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Star-Stabbed... part 2.Category: Stories
Saturday, 20 March 2010
05:48:24 PM (GMT)
He should have survived. The person who placed the car bomb, intending to kill
someone, intending to waste lives, should be the dead one. I think that person is
sitting at home, right now, regretting it. He’s sitting with his family, thankful
that he has them, and that they have him. He’ll probably see his kids grow up, get
married, have kids. My father won’t. Because this guy, this murderer, killed
him.” The crowd nodded in agreement, and waited patiently for Chris to begin.
“My father was also one member of the small group of heroes in this world. He was
better than superman, spiderman, you name it, he was better than them. Sure, he
wasn’t around a lot when I was growing up. I didn’t understand why my father was
never at home, but I soon realized that a lot of my friends fathers were also away,
so I sort of understood. On my 8th birthday, my mum sat me down and told me straight.
You’re father is hardly ever here, because he is in the army. He’s fighting to
save you. He’s fighting for the good of the country. Be proud of him. Well dad, if
you can hear this, I’m proud you were in the army, fighting to save me. I’m glad
you’re a hero. You keep at it in heaven dad, ‘cus that’s where you belong.”
The crowd clapped for both of them as they walked around the headstones and back to
their place in the crowd. Max threw a white and a red rose into her father’s grave,
and Chris copied. Their mums threw a handful of dirt into the coffin then went into
the church with the rest of the crowd where their husbands were buried. 

That night, Max cried. She couldn’t stop crying. She was upset that her father was
gone, but happy that he’d had a decent funeral, had been put to rest properly.
‘Many of the other soldiers that die in Afghanistan, their bodies are completely
destroyed, unidentifiable.’ She thought to herself. ‘I need to sort out my life
dad. If I carry on like this, flunking school, failing at everything, then I’m not
going to do you proud. I really miss you dad, you didn’t deserve to die like that.
I’m going to become a star, and I’m going to dedicate an album to you and your
fellow soldiers. You’re a hero, I love you, and when I’m a star, when I’m rich,
I’m going to donate a lot of my money to the army to improve weapons, armor and
defense so that other people don’t end up like you, and their families don’t end
up like us. Split up, broken, upset. Love you dad.’ She wrote this down in her
scrapbook and mopped up her tears with a tissue. She wrote ‘My Promise’ above it
in gold writing, and then stuck the crumpled speech that she’d said at the funeral
on the next page. She put her scrapbook under her bed and placed the framed picture
of her father on her bedside table, so that whenever she missed him, she could just
look at it, and it would almost feel as it he was still there.

Chris woke up in the morning on the sofa, still in his suit, but covered by a blanket
that his mum had obviously placed over him sometime during the night after he’d
cried himself to sleep. He went upstairs and changed out of his funeral clothes,
still crying. He still couldn’t accept the fact that his father was gone. After 10
years in the army. Sure, there’d been the occasional close call, when he’d been
severely injured, spent months in hospital, but he’d always recovered. Chris had
been confident that nothing bad would ever happen to him, but he was wrong. He went
back downstairs and took his laptop out from under the coffee table. He turned it on
and was shocked by the date that flashed up when he opened the Internet. It was
already 20th of May. He had just 10 days before the BGT live final. He checked his
email, hoping that he could get over all this before a week on Friday. There were 10
emails off friends and family saying how sorry they were to hear about what had
happened to his father. Apparently, according to the BBC, over 200 other soldiers
also died on that day. He thought about all the other families in the world- the ones
that had their brothers, fathers, cousins, granddads or uncles taken away cruelly.
The ones that still had their loved ones, but they were left injured, scarred, and
afraid of the outside world. He decided that some people’s lives were worse than
his. That it was a terrible accident, and there was nothing he could do about it.
People had to die for other people to live.

