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Monday, 16 March 2009
02:28:37 PM (GMT)

[x] You're the normal kid 
[x] You have an older sister 
[x] You often puke
[x] You have a poofball hat 
[ ] One of your parents is a geologist
[ ] Your dad can be really stupid  
[ ] You have a boyfriend/girlfriend
[ ] You have a lot of talents
Count: 4


[] You're Jewish
[] You own an ushanka 
[] You have an adopted sibling
[] You easily get mad 
[] Your hair is curly 
[] You're diabetic
[x] Green and Orange are one of your favourite colours
[] One of your parents is a lawyer
Count: 1


[ ] You're fat/big-boned
[ ] You get made fun of because of your body weight 
[ ] People make fat jokes about you
[ ] You eat a lot of junk food 
[ ] You love acting/dressing like Hitler 
[] You think Ginger Kids have no souls
[] You've once made over 10,000 dollars
[x] You have a single mother for a reason
Count: 1


[x] You hide your face 
[x] You're quiet 
[x] You love girls
[ ] You're such a pervert with a dirty mind 
[] You have cheesed before
[] You're poor
[] Your parents fight all the time
[] Your beg for money 
Count: 3


[x] You often get called "gay" 
[] You get grounded all the time
[] You don't have a lot of hair 
[x] You've seen your parents naked before 
[] You have a fatass friend 
[x] You're not that popular at school 
[x] You dance 
[x] You've fallen in love with the opposite sex 
Count: 5


[x] You flip people off 
[] You're one of the cool kids at school
[] You've gotten ripped off before
[x] You think you're cool 
[x] Most of the time you're not happy 
[x] You don't participate in anything you think sucks 
[x] If you did something you have never done before, you would be sooo happy 
[] Your last name starts with a T
Count: 5


[] You're attractive 
[x] You love tacos
[] Girls/Guys love you
[x] You love parties
[x] Your friends are mean to other people 
[x] Your hair is messy at some times 
[x] You often wear red and/or blue 
[] You look at Playboy Magazines
Count: 5


[] You're African American
[] You're rich
[] Anything racist gets you mad
[x] You're a nice guy/girl
[] You wear purple and yellow
[x] You know/knew someone with the last name "Black"
[] You live in a big house
[] You've kicked a fat kid before
Count: 2


[ ] You're a Straight A Student  
[] You're a feminist
[] You have a cute boyfriend/girlfriend
[x] You fall in love with other boys/girls 
[] You get called a "hoe" 
[ ] You get mad easily at things against you
[] School is fun to you 
[] You're a bitch (ha, yes)
Count: 1


[ ] Your hair is blonde 
[] You love boys/girls with hot asses
[] Your boyfriend/girlfriend is the eye candy
[] You are/were a head/regular cheerleader
[] You like playing Truth or Dare
[] You love girl talk
[] You think your boobs are too big for your age 
[] You're part of a Secret Committee
Count: 0


[] You have straight red hair
[] You wear violet
[] You can be a total bitch at some times
[] You love talking on the phone
[x] You get called by your nickname
[x] When your parents are gone, you invite people over 
[] You have fallen in love with the eye candy
[ ] You talk only to your friends 
Count: 2

Randy Marsh:

[] You've been drunk before
[x] You are often stupid 
[] You want to become a geologist one day
[] You fight with baseball fathers/mothers
[] You have gotten arrested for a stupid reason
[x] You play childish games 
[x] You've once did something gay in your life 
[] You love beer
Count: 3


[x] You're British 
[] You get called French
[] You wear a big bow tie
[x] You are friends with the Son of Satan
[x] You wear out dated clothes
[x] You haven't been seen for a while by your friends 
[x] You have a funny accent 
[x] You are good at dodge ball when mad
Count: 6


[x] You are twitchy and shake all the time 
[x] You drink coffee 
[] You have been in a fight at school
[x] You lose your underwear
[] Your father own a coffee shop
[] You have long blonde hair 
[x] You have seen underpants gnome
[x] You can't button your shirt right 
Count: 5


[x] You're Asian
[x] You wear light blue shirts 
[] You love Star Wars
[x] You always say random things at random times 
[ ] You are always in the background and are never really involved with other groups
[] People call you by your race even though you were born in America
[] You have a twin sister
[] You love the movie 'Juwanna Mann' 
Count: 3


[x] You like stand up comedy
[x] You are good with telling jokes 
[x] You are special in a way 
[] You have taken steroids
[x] You impersonate Letterman and Leno
[] You lost your virginity before anyone else in your class
[x] You stutter or know someone who does
[x] You have a friend named Timmy, or a friend whose name rhymes with yours
Count: 6

‹Ambreen› says:   16 March 2009   579769  
You love girls? 

Also, these "friends are mean to other people" and "friends with the
Son of Satan" better not be referring to me (and Berny) in any way! XD

Also, parents naked? I feel the pain. D:
Mewmewkitten says :   16 March 2009   183838  
This is awesome. o3o

I-I'm Wendy. ;n;;; Wryyy

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