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Monday, 17 August 2009
06:35:22 PM (GMT)
Kay, so yesterday I went to this local band thing.
Haha how ghetto.
But there was a couple who were kinda big.
Like Dr Manhatan,
But I don't even like that kind of music anyways. haha.
So I've never been to one of these before. It was like wayyyy ghetto.
There were all these like hippies.
I went with my friend Caitlyn, who's been one of my best friends since 1st grade.
ahh she's changed alot. Dudde she's scene.
So is her 16 year old sister.
So I felt a little outta place.
I had noo clue what this was gonna be like, but when they started playing it was SO
fucking loud.
I couldn't hear anything. Caitlyn had to like scream at the top of her lungs into my
ear for me to hear her telling me to move over.
I couln't even hear myself screaming back at her.
So there were like her sisters friends there or something? Yeah. Andee and John.
John's eyes were very pretty(: but whatever,
and so we went outside and there was like a whole shit load of people just smoking.
Howw funnnn.
So then Andee was to Caitlyns sister, Laura, "You want?"
And she was like "for free? hell yeah"
So we were just all standing in a circle and they were all just sharing a cigarette.
Then up came Caitlyn. Yeah she like loved it. I guess it was mint flavored?
Then andee asked me. And I was like "ummm."
And caitlyn was like (thank god) "No she's not really into that stuff."
So then andee took it and finished it and the fucking smoke kept getting into my
He was like "Haha you're not used to this are you?"
And I was like "um no."
All the second hand smoke hurt my stomach.
Duddeee, then there was this one guy who was coughing up blood, and i stepped in it.
So then dr manhatan played, and of course we were right by the speaker.
God I couldn't hear for like 20 minutes.
I just felt really out of place, i had no idea what to do.
Oh yeah it was also as hot as hell in there. Like people had no shirts on and were
sweating to death. Haha the drum player in this one band was hillarious.
Then there were these 2 lesbian lovers. hahahaha.
They we're like all feelin' up eachother's ass's and we're making out and this one
winked at me.
hahahahaha. so sick.
Haha. Yeah then we sat with andee and he told us a buncha shit while laura and john
ran off somewhere.
And I got eaten by moquitoes.
Then i got this ghetto shirt.
There was this other one i wanted that had  A ROBOT on it, but they had no smalls.
oh well.
Oh yeah then we hacked into some girls AIM and we're talking to this Jack guy and we 
were pretending that we like fell off a roof while texting him, (we were mobile) and
broke our leg and we had aids and we were high and drunk and it was just really funny
to us. hahah.
Haha that's like it. Except it was spread out over a 4 hour period.

No. Ha, now caitlyn wants me to go to the next one on thursday. AHH.
Last edited: 17 August 2009

xExotic says:   17 August 2009   328934  
I'd die.
hotairballoons says:   17 August 2009   265655  
I almost did. I was like passing out. haha.
KenzayeeRae says:   17 August 2009   339637  
Last place I want to be.
I'm sorry dude.
hotairballoons says :   17 August 2009   896216  
Haha I know it was really bad. But fun at parts.

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