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Saturday, 4 July 2009
11:24:20 AM (GMT)
AN ~ To be honest this is more like HALF of page one, so the rest should be
coming tomorrow, or ... whenever. The reason I split it up is:
a) I'm too lazy to carry on writing
b) You'll see at the end
So I'll write some more today & tomorrow and it should be up tomorrow. 


Ingrid slowly tucked the piece of black, coarse hair that was blowing around her face
behind her ear. Only a couple more steps and she would be there, she reassured

She was there.

She stood outside the rugged old house in the blistering wind that was ripping her
jacket open wide, she tugged her jacket to a close and reminded herself of what her
father had said; "If you can't beat them right away, join 'em, you do it for me
chuck". Ingrid knew that if someone spotted her here then she would be dead, she
clasped the old golden door handle and pulled.

What met with her eyes was not what she had expected. No guards, no darkness, no
nothing. The walls were covered in damp patches and peeling wallpaper, the
floorboards creaked and a couple gave way underneath feet, the place was a dump. Why
would he want it? Why would he use it? Ingrid muttered aloud, which gave her position
away, one wrong move and now ... he knew, there was no hope. 

She turned on the spot, her hair whipped around and caught her eye, she didn't
notice, there he was, tall, dark, sucking every good in the room into the darkness.
She was alone, and stuck to the spot. Slowly he moved forward - like a child learning
to walk - then he jumped. Jumped to right next to her, his red slits of eyes focused
upon on her own dark brown ones. 
"You are not infected?" he questioned her
"Well, obviously" she replied effortlessly
"How? How do you manage to do this when the rest are all mine?" 
"I'm not sure ... maybe, just maybe I'm special?"
"I don't think so, you are nothing more than a pathetic child, you will be mine, but
not before you tell me your story.
Ingrid looked nervously around for an exit, just some to escape this nightmare, but
alas there was no escaping today. Today was the day her father had been training her
for, well before his 'accident'.
"Well, go on child" the Devil nudged her impatiently, no one escaped or kept the
Devil waiting.

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