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Friday, 20 November 2009
10:09:56 PM (GMT)
I wanted this to be a novel, but I'm not a good enough writer to write it just yet.
So for now, I'll try making it an original fairy tale.

Once upon a time...

In the seaside kingdom of Krok, where the rains were frequent, and the soil rocky,
there was a King who was expecting a child. And when men are expecting their first
child, they become filled with a vigor to make the world a place where their child
can grow. 

In the final weeks of the Queens pregnancy, the King was called to meet with the
general from the neighboring land of Fohaj.
From his throne, the King said to the general "Come before me, brave General Axoul of
Fohaj, and tell me what you journeyed here to discuss,"

Stepping forward with slow, careful grace, Axoul addressed the King.

"Within the fortnight, I will be the ruler of Fohaj; you will have no time to warn my
Lord of this," began Axoul.  The King realized he had allowed a very evil and
dangerous man into his castle, but he said nothing.

"It is my plan to rule this world, from one sea to the next. Your kingdom and your
armies are both large, and no other leaders will join me by will,"
"Will the great Nation of Krok stand by me, to join Fohaj in world conquest?"

The King surveyed him carefully, and asked "And what of the people in these lands you

"Nothing worse then the normal. If they join us, of course they will live. If not,
they will serve Fohaj as slaves. Likewise, your land will join me- even if you

The King, who had heard of the worriors in Fohaj, knew that he could not defeat this

"Alright. I will join you. I will lend you my vast armies, and they shall serve
beneath the banner of Fohaj. But in return, I shall continue to rule my Nation of
Krok as I see fit. And refugees from Nations you are conquring must be allowed to
enter Krok freely, and not be presued or punished here. Will you swear to this?"

And General Axoul swore to it. Within the fortnight, he was no longer General, but
King, and another fornight after he was not King, but Emporer.

His armies killed mercilessly, and all the soldiers who were lost in conqust were
replaced tenfold by the soldiers of Fohaj's new lands.

In the Nation of Krok, a new Prince was born, while foriegn peasents streamed across
the border.

And though the King knew of the death of his soldiers, and all who resisted his
allies conquest, he was happy.

"I could not save the world," he thought, "But there is not a man alive who could
have. I have saved enough of the world for my son. For this feat, I am grateful."

But all was not well. The refugee's the King had allowed to flee from Axoul formed an
army, and at the dawn of the hundredth day after the Krok-Fohaj pact had been made,
they attacked the ally Nation Krok, which had aided Emperor Axoul in burning their

The King, whose army was in other places, was caught unprotected, and killed.

The rebel army established Krok as their base, and after many years of fighting,
killed Axoul in battle. Their countries were liberated, and the world was saved.

The Prince of the Land of Krok, which had once been a great Nation, became King of
his war ravaged, rainy, rocky land by the sea.

And all was well. The end.
Last edited: 21 November 2009

‹{Viva}♥La♥{Vida}› says:   21 November 2009   745406  
This is great Kirti! How do you come up with these things? xD

I liked it when Axoul was declared dead. He was a bit of a prat to me.
Kirti says :   21 November 2009   903965  
He was meant to be evil, yup! The King wasn't evil though.


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