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Monday, 19 October 2009
07:17:53 PM (GMT)
no one wants to be fat. everybody wants to wear a 4. 
i'm 5'4. and my doctor says i should weigh 130, with my bust size and my height.
i don't know how much i weigh. but i do know, that one of my friends, gets called fat
everyday. and she's 5'5. and she doesn't even weigh 130.
that's bullshit. 
she's not skinny, she's not fat. and she has a really petite bust. 
i don't think i weigh 130. but if i did, i know i'd get called fat.
so, what people consider fat is utterly ridiculous.
but then there's also really dumb things about not being skinny.
like, the girls who say they're 'curvy and love it' when they don't have any curves,
they're fucking fatasses.
it's their insecurities showing. they don't want people to notice they're fat, they
don't want to even be fat.
they would LOVE to be skinny, and they know that.
i'm sick of all this 'big is beautiful' and 'respect all body types' shit.
i respect being a little over weight, a little underweight, and in the middle.
but supporting obesity is the same exact thing as supporting anorexia or bulimia.
it's just as fucking dumb.
BIG isn't beautiful, but neither is TWIG-LIKE.
why must everyone freak out of the media supporting 'thin figures',
when there are millions of things supporting obesity,
which over all is the second leading cause of preventable death in america.
is anorexia? no.
obesity is by far the larger problem.
but does anybody care? hell no.
they support these people killing themselves.
"you're perfect the way you are"
"big is beautiful"
"you have curves, and they're gorgeous"
"skin and bones is nothing compared to you"
"thats so raven was such a good role model"
"you should have a plus size model on your cover"

i know a girl who is overweight, and has health issues because of it, and she doesn't
even wear plus size.
so, how un healthy are the plus size chicks?

‹mrs. northman ♥› says:   19 October 2009   532734  
but I've said i'm curvy and i love it. because my doctor says i'm a
perfect weight for my age, and all.
Oroborus21 says:   19 October 2009   761524  
very well said....  like most things what was originally a good
message got distorted to the idea that anyone should be if not
accepted then pitied. while some obese peoplehave legit medical issues
the vast majority of overweight people (especially in this country)
have gotten to be so because of everything from our diets/fast-food
lifestyles to poor urban planning that doesnt promote walking and
recreational activities, to the social/media images that promote
acceptance of everyone.

another thing not to be ignored is that the babyboomers which are the
largest populationdemographic are aging into their golden years and
thus their bodies are getting unfit...if they were fit to start
with..you might not believe it but the fact that they are getting out
of shape actually influences all kinds of things as they still have
much of the power in society...
Oroborus21 says:   19 October 2009   684477  
i really hate the BMI - damn you bmi!! - it says i should be a
ridiculously low weight for my height 5'9"  but like im pretty
muscular and all and muscles weigh a lot more than fat.....dont get me
wrong im definitely a lil tubby right now..   im just sayng even
when i get down to my goal weight or anywhere near it, its gonna be a
lot higher than what the BMI says my top weight should be cause of my
amethyst21 says:   19 October 2009   845568  
...I'm over weight, but, I don't really, like to talk about it. I've
got a super petite bust, which makes me look wider than I am, but I'm
only 20 pounds over weight for my height. Hah, ONLY twenty pounds.
But, I usually don't tell people about that, just because, I hate it.
Excersize, dieting, none of it works.
FEARLESSS says:   19 October 2009   417893  
i agree with you and eddie.
you have a good point.
i know im like a total fatass and it embarrases me to say, but youre
right. people think if you arent starving yourself you are fat. i skip
breakfast and dinner and im still fat. it doesnt change a thing. but
you do gain weight over pregnancy. some obese people also cant help
it. sometimes it is passed by heredity. sometimes you have a problem
with your thyroid gland there was this girl who ate normal and she
played softball so well. her parents tried all diets. she just couldnt
lose weight. thats why people shouldnt judge by weight and looks. and
the bmi is also wrong. you can be very very muscular, and muscle is
more than fat. it will be wrong a good bit ofthe times. 
lmfao at the im curvy and i like it. i agree. with the "big isnt
beautiful and neither is twiglike"
you make a lot of sense
xExotic says:   19 October 2009   511315  
agreed with fearlesss.
i have that thyroid problem.
i was born without a thyroid, so instead i take pills.
i'm not saying it's impossible for me to lose weight, but it's harder
for me than others to because of my pills.
basically, i could work out twice as hard as others and join hundreds
of sports and eat normally and lose only a couple pounds, not lose any
weight at all, or even gain weight because oh side effects of
the pills.
they're meant to keep me alive. 

some people can't help their body sizes. trust me.
saralyn247 says:   20 October 2009   587473  
I agree with this. So much. 
I actually have the opposite problem as a lot of people though, I
guess. I'm 5'3" and about 100 lbs, which is apparently slightly
underweight. I don't even look that unhealthy. But I'm constantly told
that I need to gain weight by everyone. I've tried to, and I
literally can't. 
But in response to things other people have said, it's definitely true
that a lot of people have a false image of what is a healthy weight.
Healthy doesn't mean being stick-thin, it's having enough weight on
your body to sustain yourself. Being thin can mean that you don't have
enough of whatever it is you need to live. And you're definitely right
that being really overweight is supported much more than it should
‹brouhaha› says:   20 October 2009   495738  
Yeah. I blame Tyra.
littlewhitelie says:   20 October 2009   774768  
I have curves,but im skinny too,so what should i be called?
Obesity is very unhealthy,but it is also the things like this that
make them the way they are,people calling them "fatasses" is why they
eat so much..no matter if your fat or skinny someone is always going
to make fun of you,its life.....
wiresandtheconceptofbreathing says:   21 October 2009   747343  
Just because you're overweight doesn't mean you're not healthy.
Obesity on the other hand is unhealthy.
And when people say 'big is beautiful' its not because they're
supporting obesity. Yeah, people want to change but they're saying
that they love their body, and they're okay with being bigger.
xExotic says:   21 October 2009   692866  
some people are born with bigger body types, k.
they can't help it, it's genetics.

just because you're a size 10 or 11 instead of 4 or 5 doesn't mean
you're not healthy.

big CAN be beautiful.
tiggerlemon101 says :   28 May 2011   458114  
Curves ARE beautiful, and if you were born with a bigger body type
it's possible to be a size 10 or 12 and still be healthy and
attractive.  However, obesity does not equal curves.  Obesity equals
an unhealthy lifestyle.

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