Max woke up and realized something. It was 2 weeks since she’d seen her dad. 2
weeks wasn’t a long time, but it felt like it. Her head sunk back into her pillow
and thought about Chris. She wondered how he was coping with it all. She’d pulled
herself together by now and had come to the conclusion that life is unfair, and it
won’t change unless you do something about it. She stopped what she was doing and
for the first time in 2 weeks, smiled. ‘Life is unfair, and you can’t change it
unless you do something about it.’ She was a genius! She was still smiling when she
went downstairs, and her mum stared at her through her tear-reddened eyes. “Why are
you so happy?” She cried. “Your dad’s dead! Don’t you understand?”
Max made her a cup of coffee to calm her down. “Yes mum, I understand. I’m going
to try and get on with life as normal. ‘Life is unfair, and you can’t change it
unless you do something about it.’” She quoted.
“What on earth is that supposed to mean? Are you on drugs?” She squinted.
“No mum, unless happiness is a drug. It means, that you can’t expect things to
change for the better unless you do something about it. If you think it’ll fix
itself, thing again. We need to get on with life like we did before all this. It’s
the finals of BGT a week on Friday. We have to go, it’s important to me, and
it’ll help us get over it, you know, take our mind off everything for a while.”
“Oh I see what you mean… So you’re basically saying, that if we forget about
this ever happening. You know, me getting married, and falling in love with the
bravest man in the world?”
“No mum! I would never think that. I was thinking, that he isn’t dead. That
he’s stuck away or something. We just need to get our lives back on track as soon
as we can. Are you with me?”
“I suppose. I mean, if you, a 14 year old kid, can do it, why can’t I?”

Chris was sitting on the sofa, trying to hold his sadness in. He kept glancing at his
mobile sitting on the coffee table. He wanted to speak to Max, but he was afraid
she’d be too upset. As he was looking at it, it began to ring. He picked it up and
looked who was calling. Max. ‘That’s ironic.’ He whispered. “Hey Max.”
“Hi Chris, how are things going, I mean, are you ok?”
“Yeah fine. I’ve decided to put all that behind me, I don’t mean like, forget
it or anything, and just remember that other people’s lives are worse of than
“Funny enough, I’m doing the same thing. Do you think you’re up for BGT? I
mean, we’ll have to leave like, Wednesday. You know, to actually get to London, get
to our hotel and unpack. Then do some shopping and stuff before we actually go and
see the show.”
“Yeah I think so. My mum’s going to stay with my nana while we’re away so she
should be ok.”
“Well I’ll come call for you on Wednesday morning. Don’t worry about school, my
mum’s sorted it all out for us.”
“Ok, and thanks Max. You know, just for being my mate all this time, sticking by
me. Inviting me to this in the first place.”
“No problem. Got to go now, these calls are costing me a fortune. So see you
Wednesday yeah?”
“Yeah ok. So what, we’re not going to school this week?”
“Oh no. Because so many kids have lost members of their families, they aren’t
going to turn up so they closed it.”
“Great. See you.”

The next Wednesday afternoon, Max ran down to Chris’s house to call for him. His
mum answered the door and said “Hi Max, he’ll be down in a minute he’s just
getting his suitcase. You can go up if you want. You know where his room is.”
Max walked upstairs, turned to the left, walked down the hall and stood outside the
end room- Chris’s. She pushed open the door, only to see Chris standing over his
suitcase, clearly panicking. And topless. Two things went through Max’s mind- Oh my
god Chris is so fit, and, I think he needs help. She walked up to him and asked him
what the matter was and whether she could help with anything. He said that no, he
just couldn’t find his wallet, but he’d got it now. He opened it up and kissed
the picture of his dad that he’d had for the past 4 years. Max saddened, suddenly
realizing that he must miss his dad as much as she missed hers. She sat on his bed
and looked down at his wooden floor. She’d been in here a thousand times before,
however today it felt different. “Well, are you all packed and ready to go?” she
“Yup. Lets go!” Chris zipped his suitcase up, grabbed it, and ran downstairs. Max
followed calmly, acting like someone who put up with this all the time. Mrs Walsh was
waiting at the bottom of the stairs, smirking. The second Chris had put his case
down, she reminded him, “Chris, you’re half naked, and we have a guest.” Chris
went red and stroked his 6 pack. “Yeah, but I’m sexy, so I can get away with
it…” He said, before rushing upstairs to get dressed properly. A few minutes
later, he ran downstairs again, now wearing a green t-shirt, black jeans, and white
trainers. “That’s better!” Smiled his mum. “Have a good time you two.” She
said to them, but not before kissing Chris on both cheeks. He and Max ran out the
door and up the road laughing together, just like old times.

