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Sunday, 8 February 2009
12:21:28 AM (GMT)
Suddenly Carol put her arms around my waist and quickly turned us both
over so that she was on top of me once more.  She positioned herself so
that her upper torso was over top of me and her lower body was just off to
the side near my arm.

   "Ha you're mine sweetheart, and this time I guarantee you'll
scream for me." Carol said.

   Carol moved her body down lower until her chin was resting gently on my
stomach.  Both of our bodies were wet and glistened in the faint light of
Carol's hot bedroom.  I slowly moved my legs up and down on the sheets
ruffling the covers as Carol stuck her tongue out and ran in around my
belly button.

   "Ohhhhhhhh..." I moaned.

   " sexy." she whispered.

   I felt her tongue move into the tiny valley and fill it with her warm
saliva.  She then began to make love to my naval with her tongue very
slowly.  I gently placed my hands on the back of Carol's head and ran my
fingers through her dark brown hair, moaning and even beginning to drool
over the extraordinary feeling.  Carol then made a seal around my belly
button with her lips and proceeded to lap up all of the saliva which she
had let pour into my pretty naval.  I shivered for a second and kept
letting my fingers slide through Carol's smooth hair.

   "My wet angel baby is so cute." she whispered.

   Carol then moved her hands up and cupped my soft breasts making me give
out a quiet yelp for her. As she pulled herself higher up on my body she
pushed her dripping pussy hard into my thigh, leaving a trail of her thick
nectar behind on my leg.  My hormones began to rage as an almost animal
lust within my body completely overwhelmed my thoughts.  I grabbed Carol's
ass cheek with one hand and rubbed it as my other hand reached around and
reached Carol's wet hole. I had never done this to someone's behind in my
life but I couldn't help myself.  I let a single finger slip inside Carol's
tight asshole causing her to scream for a split second.

   "Unnngghhhhh!  Yes angel yessss!" she yelled.

   Carol moved her head higher up my body letting her lips touch every inch
of my skin with wet kisses.  Her fingers wrapped around my erect nipples
and pulled on them very gently as I let my finger probe deeper into Carol's
behind.  Her skilled tongue passed over my ribs, making me giggle from the
ticklish sensation.

   "Mmmmm hmmm...oh Carol..." I moaned.

   I kept my eyes open this time as Carol licked her way up my breast and
surrounded my nipple with her mouth.  She began to suckle on it like a
newborn child as she moved her left hand between her legs to assist my hand
which was still in her asshole.  She sucked on the hard nipple as if it
were a man's genitals, while I let my finger penetrate deep within her
moist hole.  She then started to take incredibly gentle love bites on my
breast, making me shiver yet again.  Carol didn't stop with just my nipple.
She let go of it and moved her head directly beside mine, sticking her
tongue inside me ear.  We both started to laugh once more as she kissed and
secreted her warm drool into my ear drum.

   "Ohhhhh god sweety I can't stand it anymore.  Please take me again." I

   Carol gave my ear one last lick and then slid her tongue down my neck
until she reached my shoulder.  I pulled my finger out of her ass and let
her move around into a new position on top of me.  Our drenched pussies
meshed into each other as we both opened our mouths and let our tongues
lick and wrap together.

   "I can smell your beautiful aroma from here sweetheart." Carol

   She took my arm in her hand and guided it between our legs, coming into
contact with both of our wet cunts.  Carol then put her hands on the sheets
under my arms and forced her hips lower onto my hand, jamming her pussy
onto my fingers slowly.  Within moments I felt her juices ooze out onto my
hand and lubricate both of our mounds.

   "Feel me baby." Carol said.

   I lifted my arms and put them on her back to rub her skin.  Our bodies
were both dripping with sweat now and even our hair had become slightly
moist from the heat.  For the first time of the evening my moans had grown
much louder than before.  Carol found overwhelming enjoyment as I began to
raise my voice to the same level as hers from the excitement.

   "Ohhhh god!  Carol yaaaaaaa!" I yelled.

   Carol's right hand joined mine between our wet thighs and slipped my
fingers inside her tingling pussy lips.  Then she slid her own fingers
slowly inside my pink slit, caressing my moist walls gently as before. 
Then, to my surprise, Carol placed her tongue on my chin and licked all the
way up my face, slowly past my nose and between my eyes, letting her drool
gradually mix with my sweat.  I returned with a loving, passionate kiss on
her lips before resuming my moaning.

   "I'm...I'm gonna cum Cherry!  Unngghhhhhh!" Carol yelled.

   "Ohhhhh Carol!  Me too sweety!"

   I felt her fingers lightly squeeze my throbbing clit, ready to be hit
with another stream of my cum.  Carol made one last mighty thrust with her
hips, letting our hot pussies mesh together before she started to scream
once more.


   Carol's pussy walls gripped my fingers as her cunt burst forth with its
serene liquid at last. Within a moment I felt the hot dew touch my
quivering mound, causing it to begin convulsing as well.

   "Ohhh Carol!!  I'm Cumming!!!  Aaaaaaaaaaggghhhhhh!!!"

   I completely straightened my legs forward and held onto Carol's back
tight as the tranquil gush of my own juices commenced flowing out onto her
fingers and the sheets.  The aroma of our two scents was now so familiar to
both of us as it spread throughout the bedroom even more.  Carol kept her
mound tightly ground into mine making incredible sloshing sounds as our
combined screaming finally quieted down.  It was by far the best climax of
the night for both of us.  I closed my watering eyes and let out a huge
breath of air, with my chest still heaving as Carol dropped her head to my


   Before I could answer I completely lost consciousness and passed out
with Carol on top of me.  I slept for the next little while breathing in
the sweet smell of our glorious love making.

   When I came to, Carol was still on the bed right beside me humming to
herself.  She used her fingers to clear the tears from my eyes before
placing her hand back on my hip.  I smiled at her the same way I had when I
first saw her beautiful face in the mall.  I couldn't help but blush as she
gazed at my young naked body, still wet, on her bed.  It was the most
magical night of my life.

   "Hi there princess." Carol whispered.

   "...Carol...hi." I said, with my eyes almost closed.

   That night I realized what paradise was.  I felt an overwhelming sense
of joy knowing that I would always have her to love and to hold me.  I
looked into her mesmerizing eyes with a new found sense of desire.  I
already wanted to make hot girl love with her again.

   "I love you Cherry." Carol said, as she kissed my lips gently.

   "I love you too Carol..."

‹<lilsexkitten>› says:   8 February 2009   966154  
dang you have made a TON of stories! good for you!
‹Up-in-the-Clouds› says:   8 February 2009   461353  
i love how you put so much description in your stories! :D
keep it up 
jessikkataylor325 says :   25 June 2009   336224  
your stories are soooo sexy please write more

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