comes the Sun and grinned at Hinata.
Hinata grinned back and crawled onto Sakura's left.

"I love this song."

"Well it was in your C.D collection."

Hinata giggled, "Shut up!"

Sensitive Spots:

Sakura grinned when she heard Hinata inhale sharply as she ran her tongue up the
lavender eyed girl's neck. Hinata shivered when Sakura bit down slightly and started
to softly suck on her neck. "Sakura." Hinata groaned, briefly scratching at Sakura's
arm with one hand while the other pressed Sakura closer to her neck.

Sakura snickered and let her hand wander up to deftly tease Hinata's nipple.

She knew all of Hinata's sensitive spots.


"I just don't get why I bother anymore." Hinata wiped the tears away from her eyes.
"It's just, it's just hopeless you know?"

Sakura sighed and pulled Hinata close, "What happened this time?"

Hinata whimpered and snuggled against the pink haired girl. "Naruto, he's with

Sakura felt her heart crush, not for the loss of her ex-crush. She squeezed Hinata
and bit back her own tears, "Really?" It took all her effort not to let her voice

"Yeah," Hinata sniffled and shook against Sakura, "it's not fair you know? I wasted
what? Six years, six fucking years and he just, he just tosses it for that, that

Sakura's lips trembled as she spoke, "It'll be fine." Sakura let a few tears fall
down her face while she rubbed Hinata's back. "It'll be fine." She cooed again, for
her own comfort this time. But it didn't matter. Because it wasn't fine.

It was all kinds of fucked up.

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