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My story: EmeleighCategory: (general)
Sunday, 6 December 2009
11:45:26 PM (GMT)
Kay this is a story i jus wrote for school. What do ya think? Oh and the name
at the end is pronouced Emily. i actually know someone whose name is speelled that
way and i think it is beautiful.

I feel the rustling wind and the hard ice under my freezing feet. At first I didn’t
notice how cold I actually was, but it suddenly spread throughout my whole body. I
watch my step gingerly, for I have no idea what may be beneath the surface of this
frozen lake.  I have the strangest feeling that someone is behind me. I take a deep
breath in preparation for what is coming and I slowly turn around.

There before me is a single pair of piercing black eyes. The beady eyed gaze becomes
more than just a pair of eyes, but the form of a young girl about my age is forming.
As the image begins to fortify I can make out some of her delicate features. She has
a small form with a pale circular face. She is very pretty and only about four foot
nine inches. 

I am pulled from my train of thought as I recognize the look in her eyes. It is the
feeling none other than deep hatred. I don’t understand how this…thing has come
to loathe me as much as she does. But I am standing there in my nightclothes in front
of a ghost of some sort on a frozen lake. I automatically become inarticulate and I
am frozen to this spot.

Suddenly, red streaks begin running down the girls face as if she was crying angry
tears. When the metallic scent of blood hits me it is conspicuous what those read
are. I step back, appalled at the sight of the blood streaming freely down the girls
face in a river of red tears.  The girl just stood there, her beautiful pale face
stained with red trails. I could see she was trying her hardest to seem unabashed but
I could definitely tell she was hurt and scared. 

Before I could begin to feel a shred of remorse for the mysterious girl, the light
came. A blinding flash of blaring white light made it impossible to see. But off in
the distances I could detect the small sobs, and blurred faces of bloody eyed
children. They all looked towards me indignantly, but I had no idea why. 
I began to shake uncontrollable and began to cry. I raised my hand to my face to whip
the tears away and notice the worst thing of all. My tears are stained with red. I
scream and scream and no one hears. This is how it always is, no one there to help me
when I call, but I can’t help but scream. I start to fade and my entire being
shimmers at the ends like an unraveling blanket. 

And then I hear a loud buzzing. Buzzing is filling my ears and my brain. My eyes go
blurry and I fall to my knees screaming in defeat and letting the blood stained tears
fall freely now. I wrap into a ball as the bussing becomes louder and louder. In the
distance I can hear my name being called.  

“Emeleigh! Wake up! You will be late again!” my mother’s voice rings thru the
house, showing in her tone that she is slightly disgruntled with me.

And I pop up in bed, almost hitting my head against my desk. I run downstairs to see
the animation in my mother’s bright face. I am freaking out inside, but It will
pass. It always does after those dreams.

Sooooooooooo whatcha think?

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