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Saturday, 2 January 2010
09:38:00 PM (GMT)
spoilsister101: (6:51:29 PM) hi 
katzro0l: (6:51:42 PM) okay
katzro0l: (6:51:48 PM) but it just really hurt me
katzro0l: (6:52:01 PM) to see you becoming an immature slut like katrina and ally and
spoilsister101: (6:52:22 PM) just cause i have a boyfriend doesnt make me a slut
katzro0l: (6:52:37 PM) you're not slutty, but you're really acting like one of those
desperate sluts who jump on the oppurtunity of ANY guy saying they like you or they
want to take you out.
spoilsister101: (6:52:38 PM) atleast i am not obsessed w/ him like katrina
katzro0l: (6:53:06 PM) franklin apparently had a crush on me, i didn't jump on THAT
spoilsister101: (6:53:24 PM) well i understand that franklin isnt your type
spoilsister101: (6:53:33 PM) and you dont personally know him
katzro0l: (6:53:40 PM) FORREST asked me out, and he's like 2 years older than me,
he's cool, but i didn't jump on that oppurtinity.
katzro0l: (6:54:12 PM) he's actually pretty cool and fun to talk to, we talked the
whole night new years 
spoilsister101: (6:54:13 PM) you dont persoanlly know him either
katzro0l: (6:54:52 PM) do you "personally" know ilych?
spoilsister101: (6:54:54 PM) like i said you didnt persoanlly know him either
spoilsister101: (6:55:04 PM) we spent the whole summer together so yeah
katzro0l: (6:55:10 PM) he just sent you a text, and you've known him for not long.
katzro0l: (6:55:22 PM) this is just infatuation
katzro0l: (6:55:25 PM) it'll pass.
spoilsister101: (6:55:36 PM) he sent me a text cause' he was doing his homework
during the time
katzro0l: (6:55:47 PM) you're too young to understand love, we all are.
spoilsister101: (6:56:00 PM) yeah i know
katzro0l: (6:56:03 PM) this stage will pass, but just don't do anything you'll
katzro0l: (6:56:04 PM) oh wait
katzro0l: (6:56:08 PM) you already did
katzro0l: (6:56:14 PM) by fucking lying to us
katzro0l: (6:56:20 PM) i really thought you were my friend.
katzro0l: (6:56:24 PM) it hurt me a lot
spoilsister101: (6:56:27 PM) hold on krys
katzro0l: (6:56:29 PM) when you lied.
spoilsister101: (6:56:37 PM) i did tell you i was going to say yes to him
spoilsister101: (6:56:42 PM) but then you and kathy freaked
katzro0l: (6:56:50 PM) no you didn't. :I
katzro0l: (6:56:54 PM) i don't remember that.
spoilsister101: (6:56:55 PM) so how else would i try to calm you guys down?

spoilsister101: (6:56:59 PM) well honestly i did
spoilsister101: (6:57:12 PM) hold on brb
katzro0l: (6:57:52 PM) believe it or not, after you told me you lied so nonchalantly,
i was really sad, and started tearing up a bit.
katzro0l: (6:58:02 PM) i lost a friend that i really cared about.
katzro0l: (6:58:17 PM) i only went berserk on you because i didn't want to see you
make a huge mistake.
katzro0l: (6:58:26 PM) so there, i don't care anymore.
katzro0l: (6:58:34 PM) you don't treasure our friendship.
katzro0l: (6:58:41 PM) so i won't treasure it as well.
katzro0l: (6:58:43 PM) bye.

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