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Unhappy girl far away part 2 chapter 12Category: shocked
Saturday, 17 January 2009
08:47:08 PM (GMT)
Courtney woke up around dinner time. She got up and turn the shower on. She strip
down and she got in and shut the glass. She sat down in the corner and put her knees
to her chest she laid her head on knees and cried. She was breaking inside she was
going to be a mom. She heard Cory call her she didn’t move.  He knock on the door.
She didn’t move. She heard the door open. Cory called her, She tune him out. Cory
open the glass and turn the water off. 

He wrap a towel around her. He picked her and set her on the toilet seat. He got some
clothes for her. He hand her the clothes she drop them to the floor. He picked them
up and dress her. He dried her hair and comb it and put it in a pony tail.  He stood
her up. She fell in his arms. He picked her up and he carried to the bed. She laid 
straight. He sat her up and he had a puke pan and soup. He fed her slowly. After she
ate five spoon full she lean over the bucket and puke.  After she finish Cory
continue to feed her. When she pukes 3 times she told him to stop.

He took the bucket and the bowl and told her see her in the morning. She turn to her
side.  She fell asleep. Cory came in to wake her up for school.  She didn’t move
when he shook her she just moan. He sat her up. She moan. He then yell

Cory: Courtney I want to get up, take a shower, then get dress, and go down stairs

Courtney: I don’t want to!

Cory: Now Courtney! 

Courtney: Good night.

He picked her up and he put her in the shower and wash her and then dress her.
Courtney looked at him mad. He put her shoes on and took her bag and took her
downstairs. He made her a bagel. He sat it down. She push the plate away and said she
will be out in the car. Cory finish his food and he took the bagel and went to the
car. He got in the drivers seat and hand her the bagel. She hand it back to him. He
ate it and drove to school. When he parked the car he slam the door and walk to the
school building. Courtney got out and she walk to her locker. People who was once
mean to her hugged her and people look sad. She went to her locker. Cory finish
putting his stuff away. When he saw Courtney he slam the locker shut and went to home
room.  Courtney put her stuff away and grab her books and head to home room. She sat
in the first row instead of the back. She put her hand on her stomach and put her
head down. She probably fell asleep because some one was telling her to get up. She
rise and people was leaving. She got up and walk to her class.

 During her 5th class she was told to come to the office with her stuff. She walk out
of class and to her locker. She put her stuff away and she sling her bag over her
shoulder. She went to the officer. They hand her a slip and directions to the doctors
office. She sigh and walk to her car. She drove to the doctor office. She went to the
desk and sign herself in. She sat in a chair and waited for someone to call her name.
 20 minuets later someone called her name. She follow the nurse into the room. She
put on a gown and laid on the bed. The doctor came in and he put jell on her belly.
He took this thing and on the scream she saw a body. She smile and saw it was her
little baby.  The nurse clean her belly and ask

Doctor: Want to the sex? 

Courtney: Yes I do please. 

Doctor: Well there both girls.

Courtney: What two babies as in twins 

Doctor: Yes. Here is a list of food you can eat and here is when your next
appointment is and I will walk you out. 

Courtney took the gown off and put her shirt back on.  They walk together to the door
and Cindy got in her car and she look at the pictures. She drove home since it was
2pm she park the car. She got out and went inside. Cory was on the couch. She took
off her shoes and put her bag down. She took her coat off. She went to Cory and climb
on him. She lay next him and he put his hand around her. Mindy and tamika came and
took a picture and sat down on the loveseat.  She smiled and hand them the pictures.

They looked at it and smile at the two babies they hand it back and Mindy said

Mindy: Girl or boy or both 

Courtney: Both girls. 

Tamika: Twins that’s wow. Guess what me and Tyler are dating.

Courtney: That’s cool 

Mindy: Me and Jimmy are dating.

Courtney: That’s awesome.

They sat in silent. Courtney kiss Cory. He smile and held her closer. She look into
his eyes. He moved. She climb on him and lay there listen to his heart. He open his
eyes. He sat up. She fell off him. He storm out of the room. She got up. She follow
him to his room. He said 

Cory: I need space!

Courtney: We are going to have twins and they are both girls! 

Cory: I will deal with it later just leave me alone god!

Courtney enter his room. He point at the door. He took her hand and pull her out of
his room. He slam the door shut. She scream and sat against his door. She heard the
music go on. When it was 5pm her came out. She fell backwards. He moved past her. She
laid there. She took the picture of the alter sound. She went inside Cory’s room.
She lay on his bed smelling his smell. She curl in ball and laid there. She fell
asleep. Cory came in. He laid her straight and he took off her clothes and put one of
his t-shirts on her. He put the blanket over her. He took the picture from his hands
and he smiled. He put it next to her again and then he shut the light off and climb
in bed with her holding her close. 

‹Mad♥Hatter♥Love› says:   17 January 2009   176831  
Oh...my....gosh...i loveeeee.
‹Emma Bear› says:   17 January 2009   468384  
Thank you
‹♥Kirsche♥› says:   17 January 2009   593895  
oh my gosh. this is so sweet! twins!! omg!
‹Emma Bear› says :   17 January 2009   751962  
I know awsoem right. Thank you


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