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Thursday, 12 March 2009
12:15:19 AM (GMT)

She stuffed her panties in his pocket, make sure to glide her hand down across his
hardness as she pulled away. She looked over and saw that she was still watching
them. The woman's companion was still playing with her with his hand.

She slid her skirt up high on her thighs and then reach up and pulled him close.

He found himself looking at her again. Her hands were then on his shoulders as she
pushed him down. He knelt down between her legs then. His face between her legs. He
smelled her sweet excitement and found his head leaning forward towards her.

She knew he couldn't resist. When she had found that he was orally inclined, she was
in heaven. She knew that the smell of her juices would drive him wild. She would get
him to go down on her every chance she'd get. He would resist but once he smelled her
juices, he would do as she asked.

She moaned slightly as his lips touched her hot and cold vagina.

He felt her hot but cool skin against his lips. The cold air had cooled her skin
somewhat, but the heat of her passion was burning against his lips. His tongue slid
out automatically as his hands reached her legs. He took a deep breath and found his
hardness almost too hard to bear.

Her hips moved forward then and her juices practically spread across half his face.
He licked then and moved his tongue between the folds of her pussy. He licked and
sucked, almost loudly.

She moved her hips against his mouth and gasped as she felt his tongue enter her
vagina. She moved her hips against his mouth, giving her the extra sensation of her
clit rubbing against his lip. She looked at the couple across the street and found
the woman taking off her panties. Her companion was watching them and at the same
time sinking to his knees.

She closed her eyes then as she felt his hands sliding up her thighs. The cold air
cooling her skin as soon as his hands move further up her thighs. She found her
fingers in his hair and gripping his head against her. She moved herself then against
his mouth. Her control barely there.

"They're copying us." she moaned to him.

She heard him moan in response and felt the vibration of his moan through her clit.
She shivered and tilted her head back slightly.

His tongue moved, using all of his mouth to pleasure her pussy. His lips rubbed
against the folds of her pussy. His upper lip rubbed against her clit. His chin
pressed against the bottom of her pussy. His tongue thrusted and circled and scooped
in and out of her pussy.

His senses were on overload. Her scent was all over and it was driving him wild. He
wanted to taste her when she came. He wanted to drink every bit of her love juice she
was willing to give. He felt her hand on his head pushing his head closer against

She felt his hands gripping her bottom. She thrusted harder against his mouth. She
moved with him. She moved against him.

She felt it then. It moved through her before she had a chance to identify it. She
heard herself then, moaning. No, groaning loudly. Her hips moved, her fingers
tightened. Her vagina gripped. Her stomach moved. Tightened and released.

He drank. He had heard her. He knew the sound and wanted to catch every drop. His
hands were then below her bottom, just under her upper thighs. His hands held her
legs wide as he drank everything she gave.

She felt herself slow down, but she wasn't done. She still felt the desire. She felt
him sucking against her vagina.

She pulled his head back, her wetness all along his mouth and chin.

He looked at her wondering what she was doing. He hadn't gotten every drop. He wanted
to finish.

"Fuck me." she growled at him.

He got up then. As he was getting up, he felt her hands ripping at his belt and
pants. He felt the cold air hit his cock then. He shivered but it felt hard. Harder
than he ever felt even in this cold air.

Her hand roughly grabbed at his cock and guided him towards her. He heard the woman
across the street moaning and he turned to look.

He saw the man on his knees and his head between her legs. He wondered if he enjoyed
what he enjoyed.

His thoughts were ripped from his mind as pleasure engulfed him.

She felt his cock against her vagina and took it in. She was leaning against the
building and her hips were forward. She was looking down as her hand was guiding his
hard cock into her. She thrusted forward and she heard him gasp. She looked into his
eyes as his head turned to focus on her.

She was on him. He was completely in her. She moved her arms onto his shoulders and
shifted. She got half onto him and found her feet on his legs for support. She
started moving without waiting for him to be ready. She growled at him.

"Fuck me" he heard her growl. He was wondering whether or not he could with the way
she moved. He moved with her. Or tried to. Every time he moved his hips forward, he
felt her slam down.

She moved against him. Harder and harder. She half watched the couple. Moved herself
against him and moaned louder. She was daring them. Daring them to do it there, to be
as loud as them. She knew they would stop there. No one can be as loud as her. She
moved harder. She heard her body slapping and slamming against his body.

