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To Courtney: Pwning the Pedo.Category: (general)
Saturday, 13 March 2010
10:00:52 AM (GMT)
Me:By the way. I heard you saved my convo's. And showed Courtney. So if you do that
again. I swear to satan I will find you and your dirty hick stache and I will shred
every pair of pedophile shorts you own. Okay? OH and I will also shave your dirty
hick stache in a way that will include the skin on your lip to no longer exist
because all that will be left their is bloody flesh.

Jake/Pedophile: 1) I don't own shorts and 
2) I don't own a stash 

Me: 3) your a pedophile 

Pedo: I am not a pedo... that word is over-used, a pedophile is someone who gets a
kick offa kids UNDER 12! and 3) I only showed her the part she would be proud about

Me:whatever. I'm just saying don't do it again. I'll brb 

Pedo: kk.

Lol. What a fucking annoyance. xD

weallrollalong says:   13 March 2010   457297  
I told you not to be mean.
KarissaAteThem says:   14 March 2010   504683  

weallrollalong says:   14 March 2010   874723  
Okay, you're right.
Say whatever the fuck you want to him.  
KarissaAteThem says:   16 March 2010   527593  
YAY! lol. Even if you didn't give me permission I'd say shit to him xD 
Zippo says:   4 June 2010   695523  
Who's him? I need some entertainment! And swear to satan? xD

Evil is quite fun, especially using it on pedo's. And c'mon..
shredding his shorts?
Why not light his pants on fire while he's still in them? That'll burn
every pube off his dumb ass. xD
KarissaAteThem says:   5 June 2010   973361  
Jake. Some pedo my stepsister knew xD

And it is! Lol. Nah. Because if I were to do that I'll no longer have
his pubes to make fun of....And I won't be able to tell him that he
should probablyshave that before he loses his virginity...Then again.
He'll probably die a virgin xD 
Zippo says:   5 June 2010   551060  
He's a virgin, and he's 42? What a loser. lol He must be desperate to
try and lose it to a lil girl.
KarissaAteThem says:   5 June 2010   682927  
Noooo. He's 20 xD And fat. And hairy. And he bleaches his stache. 
Zippo says:   5 June 2010   208561  
Oh, I thought he was 42.
I don't think there's such thing as a 20 yr old pedo. lol
Now I'm confused; is the a joke, or do you just hate him?
KarissaAteThem says:   5 June 2010   602954  
No. You see, he is disgusting. He's 20 and he goes after 11-13 year
old girls. Bleck. And yes, I hate him a looooot. 
Zippo says:   5 June 2010   752051  
11-13? He even said "a pedophile is someone who gets a
kick offa kids UNDER 12!" 11 is under 12, and 13 is close to 12. :P

See, if somebody is 20, they should work 14 upwards, not 14 and
younger. xD
Any younger is pretty sickening.
‹ValVal› says:   5 June 2010   828819  
I think 14 is still to young Zippo for a pedo' but either way i hate
KarissaAteThem says :   5 June 2010   854541  
Lol xD Yes, he's known for his hypocritical ways.
And I agree with @sophia_strange  . 14 is still pretty young
but whatevvver. 

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