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Saturday, 22 August 2009
02:08:01 PM (GMT)
***Warning*** Shonen-Ai [MxM]wincest Chapter 2: It was about 11 P.M. when the twins woke up. They stirred a little, then turned to face each other. Their violet eyes locking onto each other’s. Both completely obvious tired.. But they fell asleep around 3 P.M., so they slept for quite a while.. “Spencer.. It doesn’t hurt anymore.” Twiz whispered quietly to his brother. “Tha- that’s good.” Spencer yawned, “Right?’ “I don’t know but I’m glad.” Twiz smiled a little taking his hand from his chest. There wasn’t much blood, it was mostly all dry now. It seemed to bleed a little when he was sleeping.. Well now he was safe. A small orange kitten walked up to the two who laid on a bed on the floor. He jumped up over Spencer and between the 12 year olds. The small orange kitty purred quietly Jester let out a small meow, sounding more like a whine than anything. Twiz sat up, glaring down at the kitten. He was rather adorable.. “I’m going to go find a shirt to put on.” He remembered he wasn’t wearing a shirt and stood up, walking over to his dresser and pulling out a black shirt which read “Owl City” across the front. He also pulled out a black long sleeve shirt with a collar that hung. Sliding on the long sleeve shirt he shuddered as the fabric overlapped the newly done stitches. Then pulling the “Owl City” tee over top the long sleeve he tugged at the collar so it hung around his neck like a scarf. “Why do you always wear shirts with long collars, scarf’s, or bandanas around your neck?” Spencer asked Twiz, still petting the small kitten. His eyes locked onto the cats mismatched blue and green eyes. “I don’t know. Why does your shirt read ‘Believe’?” Twiz replied, tugging softly at his collar, fixing it and looking around to find one of his hair ties. He soon found a red and black striped hair band and grabbed it, slowly beginning to pull his hair up in a pony tail fairly high on the back of his head. “I liked the shirt..” Spencer muttered, looking at his shirt and tracing the silver, some what glittery letters. “See, I like collars.” Twiz replied as he walked back over to Spencer. “Its pretty late. What are we going to do? Neither of us are tired.” “I don’t know.” Spencer huffed, standing up then bending down to pick up the cat. He held the cat baby style in his arms. The small cat played happily with Spencer’s long bangs. Twiz remembered what he wanted to tell Spencer. He walked up to Spencer and set his hands on Spencer’s arms and gripped him a little. “Spencer. I want you to listen to me. And I want you to trust me when I say this.. Okay?” His eyes sincere and serious. “What is it, Twiz?” Spencer felt a pang in his stomach, he hoped it wasn’t something bad. If something was wrong, then he would be there. He knew he would always be there for Twiz, no matter what. He loved him… All that mattered was he was alive and well… “I.. Really like you. I really, really like you. I really do.. I like you.. More than I should. More than a brother..” Twiz said, sighing. “Then your not alone.” Spencer blushed faintly as a small smile crept on his lips. He wrapped his arms around Twiz and held him tight. “R-really?” Twiz asked, shocked. He then wrapped his arms around Spencer, holding him close to his body. Right now if someone told Twiz he was going to die he wouldn’t care.. He wouldn’t mind. His heart felt set for right now. “What are you thinking about..?” Spencer asked his brother, before nuzzling his head into the other’s neck. “Y-you.” He muttered as he felt the other’s hot breath on his cold, sensitive skin. Spencer smiled a little, and pulled away. His hands set on the front of Twiz’s shoulders. He then tossed him down onto the bed and pounced onto him, laying across him. Smiling eagerly, Twiz grabbed Spencer’s arm and twisted it a little around his back. Spencer then grabbed Twiz’s leg and pulled it up to his chest, making Twiz let go of his arm. They both jumped up, hands set on each other’s shoulders. They began to push on each other, then collapsing together and their foreheads colliding. “Ow!” Spencer whined out as he fell back, Twiz rubbed his forehead. It did rather hurt.. a lot. Oh well. He sighed and held his hand out for his brother who sat on the floor and looked like he was in crippling pain. But truly, he just wanted attention. Spencer grabbed Twiz’s hand and stood up. Twiz seemed so strong compared to him. He wondered why he did.. Yet, emotionally, Twiz was crap. Physically he was as good as it gets at this point in time excluding the bruises, cuts, and other blemishes and pains Sully had caused him. Chuckling a little, Twiz wrapped his arm around Spencer’s waist and lifted him up onto his shoulder. Spencer laid somewhat folded over Twiz’s shoulder, he hit at Twiz’s back. “Let me down!” Spencer nearly yelled, kicking his feet. “Nah.” Twiz then began twirling around until he got dizzy, then tossing Spencer playfully back onto the bed then jumping on him. “You loose. Again.” He smiled wickedly at him. Spencer’s eyes narrowed, eyebrows furrowed. “I will beat you one day. I swear.” He cursed under his breath. “Nope.” “Yuh huh!” Spencer said, slapping Twiz across the face. Twiz groaned as he did that, he hit the sensitive part of his skin that Sully smacked him with. He frowned then threw a punch at Spencer. “What was that for?!” Spencer screamed, thrusting his hips up and knocking Twiz off him. Twiz turned away from Spencer, sliding his hands under the mattress, Spencer flew back onto his back on the hard floor. Twiz then lifted the large mattress over him and walked over to the frame of the suspended bed and set it inside the metal frame. Noticing a black blotch it seemed on Spencer’s wrist, he walked over to him, and pulled him up, forcing the wrist in front of his own face. There was a star. “What is this?” He asked, running his finger over the currently risen skin, and the red hue around it. “Its nothing. Its nothing at all.” “It’s a tattoo.” “Twiz..” “Spencer, why did you get a Tattoo? Where? When?” “About ten days ago, with Patrick and Victoria at that All Tattoo’s place you got your nose done at.” “There is nothing I can do about it so I don’t care.” Twiz turned, he remembered, that’s where he got his septum done last month. He reached up to the ring that hung from his nose and ran his fingers over it. “I’m bored now.” Spencer said to his Twin, who continued to play with the ring. “Ditto. I’m hungry. Can you set up the xbox? The box to it with everything in it is next to the T.V. Do you want anything?” Twiz asked, walking up the stairs towards the metal door. “Er. Cheese cake.” Spencer said, he thought for a minute before he actually said it. “With strawberries and whipped cream!” “Okay.” Twiz unlocked the locks on the door then walked upstairs to see his mother in the kitchen. “Okaerinasai Okaasan.” END CHAPTER 2~<3

‹LoiroFox› says :   2 September 2009   697895  
I love this! I can't wait for the next chapter! :3


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