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A Daring Call ::SEXUAL CONTENT. DO NOT READ IF OFFENDED::Category: sex story
Monday, 2 February 2009
12:05:34 AM (GMT)
WARNING SEXUAL CONTENT. DO NOT READ IF OFFENDED. Comments are welcomed :] Stupid comments; fuck off. jedi = lust. type:m/f Enjoy. :]
Riiiinnnngggg... You unconsciously hold your breath, wondering if the voice that answers will be male or female, young or old, angry or kind. Riiiinnnngggg... Calling complete strangers wasn't something you normally did, especially not at 2 in the morning, and especially not with the goal you had in mind. Riiiinnnngggg... You are now beginning to wonder if anyone will answer at all, or if your friends will have to try a second random number in order for you to complete the mission declared to you by Eliza. Riiii... "Hello?" a groggy, very masculine voice asks on the other end of the line. "Hello, handsome," you reply softly, in what you hope is a semi-seductive voice. Since you have no idea whom you're speaking to, you also have no idea if he's actually handsome or not, but that doesn't matter now. "Do I know you?" the voice asks. You're certain by the sound of his voice that he was sound asleep, and you silently apologize for waking him with such a childish game. *I hope not* you think in answer to his question, but aloud you reply, "I'm the sweetest dream you've ever had." Your voice is surprisingly calm with a distinct hint of playfulness mixed in, despite the nervousness you feel at the thought of carrying on this conversation with a complete stranger. "Oh?" the voice replies. Was there a hint of interest in that question, you wonder? Going in for the kill, you respond in your most seductive tone of voice, "Mmm hmm... I was just wondering... what are you wearing tonight, handsome?" A giggle escapes the circle of friends surrounding you and you look up to see Eliza giving Morgan a Look. The faces of your other girlfriends gaze at you with amused and amazed expressions as you boldly carry out your dare. "What am I wearing tonight?" He repeats the question slowly, as if trying to translate it to a more familiar language, and again you hold your breath, wondering how long it will take before he hangs up on you. If he does, your task will be over, but if he doesn't, there was no way you were going to hang up first. Eliza would never let you live that down, and besides that, you find his voice enticing. There was just something about it... "Mmm hmm..." you murmur again, "I'm your dream, and I'd love to know what you're wearing, handsome." The words slide off your tongue effortlessly, though your palms are beginning to sweat. "Boxers," he replies after a short pause. "Silk boxers..." Apparently he was going to play along a little, perhaps to see how far you were planning to take this. You wonder what he expects you to do and wish you could see his face. "What color?" you hear yourself ask. "Blue," the enchanting voice says in your ear. "A deep midnight blue..." Was it your imagination, or did the tone of his voice drop towards the end of that phrase? "You know what they say about men who wear blue, don't you?" you hear a voice ask, soon realizing that it was your own. Cursing mentally, you grimace, knowing that you just set yourself up for failure. You didn't have the foggiest idea what they said about men who wore blue, and he was sure to ask. Sure enough, he didn't let you down. "No, actually, I don't," the voice replied. "But I'd love for you to tell me, my dream..." The voice was definitely husky now. He was playing along with you! Thinking quickly, you respond, "They say that men who wear blue are calm, like the oceans, and brilliant like the sky, but like the oceans and sky, they can also be powerful and emotive. They say that men who are most comfortable in blue make the best lovers," you finish, praying that you didn't sound like an absolute moron now. A soft chuckle drifts across the connection, and you hear your stranger reply in an amused voice, "Now is that so?" "Mmm hmm," you reply again, sounding more sure of yourself than you felt. You glance to your friends, who are quite attentive now, and can't help smiling at the expressions on their faces. Eliza mouths something at you, and you try to make it out, almost missing his next inquiry. "Now tell me what you are wearing, my dream..." the low, husky voice intones in your ear. You swallow deeply, as you didn't quite expect to be asked that. You glance down at your jeans and sweater before replying. "Absolutely nothing," you lie, wondering what he'll say to that. You glance up quickly to take in the raised eyebrows of your friends and grin. This was fun. "Oh?" There's that amused tone in that beautiful voice again. "You normally play games with your friends in the nude?" The grin disappears faster than it appeared in the first place, and you almost choke on your tongue as you wonder how in the hell he knows you have friends there with you. Had he heard Morgan's giggle earlier? Possibly... Okay, he'd caught you in your lie, so it was time to think fast again. "Well, it depends on who the friends are..." you reply, the suggestion clear in your voice. You are rewarded with another hearty chuckle. "Nice save, my dream..." he compliments you, "but I think I'd like to change your current state of dress..."
Last edited: 2 February 2009

lez4eva says :   6 February 2009   659342  
omg thats amazing so far  **applause**

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