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Halloween Story --> Chapter 1Category: Story
Saturday, 31 October 2009
11:37:00 AM (GMT)
This is just a story for Halloween, not scary at all. Appreciate it if you can read it, I know it's a little long :/ The poem at the start and end was just something random I added ^^ It’s Halloween and You come for a tale That’ll fill you up Full of dread? Well, this tale Includes ghouls and Curses, and anything That’s about dead It starts in a small And sleepy little town That’s all on its Own in the night Unaware of the fact That the nightmares Are returning before The morning’s light… Catherine, known as Cathy to most people, was quite average. Average height, average weight and average curves. She had medium brown hair that flicked out in certain places. She had light brown eyes that showed honesty and kindness. She was never really that good at lying and never really practised. She was trusting and friendly and was never really noticed. But she was used to that. Her and Denzel had been best friends since she was 5. 11 years later and they were still glued to each other. He was taller than her and quite good-looking with his shaggy brown hair and soft blue eyes. If it weren’t for his clumsiness and sometimes-nerdish moments, a lot of girls in school would’ve asked him out already. And Denzel would’ve probably said yes to all of them; he didn’t have a clue about girls, dating or relationships. All he knew about was how to get into trouble (dragging Cathy with him) and how to get out of it. Cathy’s day of school was quite normal and average. Basically, boring. Apart from her strange friend, Rowan, there wasn’t much point in going. Rowan made it so much more interesting but yet weird at the same time. Rowan moved to town at the beginning of Year 11, last year of school. She had pitch-black hair that snaked down her back; sleek, straight and smooth. Her extremely pale skin arose suspicions but her menacing, black eyes warned off any unwanted questions. Her tall, thin frame made her seem uptight, impatient and shy. Cathy knew otherwise. She had seen Rowan’s patience, fun, confidence and rebellious side, all in the first lesson! Rowan was weird, but Cathy seemed drawn to that from the very first moment they met. Today, was Halloween, Cathy’s favourite holiday. Although she wasn’t a fan of horror films or ghosts, she loved the mysterious past of the seasoned holiday and how the whole town lit up with candles and bright costumes. Cathy didn’t go trick or treatin’. Not after the year where the crazy lady ran after her and Denzel all night, after accidentally knocking on her door. Yes, you can accidentally knock on someone’s door…when you’re with Denzel anyway. And she also didn’t do party’s after the night sitting, very uncomfortably, with Denzel whilst the rest of the Year played seven minutes in heaven, spin the bottle or truth or dare or whatever it’s called. Now, this Halloween, Cathy and Denzel were walking through the town after Cathy was invited to a sleepover by Rowan. Cathy did find it a little odd, but Rowan always was. She also didn’t exactly feel very comfortable going round Rowan’s house on her own, especially for the first time, so she decided to drag Denzel along. He didn’t really mind much as long as he got away from his mother, who would probably try to persuade him to go trick or treating with her. Something he didn’t feel at ease with. “So, explain to me again why she invited me?” Denzel asked for the ninth time. “She didn’t! She invited me. I just don’t want to go on my own.” It was 8:30 and the trick and treaters were out in full swing. Cathy didn’t know there were so many kids in her neighbourhood! “I thought you and her were friends?” Denzel exasperated. She knew where he was going with this. He was trying to get another point on why he didn’t get girls. He’d been doing this ever since he’d hit adolescence. “Are me and Rowan friends? Yes. Do I think she’s normal enough to go round her house on my own? No.” “Why not?” “Would you?” Cathy asked giving Denzel a ‘knowing’ look. Of course he wouldn’t. “No…” He sighed. Cathy smiled in triumph. What she wouldn’t tell him is she dragged him along to feel more comfortable, but his ego was big enough. Sleepovers weren’t her forte, mostly because this was her first one. She didn’t now what to expect and frankly, she didn’t want to think about it. On the bright side, she got to see everyone’s Halloween costumes on the walk there. “Hold on! What exactly are you going to do at this sleepover?” Denzel gasped with a look of horror on his face. “I don’t know! This is my first one. I guess it’ll be like what we see in films.” “So, you’ll be watching soppy films whilst talking about your body, boys and make-up?” He mumbled quickly. Cathy stopped and gave him a ‘what-the-hell-are-you-talking-about’ look. “What films do you watch?” “Hey, don’t look at me like I’m a pervert! We both used to watch the Sleepover Club.” “I told you to never mention that again.” She warned. She hated it when he brought that up. She’d thought he’d be more embarrassed at watching it, but it was her. And worse still, he knew it.

Loih_Rhu says :   31 October 2009   270578  
Luv it <3

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