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Chapter SevenCategory: Book
Tuesday, 9 February 2010
08:28:40 PM (GMT)
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Chapter Seven: Wake Up, To My Style Of Pain

I tied my leather jacket in a bow tightly just above my stomach and wisped a piece of
hair out of my eyes and spinned a hair pin in my fingers before I pinned my bangs
back, they were too short to stay in the pony tail, the only time they would stay was
when my hair was straightened. 
	Although I was thinking of my hair straight, I was really walking back to Sam’s
house, I just needed to make her not worry, for once in her life time, I did worry,
but I never was one to worry about death, she was.
	I had told the guys to go down to the car without me because I had to do something
quickly, of course Ryo groaned and Ed just nodded like he knew what I was going to
do; I found that a little strange. 
	“Saaammm, open the door you little tooshie.” I called through the door, I heard
a click and then footsteps as she neared the front door, jeez someone was taking
their time, I was being rejected by a girl, how sad. Well, not at all really.
	“What?” Sam answered grumpily, opening the door with a defeated look on her
face; it was pitiful, and sad.  And I just so happened to open the door and push past
her into the room, jeez I hadn’t even realized it was this cold outside, then again
I had been born in a blizzard in December so I guess I just naturally didn’t
notice/mind the cold. 
	“I just came to tell you not to worry; I’ll take care of Ed ok? If he gets out
of hand, or get’s attacked, I’ll be right there, for you, and if he has to kill
something, I’ll kill it instead okay? So don’t worry so much, and don’t tell
you haven’t been, I can see those worry lines that developed in the last ten
seconds.” I said, wagging my finger at her to make sure she wouldn’t argue with
me. And as I knew, she didn’t instead; she just wiped her eyes and looked lazily
around the room, before she hugged me.
	“Bahh!” I said as she crashed into me for the hug, I was shorter so I kind of
stumbled, but midgets were stubborn when it came to falling, so we always recovered
“Thanks,” Sam said, I hugged her back, then broke free and headed to the door,
pulling on my black cap, it had a hole in the back of it for my ponytail, it was my
fighting cap, I liked my hair free when I was fighting. I turned back around with my
hand on the door though.
“No problem Sammer, it’s one of my jobs to make sure my friends are happy.” And
with that I opened the door and closed it behind me, not letting her get in another
word, and then I began jogging, and then halfway down the hill, I broke into a run
for the car, running was kind of like my freedom, my one true love, the only thing I
ever liked about gym either than hitting the punching bag.
Once I was in the car, Ed snapped his fingers at the driver like it were some kind of
signal and we drove off from our houses in the deserted area of the country and into
the city once again. 
	I shoved my hand in the belt across my wait’s pocket that was supposed to be
holding my switchblade to make sure it was there, and boy was I glad it was, because
a lot of people were looking creepily at us as we stepped out of our car and slammed
the doors. Jeez and they weren’t even the least bit polite about it either, if I
didn’t have a mission, I would have stopped right there and then and yelled their
asses off. 
	“The house that the family was supposedly attacked at is around here; actually I
think we pulled right up to it.” Ed said, pushing a white piece of thin parchment
into his pocket and stepping forward to knock on the door, now I normally I
wouldn’t let someone ring the doorbell like that until I had checked the place, but
I was too busy looking at the commoners staring at us strangely that I didn’t reach
out to grab Ed’s arm and stop him, but I should have.
	As soon as Ed’s finger touched the doorbell, it was like a trap was set off; that
the doorbell had just been the dead-end countdown till the people’s brain flickered
to life for what they really were.
	I was faster than Ryoki and Ed at reacting, it was just natural, that I was the
first one to turn to one of the commoner’s now Lycan infected people, and I was the
first of our group to make a move, by throwing the commoner to the ground, my promise
to Sam still ringing in the back of my head as I took the commoner down. 
	1,2,3 my head paced my steps as I moved closer to Ed while still fending off victims
of the Lycan bite, even though I knew Ed was capable of taking care of himself, I had
promised Sam, and I never broke my promise, but I found strangely enough that Ryoki
was watching me, carefully as he fended off a Lycan himself, what was up with that
creepy pedophile?!
	My feet moved quickly, almost like they were gliding on slick, freshly wet ice as I
inched closer to Ed, I wasn’t afraid to take on anything at that moment, even as
two Lycans came flying at me like maniacs, all I really had to do was hold up my
hands and all of a sudden a power blasted through my hands that sent them flying,
cool I had another power already.
