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Last night I had the strangest dream...Category: (general)
Wednesday, 25 November 2009
06:23:49 PM (GMT)
I dreamt I was younger. 

I had a mother that was a giant mouth attatched to her bedroom floor. We lived in a
one bedroom apartment and my little sister and I slept in the living room. Because
Mama had become a mouth in the floor, I had to take care of my little sister. She was
always clinging to my oversized shirt. It was more like a dress on me anyways. We
were pretty dirty; Mama would get angry and yell at us when we turned on the shower
because she couldn't pay the bills. Her voice was ten times stronger because when
Mama turned into a mouth her voice became supernatural. Most of the time, though,
Mama was wailing. She was sad. We were all sad. Papa had gone missing, you see. And
we never spoke to Grandmother and Grandfather because they didn't like Mama. Also
because Mama couldn't get to the pay phone downstairs because she was just a mouth
now. One day I found a dime inside a newspaper I found on the street. I could barely
read, but I saw the word "circus" and the date the circus would be in town was..
Today. I ran home with my little sister in tow and told Mama me and sis were going to
the circus. I was really going to call Grandmother and Grandfather with the dime to
find Papa, but she didn't need to know that. Mama was a little angry (somehow she
could tell), but I told her I wouldn't talk to Grandmother or Grandfather on the
phone and she calmed down. She said it was fine that we wanted to go to the circus
and to come home before the streetlights came on. Mama is just a mouth on a floor...
She can't really see the lights so I just said okay and left the room. As I
was about to leave Mama sensed that we tricked her and started shouting. It rattled
the room, but I quickly shut the door behind us and ran to the pay phone. I remember
Grandmother and Grandfather's phone number from that one time tree years ago when
Papa told it to me 'just in case something happens.' I rang and Grandfather picked
up. "Hello?" "Grandfather.." I said quietly. He was surprised and excited to hear
from me. He told me he heard a rumor that Papa was in the circus, but he could never
find him there. I thanked Grandfather and ran to the circus with my little sister on
my back. We snuck into the freak show because I had used my dime to call Grandfather.
The freak show wasn't open yet so we rested for a while. In the dark, we heard lots
of noises. Most of the noises came from the corner. Like the sound of a leak in the
roof hitting the ground. I went over and found a giant eye in the middle of a wooden
square. It was Papa's eye. It must be Papa. He was like Mama, except he needed to cry
and watch instead of wail and lament like Mama. "Papa?" I asked breathlessly. The eye
looked straight at me and blinked. It widened when it saw me and it looked happy. I
found Papa! I lifted the heavy wooden thing Papa was on. My sister helped me. We ran
out of the tent, all the way home. When we got back Mama started yelling ominously..
I shut my eyes because I couldn't cover my earswhile I was holding Papa and we
carried Papa into her room. She immediately stopped talking, Mama did. Papa started
crying again and Mama said disbeleivingly, "Darling..?" And then Mama and Papa turned
back into themselves again. And no one was sad anymore. And then I woke up.

And.. None of the people in my dream were even remotely based on my real family. I
was someone else that I knew was me but really wasn't. Basically, it seemed to me
like I was living in a fantastical movie as the heroine. Except the fantasy was my
reality. It was so strange. Sorry, I had to get it out. I might use this dream as an
element for a story or something.
Last edited: 25 November 2009

Neriko says :   25 November 2009   107602  
The first part of the story made me LOL 8D


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