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Saturday, 24 January 2009
11:25:46 AM (GMT)
Before saying anything else I would like to make it clear that I myself am not an
Atheist. My beliefs are in polytheistic deism which sets it's roots in paganism. But
as an aspiring scientist I can see why somebody would be an atheist (it's just not
the path for me.)

So I have decided to try to explain the way atheists- and scientists- and to an
certain extent people interested in deism- think the universe (or multiverses) came
about. But first let me show you what they don't think. The following icon was
made by a ignorant and spiteful christian.


That person did not do any scientific research before creating that icon. They used
their ignorance as a weapon, because if you know absolutely nothing of science then
of course it sounds ridiculous. The reason I'm not an atheist is because their are
repeating patterns and natural laws that suggest some form of mathematical
intelligence, but when you get right down to it atheists and scientists quite simply
hold the belief that those laws were just there, and they were there because we are
living in an ordered and structured universe.

The following is based off research I did for fun on theoretical astronomy:****
     Now cutting the membrane theory out entirely, as it can only confuse things for
those who haven't studied it in more depth then I can provide in this brief
summary... The universe started out as a spec. Allow me to explain- Have you ever
heard of a black hole? They are nothing but great wells of gravity so powerful that
they can actually absorb photons (overwise known as light particles). But there comes
a point in which a black hole can't absorb anymore and everything it's taken in is
pulled together by the incredibly strong force of gravity created by anything with
that much mass until it becomes and incredibly dense spec.
     Can you imagine that? Good. Now multiply it by sever hundred million. The
Universal Spec was far smaller then a peice of dust, and was so dense that light
itself couldn't escape the gravity. Everything was being pulled and pulled and pulled
towards the center... BANG!
     What could have cause the explosion? A god perhaps? Some believe so (actually
I'm one of them but that's besides the point) no, what caused the explosion was
another natural law that exists within this ordered universe- friction. As we all
know light travels very fast. I would say "incredibly fast" but I find that i
have already over used the word incredibly. The photons were moving so fast within
such a small space for so long that in did the only thing it could: it caught fire.
    The universe began to expand, over billions and billions of years. And the mass
that was the Universal Spec was gone (I'm afraid i must skip over another part of the
universal tale)- The universe held nothing but energy (at this point in the SciQ
Sunday documentary on theoretical astronomy my mother  whispered "the goddess". But
atheists believe that it was really just energy, and I can see how that's sensible.)
    But there is a little know fact- Matter and energy are interchangeable. This
Universal Energy "created"  matter- or rather, through a completely natural and
scientific process part of the energy was converted to matter.
     Again I must skip pat of this because it could only confuse things. If you want
to know what happens here message me and I'll tell you- but for now we must move
     Due to those helpful Laws of Physics these atoms of matter were already in the
form of some of the more basic elements on the periodic table. Hydrogen and two
others that escape my memory. (sorry guys..) These elements bonded (I may decide to
make an entry on ionic, coercive, and covalent bonding later.) and had chemical
reactions. And as well all should know if you've gone to 9th grade science already
chemical reactions between elements creates other elements. And from one such
reactions can the first stars. ("let there be light"?) 
    Stars are very important because they created all sorts of chemical reactions
that left us with the other elements we know today. And due to the Laws of Nature
those elements bonded and into larger things, which were pulled together by gravity
until they became spheres as all other the young universe planetoids were forming,
some of which would inevitably get caught in the gravitational pull of each other and
crash, or stars and be destroyed, or simply roam the galaxy unhindered. And some of
which got caught in the gravity of star, and went around in circles, or elliptical
orbits to fulfill a perpetual falling motion (caused by gravity). And after thousands
of billions of years of this happening, and gravity pulling stars and planets into
webs of galaxies- which crashed into one another, merged together a ripped each other
apart with the force of they're gravity... But I digress-  eventually a solar system
was created which eventually held... Earth.
And so that's where atheists believe the universe came from. To learn more,
check in a few weeks- I may make a part to that speaks of how atheists believe life
came about. (not evolution, but the tell of pre-biotic cells)

****Which admittedly is not as fun to learn about as quantum physics.
Last edited: 24 January 2009

tiggerlemon101 says:   24 January 2009   492364  
Very good.  As soon as I saw the icon I was like, "Wow, I know where
this is going."  I believe in a Creator, but I'm not going to lie and
say that my belief is not just as iratic as an Athiest, if not more
so.  Where the heck did God come from?  How'd God get here?  If this
person thinks Athiests believe this whole world came to be from magic,
then what, pray-tell, do they believe?  Elohel, this is quite good...

And yes, quantum physics is MUCH more interesting than theological
Lyncheh says:   24 January 2009   398435  
After which I always encourage people to get out their set of
dominos, line them up and wait until the first one falls completely by
itself, setting off the chain of events.

Protip: it won't.
Lyncheh says:   24 January 2009   128524  
Second PROTIP: the image is not made by a "spiteful Christian". It's
from a satire (some perceive it as 'trolling') site. The population of
which is mainly atheistic and agnostic.

Unreliable diary entry is, as we can tell within less than a
Next time, don't try to be a moral!fag and stick up for everyone.
'cause facts > your assumptions. : )
Kirti says:   25 January 2009   968472  
how is this unrelable? I did it based off scientific facts, and I
presented it in such a way that people unfamiliar with it wouldn't be
confused, and people familiar with it wouldn't be bored.

I don't see how I was being a cigarette, and I'm not going to ofend
people if I can avoid it.

An icon that mocks all modern science without knowing anything about
it in such a way that christianity seems the only sensable option was
most likely made by a spitful Christian.
tiggerlemon101 says:   29 January 2009   872864  
Okay, maybe it was made by a spiteful  Muslim or spiteful  Jew or
spiteful Buddhist.... BUT THAT'S  NOT THE POINT, CAN'T YOU SEE THAT,
LYNCHEH?  Also, in respects to the website you named, Athiest and
AGnostic are to very different things...  This in no way represents
agnostic beliefs...  You don't even make any sense!'

Also, I just noticed this in the diary entry.  Kirti, were you raised
with polytheistic deism?  Just out of curiosity, because that never
occured to me before.
Kirti says:   29 January 2009   641998  
well I was raised Pagan but I beleive in polytheistic deism
based on paganism myslef.
tiggerlemon101 says :   10 February 2009   119754  


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