	I heard the growl of a jealous Ryoki behind me as he saw that power move, but maybe
this power wasn’t good since I actually liked to hurt my victims with my own two
hands, yes, I was cruel.
	A beat was in order in my head like the rhythm of a song as I made my steps into
slides, and glided closer to Ed, I almost felt like dancing my way to him because of
the beat, but this was war against like a hundred Lycans, and that would seem weird,
and a bit cocky, and would be shameful if they actually caught me when I was dancing,
yeah that would be a story for Sam. I could imagine it now, yeah I was to protect Ed,
but I ended up dancing, insert goofy smile.
	I was finally beside Ed; it seemed like it had taken forever, but really it had only
taken a few seconds. Which was normal for me, it must have seemed slow because I did
what I always did when I moved fast, I was thinking, when I thought things seemed to
happen in slow motion, mainly because I hardly ever thought, I just acted, unless I
was moving fast.
	Seeing the Lycans deciding to be smart by attacking in groups of four now, I dashed
in front of Ed and used my newly found power to blast them away, while turning to
around to get low and boot kick another one in the shin as it came forward with its
group, this was fun to me. 
	Ed taking notice of my moves struck a fist out at the next Lycan that came forward,
striking above my head while I was still crouching. As soon as I shot up, he moved
back, and went to my right side, and we both stepped forward in a pace like it had
been practiced, which it hadn’t been, and then struck with our fists at the last
two Lycans of the recent group to come forward, flashing our hands in quick easy
movements, not bothering to watch if our hands made the right kind of fist.
	The Lycan’s still not giving up now came at us in groups of seven, but they were
easily defeated by me and Ed’s step pace rhythm, it seemed kinda cool to me how
synced we were, it was like a dance in its own way. 
	The groups got bigger as we took out more, from seven to nine, from nine to twelve,
from twelve to sixteen, but no matter how much bigger they got we struck them out,
and at one point, I arched my back to miss a hit and Ed shot above me with his iron
fist that looked kinda cool.
	I was watching Ed’s back when something tried to reach me from behind, I whirled
around in time, but was suddenly lifted into the air and thrown away by Ryoki, I
landed on the ground and looked up angrily at him, I could handle my own battles.
	Angry I charged toward Ryoki, hardly noticing there was barely five Lycans left to
beat up as I went after him, throwing a punch at his head and hitting my target.
	“Ow!” Ryoki yelled, grabbing his head in a howl of pain as I stood triumphant in
front of him, not turning to watch Ed fight off five Lycans. “What the? I helped
	“No, you got in my way. I can handle my own battles, remember that!” I yelled at
him, swinging another shot at him, but I froze when I heard Ed from behind me.
	“Uh guys, this isn’t really the time to fight! Help please? I can’t hold off
all five of them forever you know!” Ed yelled at us. I immdetly whirled around and
kicked the first Lycan I saw in the back, causing him to fall to the ground in agony
as he grabbed his back, screeching. 
	“Sorry Ed, I had a jerk on my hands.” I commented, while taking one Lycan by the
head and throwing him to the ground with all the power my arm would allow me. I
watched as the Lycan’s head jerked and the Lycan fainted.
	“I can’t believe we have to kill all of these people.” Ed whispered, reminding
me what the master had said, jeez that was kinda sad, and a hassle.
	I didn’t stop to answer though; I took on a third Lycan, striking him with my new
power as Ed cooked the other two with his fists until they fell to the ground. And
then would come the hard part for us, since we’ve never killed anyone, and I was
the only one to ever cut someone, it was an accident, but we still had to do this.
	Sighing I pulled out bendable sword, actual it wasn’t bendable, more like it could
slid to full size or smaller, and knifed one Lycan right in the heart, and poof it
disappeared before our eyes. I turned back to the other two.
	“I can do it all, okay?” I said. Ed didn’t argue, but I saw Ryoki snap his
fingers and saw flame come from them as he sent sparks and lit fire to three Lycans
lying together, oh that’s right anything I can do, he would want to do, and better,
jerk, pedophile, creeper, stalker.
	I started moving fast, not bothering to take the time to pierce their hearts
perfectly, just flicking my sword in then out, and moving onto the neck body, when
there was all but one left I stopped because I saw it breathing, and it gave me an
	We could use this one for information, torture it really, but not such an extent
that it’d beg for death. If we did this, we would eventually be able to get to the
main lair and destroy all the Lycans, put an end to them once and for all.
