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I stole thiss from Erika. xD IT'S MINE.Category: (general)
Sunday, 27 December 2009
01:21:36 AM (GMT)
BASICS: Name: Valerii Jayden Alexis -insertlastnamehere- Haru Hana Yuki Relationship Status: LOL. MY NEW PIANO JARED BIATCH. He's smex. Age: Thirteen. Eighty Two ;D Languages: English, Japanese, German, some form of French, Spanish, attempting Italian. Label: LOL. Soup can. ;D Otaku, Freak, on occasions Emo, UNTILL I THREW AWAY EVERYTHING I HAD BLACK AND REPLACED IT WITH ORRANNGGE, PINKK< AND GREEN. Current Location: Haarr. Honshu Japan / Texas. Eye Color: Black? Light brown when i'm happy.~ Hair Color: Dark Brown. Partner: The color orange.~ Vehicle: LOL. MAH SCOOTER. Overused Phrase: "YAOI!?!" "Suck itt." "HarHar" "THAT'S SO KAWAII-DESUU" Sexual preference: Straight? /confused. Maybe pansexual since I see no diffence between boys and girls. n.n Hobbies: Internet. Reading Manga. Cosplaying. DDR. Drawing. HarHar. FAVOURITES: Food: CANNDYY. Restaurant: That Tofu shop down the street. Yummy. ♥ Candy: Hard candy.~ Lolipops Number: 7 & 10 Color: Green~ Orange~ Pink~ Animal: FERRETS. Drink: Tea. Body Part on Opposite sex: I could think of something... /yaoimind. Perfume: Curiouse by Britney Spears. Guci & Cabana Uh That one from Victoria Secret. TV Show: SIXTEEN. LOL. Japanese game shows ;D Movie: Uh. Anime ones ;D Bleach Third one.~ Actor/Actress: Ashten Kutchur Animes: SHONEN OR YAOI. Manga: Shojo.~ Fall in love like a comic. xD YUME KIRA DREAM SHOP THIS OR THAT: Pepsi or Coke: Coke. McDonalds or BurgerKing: McDonalds. But I'm vegan soo... Chocolate or Vanilla: Uhh. Vanilla cake. Yess♥ Not to much choclate though o.o Hot Chocolate or Coffee: Hot chocolate.~ Kiss or Hug: LOL. Either one's fine.♥ I LOVE EVRYONE TOO MUCH TO SAY ONLY ONE. HarHar. Dog or Cat: Dooggy.~ Rap or Punk: Either one.~ Summer or Winter: WINTER IS FULL OF WIN. Scary Movies or Funny Movies: Scary movies scare me xD If i'm with other people scary, if alone funny.~ Love or Money: Maybe love.~ Favourite symbol: c: xD YOUR: Bedtime: UGH. Maybe 2 on school days and usually 5 to 7 on weekends/ holidays. Best physical feature: LOL. N/A First Thought Waking Up: UGH. SHIT. GTFO DAMN IT. IT'S BERLY 4 PM xD Ambition: To be succesful in life, and die before i'm 60? Best Friends: LOL. Lexi, Axel, Rozy, Morgan-Hime, recently Erika, alot of other people o_e Weakness: Yaoi, him,confusion,math. Fears: HarHar. Sometimes the dark. And recently other peoples blood o_e HAVE YOU: Ever been beaten up: LOL. Noo. Ever beaten someone up: No.~ Oh well maybe cupchecked some boys. HA. Ever Shoplifted: Probably.~ I stole tic tacs as a kid. Ever Skinny Dipped: Not yet? HarHar. /humor Ever Kissed Opposite sex: Not yet. HarHar. /confused IN A GUY/GIRL: Favourite Eye Color: Not color. But feel. A warm feel, warm eyes. Not cold ones. Favourite Hair Color: Whatever.~ Short or Long: Okay, I like long. /feelinshallow Height: Uh? Doesn't really matter. Style: Otaku? Whatever. He can be a freaking special ed kid, as long as I luff them. Looks or Personality: Personality. c: Hot or Cute: Uh. Whatever they wanna be.~ Maybe kawaii? Muscular or Really Skinny: Does it matter? .-., RANDOMS: What country do you want to Visit: London/Germany/Poland/Tokyo. How do you want to Die: Probably like uh shot. Or falling from a building. Or freezing, or sleep. Been to the Mall Lately: Uh huh. Damned Christmas shopping sucked me dry ;-; Get along with your Parents: Don't know them, so no? Health Freak: Not particularly. GIMME YOUR GERMS. Do you think your Attractive: HarHar. Believe in Yourself: Eh. Nah. Want to go to College: Yeah. :cThat's why i'm taking algabra AND geometry atm ;-; Do you Smoke: Not usually. Do you Drink: On occasions. :c BadBad. Shower Daily: LOL. Obsessed with showering. .-. /killingwater Been in Love: Maybe? Do you Sing: ♫ Chocolate Disco♫ Huh? Oh yeah, too much. xD Want to get Married: Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. Do you want Children: At least 6. c: Age you want to lose your Virginity: After i'm married. .-., Hate anyone: Nah. Why waste time? Love anyone: Eh. There's a possibility. ;D
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