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Sunday, 25 October 2009
09:52:53 AM (GMT)
God, I hate jewelry, necklaces in particular. If it weren’t for this necklace I
have none of this would be happening. I wouldn’t be running for my life, with a
motorcycle and my two best friends from the rest of my town. I wouldn’t be in so
much ache and confusion. And lastly, I wouldn’t be in any of these issues. Let me
take you back, about four months ago.  

Chapter 1
	I was your average teenage girl, with simple teenage parents. The kind who don’t
care what you do, as long as you didn’t get knocked up, were drunk and high, and
didn’t fail school. I am not saying they don’t care, they just expect me to make
“the right decisions”. At school however, it was different. I was actually
someone more then ordinary. I mean, I didn’t go to a school full of vampires or
super-natural gifts; like those books probably say. I was still, after all average. I
went to Flaming Phoenix high school. Ok so maybe the name isn’t average, but
whatever. Me, Tessa Clarkson had the best of friends and was actually on the
teacher’s good side. I was in every single art and literary thing at school you
could think of.  The part, however that made me different was that I was different,
so I came to learn.  
	I showed up to school earlier then I normally do, so I can do some yoga and relax.
Seriously, after about an hour hearing the same 5 girls talk is annoying after
awhile. I dropped off my dance bag and school bag in my school locker and went
straight to the art room. Running up the stairs, with the wind in my hair and all the
stuff doesn’t happen running up stairs. Sorry to crush your dream. Anyway, when I
got to the art department, I realized every door was locked. No lights, no doors, no
life. So I waited, because I showed up at 6:15, and school didn’t start till 7:45.
By the time it was 7:00, nothing had changed. Saddened, I started to walk downstairs,
when the door creaked open. 
	It always that line, I know but it happened. And of course, I went inside the door. 
The sun shined through the windows, and displayed all the little windows; it was
really a pretty sight. All of a sudden, I heard a huge shattering sound, like a
bowling ball hit the glass triangle outside the Orsay museum. I dodged every piece of
glass and ran forward to see if anyone was in danger. That’s when I saw it. Hahaha,
not the "it" your brains are thinking about. Come on don’t lie to me, you thought
about it. Anyway, it was so pretty. I mean really pretty. That “it” was a gem.
Not like a birthstone gem though. The gem shinned as bright as the sun, shimmered the
color of liquid gold, and was the size of a diamond. It was so beautiful. And of
course, I grabbed it. I shinned it to the sun, to see if it was real and it was. I
thought it was a dream, a really awkward dream. And then…BAM! Blackout.

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