	My idea in my head, I used my new found power to pick up the Lycan and float him
over to Ed and Ryoki who were both looking at me with wonder. Oh I just knew Ed would
oppose the idea and Ryoki’s eyes would shine and he would want to burn the
Lycan’s tail, well I wouldn’t let him. I was cruel, but I wanted info not
screeching in my ear.
	“Meaghan, what are you doing?” Edward asked me, looking at the flying Lycan.
Ryoki was looking at it to, too bad I hadn’t put it up higher, so he would have to
crane his neck, maybe it would snap then, I made a goofy smile at that and almost
thought I drooled. 
	I snapped back then, my eyes going from their goofy haze to my cold hard stare that
sent chills to people who didn’t know me well enough, it was fun to see their faces
when that happened.
	“I thought we could torture information out of him.” I said while pointing
upwards to the wolf like thing that used to be a human but was now a Lycan. And I
knew I grinned on the torture, my cruelty didn’t have many limits. 
	“What?” Ryoki said, oh so he hadn’t caught on, I was expecting it be Edward to
say that. But Ed just looked at me with a look of interest.
	“That actually sounds good to me, and I usually wouldn’t torture anyone. But I
think Meaghan wants to do it alone, and we do need the information.” Edward said,
if surprise was a new word for me, I would have dropped my jaw. 
	“Ah, Ed agrees with me.” I said, smiling, Ryoki muttered words like I was crazy;
fine he wouldn’t help with the torture then! And that would be it, stupid
pedophile! God how badly I wanted to bash his head into the wall and make it explode
into a million pieces.
	It was night time when Ryoki decided to say another word to me. I had gotten what I
wanted, and master was holding the Lycan in a special cage bounded by chains like the
new animal he was, but our mission next time we went out was to actually talk to the
family. Which would be easier now that we had eliminated those Lycans around them, so
we really would be able to talk to them, but back to the point, when Ryoki entered
the room I was untying my hair from the low ponytail I had put it in, if I kept it in
a high ponytail too long I’d get headaches. 
	“You idiot, you still haven’t said thank you to me for saving your life,
you’re so ungrateful that it makes me want to rip your head off.” Ryoki commented
as he stood against the wall. I didn’t turn from where I sat in the mirror
untangling miny knots in my hair with my hands.
	“You didn’t save me, you took away my fight, I turned in time.” I said,
picking up my brush I looked at him, and gave him the eye.
	“Look, if you’d seen as well as you move, you’d see that the Lycan that was
coming at you, was going to bite you, to turn you, so be grateful for once!” Ryoki
yelled, slamming his fist down on the wall, oh if he made a hole!  
	Spinning around and getting up out of my seat, I walked right up to him until I was
eye to eye with him, shaking my fist at him.
	“You know what; watch your mouth you little shit! My life is in the fast lane, and
I didn’t get bit, and I never will because of that! You didn’t save me!” I
yelled, and slammed a fist into his gut. Ryoki looked down on me, looming over me.
	“Why can’t you just say sorry?!” Ryoki yelled at the top of his lungs. I
slammed him into the wall and thrusted my fist up at his chin and jerked it back till
he yelped.
	A threatening look in my eye, the evil completely set in, I looked up at him.
“Don’t piss me off or I will split you in two!” I hissed through my teeth, I
saw Ryoki’s surprise, and he jumped away from me, slamming the door shut behind
him, not caring if it broke.
	He was probably really mad because a midget like me could beat him with one look of
the eye and a flick of my hand. And I really didn’t care, because he had made me
mad, so mad that I wanted to desperately beat something up, with the glint still in
my eyes I wandered into the night, not caring if I got lost or in danger, I was
looking for danger, hungry for it, hungry to beat it to death, extremely hungry for
it, I might just be insane by now.
	But nothing mattered as I walked in the forest behind the houses, not even as I saw
Sam’s house’s lights go off, not as the rain decided to splatter down and thunder
crackle as lighting started pounding the sky, oh did I ever not care, I had a thrill
for danger right now, a thirsty, scary thrill for it. But I don’t think I planned
on getting stuck in a cave for the rest of the night and causing worry for everyone
the next day, oh no, I hadn’t planned on that.

MAHAHAHA Have FUN With THAT Sammie ^.^ Torture Teehee, Told You It Started With A T
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