She felt him in her. Hard and hot. She was so wet from her first climax but she was
also so much more excited. She moved, knowing how strong this next one will be.

He did all he could to stay standing. He thrusted against her not cause her body
demanded it. He thrusted into her not because she commanded. He moved in and out of
her because she felt so good. So wet. So warm. So good.

Their bodies slammed and slapped. Soon he heard the couple across the street fucking
too. He was more excited then. Excited because she had not only gotten him to do this
out here in the most public of places. Excited not only because this night of all
nights there are so many people out. Excited even more because she had dared another
couple to do what they're doing. 

She felt him move harder against her then.

"Yes, baby." she said, "Fuck me like that."

She hard him growl and move harder. It felt as if his cock stiffened and hardened
even more.

"Oh yes," she moaned into his ear, "It feels so good. So hard."

She moved harder against him. Moving faster.

"Yes, make me cum again."

She heard him moaning, sounding like he's trying hard to hold his climax in.

"Oh. It feels so good. I'm going to cum so hard."

She did feel it. It was building faster, but she was holding it back. She wanted it
to build until she couldn't hold it any longer.

"Cum in me, baby." she moaned, "Cum in me as you fuck me."

"Oh." he moaned.

She thrusted and tightened her vagina more. Gripping his cock in her as she fucked

"No.." he moaned.

She growled. Thrusting harder as she moaned.

"Yes, baby. Don't hold back!"

She felt him stiffening. She knew he was going to cum. She thrusted and gripped
harder. Hard as she could. She was so wet and so hot that she couldn't hold his cock
in her for long.

"I'm going to cum!" he moaned loudly.

She heard the woman across the street moan at that. She felt him thrust hard as he
began to explode. She continued to thrust hard against him.

"Yessss, baby. Cum in me." she moaned into his ear.

She heard him moan louder as he continued to cum in her. She felt it then, just as
his movements slowed slightly. Her hands reached down and grabbed his ass. She
thrusted down and pulled him forward.

"I'm going to cum now baby." she half moaned and half growled, "Don't stop. Fuck me
until I cum all over you."

He moaned and thrusted harder.

She moved on and off him. She felt him, his hard cock stroking in and out of her.
Their juices mingled.

She felt her back arch as she started to cum. She could feel it and at the same time
couldn't. Her mind seemed to blank out as her body felt the release. Her climax
erupted from her body and thrusted out of her through her vagina.

He felt her stiffen and thrust. He moved in and out of her, his cock still hard from
her words. His excitement growing again as he felt her juices flowing over him.

She slowed down and lifted her head off his shoulder. She looked across the street
and saw the couple looking at them while they were fucking.

She slid off him and smiled at him.

Her smile froze somewhat as she saw him looking to their left. She turned and saw a
group of people staring at them.

Just then the couple across the street started screaming as they finished. The people
turned and looked.

At the same time, she felt herself being pulled down the street. He was running with
her down the street, his pants half up. His semi-hardness flopping around.

She was still laughing when they reached home. New Year's day? Well, that's when
things got really naughty.
Last edited: 12 March 2009

kattany3 says:   13 March 2009   397632
‹<lilsexkitten>› says:   18 March 2009   942871  
that would be AWESOME to see! i would be like, "GET THE CAMERA!!!!!"
sarah_turns_emo says:   9 April 2009   196553  
miss_glamorous whispers:   11 May 2009   643293  
that was fuckin awsome it made me cum thanx lol
hotassbitch says:   10 June 2009   558872  
thanks a lot u just got me horny, rock like a rock star fuck like a
pornstar baby
sexaiiiiibitch whispers:   27 July 2009   452315  
Fuck, that was hot...
Miss_Yori says:   27 December 2009   723516  
im loving your stories right sooooo awsome you should publish your
‹♫♪.It's a symphony.♫♪› says:   22 March 2010   392204  
That was amazing! : P
Miss_Tay_And_Stayin_That_Way says:   26 August 2010   285826  
Holy FUCK You are an AMAZING writer that was just wow
Wow... amazing,...
‹xX_Shy_Girl_Xx› says :   18 January 2014   175524  
Damn... are there words to describe what this did to me? Hell no, god
that was amazing

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