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Wishes [Chapter 7]Category: Wishes
Thursday, 30 July 2009
08:39:22 PM (GMT)
Ereya Chloris, a seventeen year old girl from Galia, a small town dreams of
exploring the realm she lives on, Teruma. But, because of her curiosity, she ends up
getting her wish the wrong way. Now, she's off to explore the whole of Lire. And to
the vanquished golden city of Iona.


When I entered Ms. Pratts room again, I could tell that the whole class knew I didn't
pass. I could hear mutterings and whispers of, "Of course she wouldn't pass." I
glared at their direction and slumped back onto my chair.

Talia had her sorry look on and said in an apologetic tone, "I know you really really
really wanted to go there. I'm sorry, Ereya." And I knew she was. I was too. I
couldn't believe I completely blew it. And all I could do was walk out of that room.

When school ended that day, all I could do was walk while I listen to prissy Sabrina
gloat over how she didn't even had to say one thing and Mrs. Tinners accepted her
within a second. I sighed but I regained my old self as Destiny walked towards me and
I gestured towards Sabrina and rolled my eyes. I muttered, "Look at her. She won't
even last a minute."

"Let's hope." Destiny patted me on the back and smiled.

"Hope? I know she won't. She's too..princesscy."

"Nah. Princess on the outside, monster in the inside."

"Tell me if she ever sheds her true skin at the capital."

"I'll write you all of my experiences."

I paused. "Please don't."

Destiny laughed and gave out a relieved sighed, "Now, that's my sister. It doesn't
seem much like you to sulk all day."

"True. Maybe I'll find another way or something." I tapped my chin and began

I could see Destiny's eyes looking at me like she's suspecting me. "Just don't do
anything illegal."

"Of course, I won't. If I did, Father will kill me." I remembered the time when I
dyed all the goats green and Father made me repaint them tan again. My arms felt like
they were dead when I was done.

We entered the house and of course, my mother knew I didn't pass. She'd always know
when I was unhappy because, "I didn't had that mischievous twinkle in my eyes."
Really, my mind-reading family freaks me out.

She began comforting me, but I had enough comforting for one day. It made me feel
weak. And feeling weak wasn't me. It just wasn't. So I went to my room saying, "I'm
fine. I'm fine." When I noticed it. The enchanting mirror. It was in my mother's room
but I knew that she wouldn't be mad at me for staring at a mirror.

I grabbed it quickly and sped to my room. I felt the shiny and flawless surface with
my fingertips and admired the silver white metal and swirly designs on the outer
edges. I've never seen anything so beautiful. Plus, it's not like I would. Galia
isn't very interesting. Then, I saw a bright yellow strand come out of nowhere. I
stared at it even more closely and cleared my eyes of any dust. I gasped when I saw a
sapphire blue eye staring at me. I jumped out of my bed and landed not-so-gently on
the floor.

I eyed the mirror again and the blue eye was still there. I turned to my normal
mirror. Both of my hazel eyes were still intact and living. I blinked and my
reflection stared back. I frowned and glanced at my mother's mirror.
Half-consciously, I poked it and yelled out loud, "Hello? Who's in there?"

Now, I have never heard of enchanted mirrors before but maybe people could be trapped
in mirrors? I don't know. But I knew that whatever happened next startled me. The
figure inside the mirror had a voice. And their voice said, "Hello. Hello? Hello!
Please. Please help me. Please help me."

Again, I jumped. But I landed on the floor with both feet, holding the mirror warily.
"Who are you?" I asked.

"M-my name is Faye. I am a princess of Iona. Surely you must know me. Wait..Wait. Who
are you?" The voice answered. Suddenly a face came up. A face of a girl a couple of
years older than me, probably Destiny's age. Her skin was pale and her hair was messy
and crumpled. The only living thing about her left was her golden locks and her blue

"I'm Ereya. What are you doing inside a mirror, princess?" My voice was mocking but I
was interested.

"Aah. You are a commoner, are you not? Do not speak to me so lowly." Faye answered,
and I could see some pride lingering on her face. I swear, I nearly laughed out loud
at that one. A girl, stuck in a mirror, and she tells me what to do? Oh. This had to
be the funniest moment in my life.

But Faye noticed the cupped hand over my mouth and my facial expression when she held
her head up highly and said, "I will not be laughed at no matter how ridiculous I
look. Now. Commoner. Tell me, what land do you hail from?"

Now my expression changed from laughing to disgust. "Excuse me? You were the one
begging for help. Don't call me a commoner." I said in a tone Destiny always uses.
The one that always put me my common sense.

"I- I am sorry. I am princess and whoever is a rank under me is a commoner." Faye
changed her tone and she breathed, sending mist that clouded her face. She wiped off
the mist and looked to where I was standing, "Please forgive me. But, you have to
help me."

I raised my eyebrows. I have never met a princess before although I had expected one
to be as bratty as Sabrina. Who knew you could take advantage of princesses so
easily? "I forgive you. But, what do you mean help?"

"I am trapped in a dungeon here in Iona. The Nariads guards are keeping me here until
I die. You are the only one who I am in contact with who will not give me sharp
blows. Tell me..Ereya, do you know of any enchanters?"

At first I didn't believe Faye. I mean, who would? But she spoke my name as if it was
foreign to her tongue and I also knew that only Iona's people had golden hair in
Lire. Finding the mirror and befriending Faye was a step towards my wish. She began
to explain to me of the Rainbow Prism, a crystal diamond that exists in Iona. She
told me the last words of her mother.

"Find the four enchanters. One of each realm. Each striving not for their own good,
but for Lire's. Their hearts along with the power of your Light, will awaken the
Rainbow Prism. With it, you shall cut the Nariad's reign. Find them. You must. You
have to."

Faye told me that the Nariad leader, Syndrom had been trying to wake the Rainbow
Prism but gave up for he knew it was no good. She told me that she couldn't find the
enchanters because she is imprisoned. She said that I was the only one who could. The
only one she will carry her hope with.

I promised Faye that after I become an enchanter, I will go on the quest. She
accepted but said that I must carry the mirror at all cost. She said that she wants
to be a part of the journey and see Lire as I travel.

There had never been such an unexpected turn happen to me. It was both good and bad.
I was to protect myself but I had gotten my wish. I was to travel Lire and find the
four enchanters. Five, if you count me, being one. Of course, I soon will be. Who
knew that my journey would bring me a great awakening?

I would soon discover for myself that I couldn't have made my life now if it wasn't
for my journey. And, the friends I have met as I traveled the whole land.


Sorry for the long chapter. Your pointer finger must probably hurt after you read
this. Anyways, This is 1,445 words long. I put a lot of effort so that Bloom [Lora's
character] and Irene [Moje's character] will have their debut as planned.

Bootheghost says:   31 July 2009   444246  
Great work!~ You really have some talent for writing, Miharu. :D In
fact, I might post up some original fiction of my own. :D

Just a litte tip: check your tenses. I noticed some mixed up tenses in
earlier chapters, and you sometimes switched between past and present.
‹Lora Patsy Poodle› says:   31 July 2009   751787  
Ooooh, Bloom is coming up! 8'D

This was awesome. :O
You really do got me hooked. x]
‹Puppeh.› says :   1 August 2009   852949  
I'm attached!
I can picture everything you say!


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