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Sex is a Sin Chapter TwoCategory: (general)
Monday, 8 February 2010
11:42:34 AM (GMT)
"Kissing the same person leads to sex, which leads to drugs (and babies).
  "This is how I figure it is. You start kissing, then you get all hot and bothered
and all, Oh em gee, let's go strip and have sex. And then you strip and you have sex.
Yeah, it's good. But then you do it again. And again. And again, with the same
person. And so it gets tedious if you're just a teenager. And then it gets boring. So
you go try new things. So you go to drugs. And that's how you become a crackwhore."
   I smiled porudly and went back to sit at my desk. I had titled my report "The
Environment", but had ended up on how you became a crackwhore because it seemed
more....useful in this school. Yeah, let's go with useful.
   A slow applause started by Thomas in our class. He was known for those things. He
started then every damn where and it aggravated the shit outta me. He winked at me.
He was hot, choclate brown skin, thick, bold black braids. Sexiness. I smiled back at
him. The bell rang. He came up to me, his eyes sparkling. "Hey, I liked that report.
And, Wanna touch my knot?" he asked, sticking his elbow out.
  Touch his....what? Oh hell no! I gave hima  blank stare. "You bastard! I ain't
touchin' yo nothin'!" I said.
  He laughed. "My knot-shaped elbow, ruh-tard," he joked, slinging an arm around my
shoulders. "You look pretty today."
  I smiled involunatrily. He was hot. And called me pretty. And was putting his
shoulder around me. And he started those slow applause which didn't bother me as much
saying he was saying I was pretty...and....Oh, shit, he's talking.
  "--tomorrow night?"
  Do what? Was he asking me on a date? Should I say yeah? What should I do? I mean,
gah, he's hot! Hot as hell! Damn! Ohhhh.
  "Hey, Nyl, come here girl!" Jace called, nodding at me from across the hallway.
  I shot him a glare, held up one finger, and smiled up at Thomas. "What'd you ask
  "What should I do tomorrow night? Go to the movies or go bowling with my
   Damn. Guess he wasn't asking me out. Rejection. I put on my brightest smile and
pretended to think about it. "Go to the bowling alley. It's more fun to me. Plus,
you'll have a grand old time."
  He smiled and kissed my cheek. "Thanks, Nyl River." 
  I walked over to Jace and crossed my arms. "What did you want?" I snapped. Okay, so
I was angry with Thomas for having a girlfriend and not asking me out, which was
totally irratinal, but who cared, and I was taking it out on Jace, which was more
rational cause he needed to be told the hell off because.......he just should.
  He crossed his arms and mimicked my pissed-off stance. He chuckled and slung his
arm around me. "Let's walk, girl." We passed through the kids, who parted for him
like he was Jesus parting the Red Sea. As we got outside, he sat me on a bench and
let me go. "You looked like you were going to faint, Nyl? You okay?" His voice was
soft and concerned.
  "Fine," I replied stonily, trying not to fall into his irresistable charm that made
a girl want to slap her Mama the hell out, even if you knew you were gunna get beat
for it. "I'm fine. Just, thinkin' bout somethin' kay?"
  He gave me another concerned look and smiled. "Alright girl."
  I got up and walked away.

I stretched and ran downstairs, dressed in a pair fo blue jean booty shorts and tight
black tank top. Who was laying on my sofa but the devil himself, wearing nothing but
playboy boxers and surrounded by four half-naked girls? NObody but the one, the only,
the Jace! And doesn't he have a house to do this kind of shit? Really? 
  I sighed and passed by them without a glance.
  "Nyl wanna play?" he asked, his eyes sparkling with amusement. I had the oddest
feeling I was in one of those teenage drama, fall-in-love movies where he had bet
somebody some money that I wouldn't play. Or maybe I'm just suspicious. Then again,
it would only make sense. And I wouldn't put it past him. Well, I wouldn't want that
person to lose their money now would I?
  But then there's my virginity to take in, my dignity, my pride, and my virginity
again. And I don't even know how to play poker, so why would I play strip poker? 
  "Yeah," I said, changing my stride and going towards him. I took the seat that had
about three inches of space between him and some girl. I ended up pushing her out of
the way. "Now, how do you play poker?"
  He explained some rules about it, something I wasn't sure of, or had any idea he
said, but I took the hand he gave me and played with all my might. Not with all of
it. Truthfully, I was dissing random cards. Wasn't any surprise when I lost. I took
of my shoes. 
  "Aww, come on! Take something else off girl!" Jace cheered, nudging me.
  I gave him a smile. And won the next game. How the helll....? I lost the next one
and took off my socks. The next five  I won in a row, still not sure as to how I won
them. The next two games I lose, taking off my headband and tank top. Underneath, I
wore a strapless top. Jace groaned when he saw that, telling me I was cheating. Two
girls, by this time, had completely lost and were pulling their clothes back in the
bathroom. Yeah, strip in public, get dressed in private.
   The other girl lost the next game, and she had on nothing but underwear. And, Jace
was, unexpectedly, not hard. I lost the next game, in nothing but booty shorts and a
bra. Wonderful. Please don't let Sebastian walk in. The last girl took off her
headband when she lost. She lost again.
  At the end of the game, Jace had on his boxers, I had on my underwear only, and the
other girl had on her shirt and bra. 
  Then Jace lost.
  He stood up, head held high, eyes sparkling in amusement and a look in his eyes
that he did this alot.....what am I saying? Of course he did, he was a man whore! 
  He pulled his shorts of......oh, my, goodness.
  I coughed, hiding my head. With me kneeling on the ground, he decided to get right
in my face, hands on his hips singing in this annoying voice, "Bring it around time,
bring it around town, blow job!" Did he just mess up the lyrics to the song on
Spongebob? Oh no the hell he didn't.
  I would've moved, but I didn't back down. I was too determined, stubborn, a hell of
a lot of things, but, damn, right now, not only was this awkward, this was also
very...hornitizing, if that's a word. I had to really get a life.....umm,
  Mary had a little lamb, whose fleece was white as snow...
  He's naked.
  And everywhere that mary went...
  Close to my face.
  The lamb was sure to go.....
  This ISNT Working......
Last edited: 9 February 2010

‹NeverThoughtLoveAndLossFeltSoMuchAlike› says:   9 February 2010   111185  
O God, help this poor, poor child...
‹Mad♥Hatter♥Love› says:   9 February 2010   913201  
Me or Nyl?@Arctic_Night 
‹NeverThoughtLoveAndLossFeltSoMuchAlike› says:   9 February 2010   890014  
‹Mad♥Hatter♥Love› says:   9 February 2010   820884  
Ahhhh. I see. @Arctic_Night 
princessbrandi says:   9 February 2010   664227  
o mi that jace dude is freaky
‹Mad♥Hatter♥Love› says :   9 February 2010   724299  
He's also....well, he's Jace. 

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