It almost seemed like all the bad things that had happened in the past few months,
hadn’t happened at all. They bundled their suitcases into the boot and sat in the
back seat. Fastening their seatbelt and driving into the horizon, they seemed to
leave all their troubles and worries behind them.

After 3 hours, they’d arrived in London and were driving around searching for their
hotel. They drove around for half an hour before finding their hotel and a close-by
car park. Chris and Max got out of the car and helped take the suitcases from the
boot and drag them across the concrete to the main entrance to their 5 star hotel.
Max’s mum walked ahead of them and entered the hotel to get the keys to their
rooms. Max put her suitcase on the concrete and turned to face Chris. She put out her
hand and twisted her fingers into his. With the other hand, she prized his fingers
from his suitcase and lowered it to the ground. “Chris, I know this may not be the
best time,” She began, “but I…. Kind of like you.”
“I like you too Max, it’s nothing big!” He laughed.
“No, I don’t mean like that. I mean, like you.”
“Oh right! I get you now! So let me get this straight, you dragged me to London, to
see the show that you should have been in, to tell me that you fancy me?” Chris let
go of Max’s hands and turned his back on her.
“No! I invited you to London because I was given 3 tickets to see BGT, and my dad
would have been working this week. Also, you’re my best mate, and I don’t want
that to change.” She grabbed his shoulder.
“Oh ok. Well, sorry for like, presuming you wanted something or whatever.” He
replied, turning round.
“It’s fine, but are you ok with me, erm, liking you?”
“Yeah that’s fine, I mean, it’s great you had the courage to tell me- I
wouldn’t.” They picked their suitcases up and walked towards the hotel in

When they entered the hotel lobby, they looked around for Max’s mum. Chris spotted
her sitting at a table, suitcase at her feet, talking to someone. They walked up to
them and put their suitcases on the floor under the table, before looking up and
realizing who the mysterious man was. “Why hello there Max, lovely to see you
again!” He said, standing up. “Ah, this must be your friend Chris, yes? Hello
Chris, Max told me a lot about you.” Chris stood still, gazing up in astonishment
at him. “Oh, how rude am I?” The man said to Chris. “Simon Cowell, pleasure to
meet you.” He took Chris’ hand and shook it vigorously, his white teeth gleaming
as he did so. When he’d stopped, Chris looked at his hand and smiled. “Your
friend doesn’t say much does he Max? Is he usually like this?” Simon asked,
putting his arm around Max’s shoulders and showing her to a seat. “No, not
usually, I guess he’s just star struck.” She laughed. Chris followed them to the
table and sat down opposite Max. “Well let’s just hope he livens up before
tonight’s party eh? It’s going to be great fun. All the acts that are in the
final will be performing for us; and we’ve got a few of the best acts that didn’t
get through entertaining us a bit too. Now, Max, this is the hotel where all the
finalists are staying tonight and tomorrow. I expect you’ll be able to perform at
the party tonight, yes?”
“Well I think so, won’t I mum?” Max’s mum looked up from her ‘Heat’
magazine and nodded. “Well that’s settled then Simon. Where is this party?”
“It’s on the top floor. When you exit the lift, there will be a short corridor.
Just go towards the door at the end, there will be a few bouncer’s outside. Just
show them your passes and you’re in.”
“Thanks, that’s great, but we don’t have any passes.”
“Voila!” Simon said, taking 3 BGT backstage passes from his pocket. “You’ll
not only need these to get into the party, but you’ll need them to go backstage
after the show tomorrow night. Now, I must dash. See you tonight, yes?”
“Yeah, see you later Si.” They called after him. He turned around and waved,
before walking through the revolving doors and getting into his limousine.

