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with a stab in the heart (chapter 3)Category: my story :D
Wednesday, 22 April 2009
09:26:49 PM (GMT)
Me and Peter talked more, and it was the weirdest thing - I had absoloulety no
feelings for him when I was away from him, but at band I felt attracted to him.
Brandon told me to go for it, I think he wanted me to like someone else and forget
about Leo. My two close friends Natalie and Alice disagreed. 
"You know hes a wana be pimp, Charlotte just go on with your crush on Brandon!" they
told me. 
"HUSH" I covered both their mouths."Brandon is right there!" I removed my hands. "He
has a girlfriend, and maybe I should give Peter a chance, c'mon we better go down to
the field to practice" I said picking my flag up and starting toward the field. If
you've ever seen a marching band show, we make different postions on the field, and
we practice for days making those. Their called drill and we learn them and repeat
them, its like when you were little and sang the alphabet over and over. While we
were learning it I had drill directly behind Peter, and I'm a girl, you know I
couldn't resist but to check his but out, and I did. I think Peter noticed I was too,
after practice he caught up with me.
"So is my butt nice Charlotte?" he asked.
"wow" I laughed "Who said I was checking out your butt?" I asked.
"Well is it nice?" he asked
"Peter!, why would I do such a thing?" I laughed.
"Well I'd rather have you look at my butt then a stranger" he said, he put his hand
on my shoulder "c'mon Charlotte you know you liked it.." he laughed. I laughed too, I
waved goodbye and trotted, yes trotted to my step-dad's truck. Peter called me later
that night. 
"Peter honestly I wasn't" I laughed.
"I know you were" he said "I wana know if its nice!" he demanded
"haha, yes Peter very nice." I laughed.
"ah Charlotte, I can't see it but I know I love your smile." he whispered.
"wow..um thanks Peter." I replied,shocked at his comment.
"I gotta go, My sister wants the phone." he said
"okay, um bye Peter" I murmured.
"bye girlie" he said as he put the phone on the reciever. I stayed in the same
postion until I heard the dial tone. Then I hung the phone up and thought about it
some more, me and Peter. 
The next day me and my mom went to the super-market to pick up goceries. My mom just
blabbing about work, and her friend's gossip I being a teenager tuned it out, nodded
my head and texted the whole time. I got a text from Peter it said he had a question
for me on Sunday. It confused me at first I knew Alice and my mom were planning
something Sunday and know Peter has something to do with it. I texted Alice and asked
her about it, and replyed back qucikly like always. "Well were playing extreme rock
paper scissors shoot, and lets say you'll be happy" her text said. I knew it was a
clue with his text and all. I told her I liked him, but he couldn't be..
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