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Our opinions on overweight people ; OR ; the obeseCategory: (general)
Sunday, 29 March 2009
01:18:38 AM (GMT)
When we see people like this woman, our initial opinions are , 'what a fatass' , 'oh i feel sorry for her' , or 'god i'm glad i'm not her' . We all think it , we can't help it , our minds are not wrapped around happiness or positivity towards all people. We're not fucking 'HAPPY' all the time , even the ones who say they are , aren't. When you confront a person about they're weight , they're going to eat more , so don't say anything , if they wanted to know , they'd ask if they were fat. When we see these 'GHETTO' girls somewhere , we think they're whores . Well , maybe they just like to eat , and they're not just 'GHETTO'. Because most teenage African American girls want to have a big but , because this is what the male gender wants . Or the 'gangster' males , anyway. What i'm trying to say is , people , they have feelings to 'kay? So please take my advice , and get to know the people , before you judge them.

‹☆Starpurrfect;;Dreaming;of;a;Path☆› says:   29 March 2009   336167  
You are really making a point. I used to do that, but then  realized
how much words can hurt... 
RomanceInABottle says:   29 March 2009   961542  
Thanks , i just let out my feelings.
Words do hurt , we have no idea how much they hurt , until they hurt
‹XxFallenxSoulxX› says:   29 March 2009   559219  
finally! someone else who thinks that ...
i feel the same way
RomanceInABottle says:   29 March 2009   624349  
‹XxFallenxSoulxX›   ; 
So our opinions are similar , great.
foreverchacha says:   29 March 2009   239832  
Actually, not even to be a prick, my initial opinion would be : "I'd
hit that."

I lost the outlook of : "Oh my, how sad," years ago involving those
sort of things.
‹+゚*。Magical Artemis。*゚+› says:   30 March 2009   559482  
I totally agree with what the diary poster said. They have feelings,
too and I think it's not really their fault that they like to eat.

Imagine if you were on their place and someone will tease you for
it....what would you feel? :/
Ink_splatter says:   30 March 2009   929578  
okay, I know everyone has feelings, but I think that when you are
obese or overweight, you should be told. I don't think anyone who is
obese is happy with what they look like, because that would make you
mentally and physically unhealthy.
‹۞▪Ŧhe‡Єhosen‡Θne▪۞› says:   30 March 2009   181875  
Personally, I shed no tears of sympathy for people who are
overweight. When we are born we're not fated to be fat, it's not in
genetics, and it certainly isn't the cause of being upset. Whether it
was self consciously or sub consciously. Being fat is a choice.
Somewhere along in their life, they chose to be that way. It's not as
if someone had a gun pointed to their head and forced them to eat. I
don't feel sorry for them, I just treat them as any other person.
‹ruthie .› says :   31 March 2009   273363  
You're right. In most cases, being obese doesn't simply occur because
you eat too much. I eat a lot and never put on weight, whereas my
mother eats healthily and exercises more than me and she is
overweight. Thinking someone is overweight just because they like to
eat is a very immature way of looking at obesity which people often

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