Chris came back from wonderland and looked around. “Hey, where’d Simon go?”
“He didn’t say. To wherever they film the live shows I suppose.”
“Oh ok. So there’s a party after? Great… What can I wear?” Max’s mum stood
up and picked her suitcase up. “Come on, lets go get ready.” As they were walking
up the stairs, they started to discuss whether to dress posh or not. “Well I’m
just going to wear jeans and a shirt, that way, I’m neutral.”
“Good idea.” Max’s mum stated. When they reached the top of the stairs and
found their rooms, she handed out the key-cards. “Don’t lose them, ok kids?”
She said, before stepping inside. Chris looked at her door then walked down the
corridor towards room 326. “Well, this is mine. Yours is there.” He nodded to the
door next to his.
“Fair enough. Just come knock on my door when you’re ready okay?”
“Sure thing, babe.” He winked. Max left the room and went red. Surely he was

An hour and a half later, Chris was ready. He’d showered, changed, and just needed
to comb his hair. He fastened his belt and slipped his phone, key card and wallet
into his jeans pocket, before grabbing his brush from the dressing table and running
it quickly through his hair- he didn’t want it to look like he’d made too much of
an effort. He left his room and swiped the card to lock the door, and began walking
towards Max’s door. He stood there, one hand in his pocket, and one hand raised,
ready to knock on the door. Chris hesitated, and put his ear against the door. He
could hear Max singing something, and when he concentrated, he could make out what
song it was. It was that song, from 4 years ago. Taylor Swifts ‘You Belong With
Me’. She was probably just singing it for something to do, but Chris thought about
it, and decided she must be singing about him. He knocked three times and stood back,
hands behind his back. A few seconds later, Max opened the door. Chris gasped- she
looked amazing. Her hair was damp and wavy from her shower, and she was wearing a
pink  dress and light blue skinny jeans, which looked perfect over her petite frame.
He followed her into her room and sat on her bed, watching her apply her makeup and
dry her hair in front of her dressing table. He noticed that her suitcase was lying
open on the bed, and started going through it. It didn’t take him long to find
Max’s underwear and slip her bra on over his shirt. “Look at me!! I’m a
lady!” He said in a high-pitched voice. Max shrieked with laughter and chased him
around the room. She managed to grab hold of the back of her bra and pull it off him.
Laughing, she popped it back into her suitcase and slid it under the bed. Chris
kicked his shoes off and lay down on Max’s bed, staring up and the spinning ceiling
fan. “I bet it’d be fun to throw your knickers at that.” He grinned, pointing
up at it.
“Throw your own knickers at it!” She laughed, throwing a scrunchie at him. Chris
went over to Max, who was brushing mascara onto her eyelashes. He picked her
hairbrush up from the dressing table and brushed her hair for her. “Wow, your hair
is soft.”
“Is it? I never noticed.” Chris stroked her hair and brushed it over her
shoulder. Max had finished her makeup and started plaiting her hair into a loose side
plait. Chris was standing beside her, his muscular arm wrapped around her tiny waist.
He turned her body towards his and stroked the side of her face. “Can I trust you
with a secret?” He asked. Max nodded and Chris leant forward to talk into her ear.
“I love you.” He whispered. He pulled his face away from her ear and kissed her
gently on the lips. He pulled away, but Max pulled him back. They stood kissing for
several minutes until Chris noticed the time. “Come on, the party starts in 20
minutes. We better hurry if we’re going to get there in time.”
“I agree.” Max said, moving away from Chris, and bundled her hairbrush, money and
mobile phone into her bag. She slipped it over her shoulder and grabbed Chris’s
hand. “Come on, we better get a move on.” She said, opening the door. Chris went
over to her dressing table and picked up Max’s key card. “Aren’t you forgetting

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