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Unhappy girl Far away part 3Chapter 1Category: (general)
Thursday, 2 April 2009
03:14:50 PM (GMT)
Two Years Later

	Isabella: “Mom help me!”
	Courtney ran up the stairs and to where Isabella’s voice came from. Isabella was
in her room and Sophia was yelling at her and hitting her. Courtney picked Sophia up
and put her in her room and shut the door. Courtney went back to Emma’s and
Isabella’s room and she hugged her two girls and said 

	Courtney: “ I can’t believe you guys  are three and seven you guys are so grown

	Emma: “Mommy I want my own room.”

 	Courtney: “I will talk to daddy.

	Courtney went down stairs and jump in Corey’s lap. He smiled and kiss her. He
rubbed her stomach and smile. (Courtney is 8 months pregnant.) Courtney got off him
and then said 

	Courtney: “I’m moving Emma down the hall.”

	Cory: “Why?”

	Courtney: “Because she ask me to.”

	Cory smile and they both got up and went to Isabella’s and Emma’s room. Cory
smile and he look around the room. he decided to move Isabella to a bigger room.
Courtney push Isabella’s bed. Cory came to her and pick up the bed and move it down
the hall. Cory moved everything in the bigger room. He covered everything up with
plastic and he then  put tape on the walls and he started painting Isabella’s a hot
pink color. When he was down he told her to come down stairs to wait for the paint to
dry. Isabella decided to go out side and play. She put her shoes on and went on the
swing set. 

	Sophia saw her out side and she put her shoes and went outside. She stop Isabella
and told her to please get off. Isabella got up. Sophia came up to her and hugged
her. Isabella hugged back and they went inside holding hands. Courtney smile at her
two twins and then Isabella said

	Isabella : “Mommy, Daddy I have a surprise for you.

	Courtney and Cory nod and Isabella went to the radio and put in her Taylor Swift CD
and she started singing to White horse. When she was down Courtney and Cory was so
surprise. Sophia clap and hugged her. Courtney hugged her and Cory hugged her after.
Isabella smiled and took the CD out and sat on the couch.  While everyone was on the
couch there was a knock on the door. Courtney got up and answer it. Standing there
was Jacob. She backed away from him. He came in and he smile.

	Cory came to the door. As shocked as Courtney was he stood there. Jacob drop his
suitcase and hugged then both then he begin to cry and tell them how sorry he was.
Courtney took him to his old bedroom and told him her can stay and later he can meet
the kids.

	Courtney went down stairs. When she got to the kitchen he water broke. She called
for Cory to get the bags. Cory ran up stairs and got her bag and he then went to
Courtney and he help her to the car. He drove fast to the hospital.

	When Isabella, Sophia, and Emma saw Courtney leave they begin to cry. Jacob, Mindy,
and Tamika all ran to each kid to comfort them. Jacob sits on the couch with Isabella
and rocks her. Mindy and Tamika smile at there old friend. They are so glade he
changed. When Isabella falls asleep. Jacob put her dow carefully and he put a blanket
on her. Jacob cleans up the water then he starts dinner.

	Sophia and Emma falls asleep Tamika and Mindy put them next to Isabella and put them
under the blanket. They set the table then they sit on the love seat and then the
kids wakes up. Jacob put the dinner on the table and calls everyone went to the
table. They say grace then begin to eat. They are all speechless to talk. They stare
at each other then back at there food. When everyone was down Mindy clean the table
and everyone went to there rooms.

	At 8 Jacob went to Emma’s room and help take a bath. He put a nightgown on her and
then he put her to bed. He made sure Sophia and Isabella took there shower and was in
bed. He check Sophia she was fast asleep. He went into Isabella’s room and she was
asleep. When he went to his room and fell asleep. He woke up to Emma crying. He went
to her room. He went up to her bed and he notice a big wet spot on the bed. He told
Emma to wipe off and put a diaper on. he change her bed set the Emma came in and he
help her on the bed and he kiss her good night and he left the room and went back to
his room. The next morning Jacob got up and went to cook breakfast. He got Isabella
and Sophia up at seven to get them ready for school. When they where down getting
ready they came down to eat breakfast. They ate then Mindy came down to take Sophia
to school. Isabella said goodbye then grab her bag and walked to the bus stop. When
the bus driver came she told him she forgot something in her house and she will get a
ride to school. The bus driver nod and drove away.

	Isabella walked away from the house and she walked to the forest. She  walked inside
and she walked to she was to the water. She sat down on the ground and cried. At home
Jacob decided to clean the house. When he was half way down the phone rang he answer
it and said

	Jacob: “Hello may I help you”

	Women: “ This is the teacher at Isabella’s school and we are wondering why she
didn’t show up.

	Jacob: “I don’t know why she should of.”

	Jacob hang up and called the police. Tamika came in and wondering why he was crying.
Jacob told her what he found out. Emma came down crying. Jacob picked her up and when
he took a sniff of her he knew why she was crying. He went upstairs and clean her up
and dress her. Emma kept crying. He comfort her and rocked her but nothing worked. He
brought her down stairs. He kept comforting her but she never stopped crying. He gave
Emma her teddy bear but she didn’t want it. She continue to cry. Jacob started to
get scared. He took her to the kitchen and got out a cookie. She refuse to eat it. He
took her back to her room. When he lift her blankets up he notice there was blood on
the bed.

	He put her on the table and pull down her pants. He notice it was red and puffy down
there. He pull pants back on and he brought her to the car. He put her in her car
seat. He drove to the hospital. He told the lady at the front desk that he need a
doctor right now. She told him to sit and a doctor call for them. Jacob didn’t sit
he kept rocking Emma. Emma kept crying.


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