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Wednesday, 23 September 2009
06:01:27 PM (GMT)
OKAY. Everyone quit being whiny emo bitches. Charlotte, I have tried to be friendly
and shit towards you. You missed six days of school due to a cough. A bit of a
stretch, okay a lot of a stretch, but nothing to hate you over. 

Then you steal Suzi's Native American tribe. You say it is an accident, it is obvious
it is not. For one thing, it's a very not-well-known tribe. I was surprised Suzi had
even heard of it. You only want it because they had shamans, and magic. Guess what?
So did most other tribes, and even if they had a special magical bit or whatever you
could read about them without having to steal the entire basis of her project. 

And then you miss school for two days, because your online boyfriend is cheating on
you or whatever. Uh, no shit? Anyone who actually takes online dating seriously is
either really desperate or a complete idiot. And that is no reason at all to miss two
days of school. Just... grow up. Gah. 

And don't rag on me, saying the thing with Suzi is none of my business. Yes, it is.
She is more a sister to me than my actual sister is, and I'm the one that has to
listen to her whine about it (no offense to you Suzi).

‹† Ammit Eats Dead Souls †› says:   23 September 2009   762887  
I take no offence :D
‹Mentality› says:   23 September 2009   273216  
Also, she was on when I posted this diary, and her response was to
remove me from her friends list. How mature. >_>
lunasan says:   1 October 2009   873342  
argh, I just read this *facedesk* I removed you for a different reason
and didn't read this. 
I'm giong to ignore all but two things. One, It was simply because I
couldn't decided what tribe I was going to do so I searched Magic or
soem crap and that was the first one to pop up.
Two, THAT DID NOT HAPPEN. No one broke up with me, and I didn't stay
from school because of it. I had a fucking PANIC ATTACK that has been
waiting for YEARS and than the next day I MISSED THE BUS.
lunasan says:   1 October 2009   566153  
:D* (meant to be tacked on there)
‹Mentality› says:   1 October 2009   867923  
Wait why did you have a panic attack? Mrs. Detweiler says I have them
sometimes, *firstdayofblackbelttestingcough* but the only thing I
remember was I was shaking and I could not stop crying, and afterwards
I felt emotionless, like Hitler could come take me away and I wouldn't
care. Er, bad example, but you know what I mean. Was it sorta like
lunasan says:   1 October 2009   845588  
The filling in the pit of my stomache suddenly got way worse. I
started breathing weird cause I didn't want to cry. Than I DID cry.
And I just sat there, with my backpack on and everything D:
Than I realised what might be happening and I askedx my mom if I was
having a panic attack. Her simple "It would appear so" made it way
And I'm sorta trying to find out. I don't get it. I've never thought
my life was that bad or anything. And now I'm all feeling dead all the
time ._.
lunasan says :   1 October 2009   677353  
 And it almost happened again this morning. But it wasn't as
bad. Errrgh!


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