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Thursday, 5 November 2009
10:29:33 PM (GMT)
fuck, i feel like i only use kupika for surveys.
maybe i do. but i feel like none of you guys know me here, any longer.
except maybe hallie and cameron.
i'm so different from "gabbygiraffe".
even different from "brilliantlights".
idk, i just change a lot. i've stopped caring a lot more than i used to.
i'm friends with people i actually like, not just everybody.
i'm a lot more accepting & a lot less judgmental. 
i'm just a better person now, in some ways, and a worse person in others.
i guess i'm just growing up, right?
lately i've been like idk. waking up later than i should.
putting on clothes, not even caring what they are.
walking to school with kenzie and laughing hysterically the entire walk.
going into the school and hugging griffin and talking to jake and griffin for like 20
then talking to emily. <3
then i go to my first period, with griffin. and we're always late. but we don't give
a fuck.
and then i just talk to everybody. because now that i'm not as uptight, i love
everybody and everybody loves me.
i'm just so fucking happy.
and then second period, i have with kenzie and mariela and miranda and eric and we
just chill and do whatever the fuckkk.
then third, is math. and my math teacher is actually really dope. she's made me
actually not hate math anymore. and i sit next to blondie and lars (: lars is my best
best friend.
and then lunch. which is the beeeest. i just share strawed jamba juices with griffin
and watch old CMS plays. best thiingggg.
then 4th period is career&tech education and thats my favourite class. we literally
do whatever the hell we want. the teacher is so out of it.
we just eat and drink jamba juice (which they sell at the school) and then we just
talk and chew gum and whatever.
and she just like blinks. lmfao. and i do all griffin's CTE work cause i'm his best
friend. kk?
and then 5th period. i hate art fifth period. but whatevaaaa. i have it with riley!
<3 and kenzie! <3 and lars! <3 and emily! <3 and eric! <3 and carlos! <3 and jesse!
and right now were doing some pretty dank string work. which is fun, i guess. our
teacher has kinda lightened up a tiny bit, which is nice.
and then 6th period. i have it with andie and crosby and charlotte and miri and jesse
and brandon oli. and it's pretty easy, being health.
we just watch ghetto ass videos all period. and alen falls asleep. lmfao, that was
the best. 
7th period i sit with miri and mariela and oli and we're just perverted all class.
i d g a f anymore.
i have my hair in a high pony every day.
and i just wear my uni.
and some random keds or something
and emily has all my make up but do i give a fuck?
not really.
i just wear brown eyeliner
and i look like a fag but i dont give a shiiittttt.
i love my life.
and i love my boyfriend.
and i love 

and i pretty much wrote MY life story.
i love CMS <3 <3
and i have play rehearsal tomorrrrrrow!
(: fuck yeees.

Jolestio says:   5 November 2009   400263  
I miss the good ol' days.
becauseigothigh says:   5 November 2009   256839  
You mean, the GabbyGiraffe days? 
Jolestio says:   5 November 2009   177868  
Just in general, to be honest. 
becauseigothigh says:   5 November 2009   406909  
Explain what you mean. 
Oroborus21 says:   6 November 2009   187035  
change happens embrace it, its nice watching you change actually..

wait that didnt come out right lol
becauseigothigh says :   6 November 2009   980540  
Ha ew. 

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