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Wednesday, 14 January 2009
10:35:01 PM (GMT)
SnowQueenOPain = Me
Gizby = my friend (he's on here) Nick
ZiggyZix = his brother

Gizby (8:53:11 PM): Hey xD
SnowQueenOfPain (8:53:11 PM): .........chatty chat chat
Gizby (8:53:17 PM): Finally
SnowQueenOfPain (8:53:23 PM): It worked!
ZiggyZix (8:57:10 PM): brb
ZiggyZix (8:57:16 PM): your welcome
Gizby (8:57:31 PM): Blah
xsavannahbamfx (8:59:22 PM): hi again xD
SnowQueenOfPain (9:00:44 PM):
ZiggyZix (9:01:30 PM): they'd better clost 833
ZiggyZix (9:01:36 PM): close
ZiggyZix (9:01:55 PM): ....
ZiggyZix (9:01:56 PM): ?
ZiggyZix (9:01:59 PM): ppls?
xsavannahbamfx (9:01:59 PM): i agree totally
Gizby (9:02:03 PM): What...
SnowQueenOfPain (9:02:06 PM): huh>
ZiggyZix (9:02:10 PM): our district
Gizby (9:02:14 PM): Huh...
ZiggyZix (9:02:22 PM): sowashco
SnowQueenOfPain (9:02:26 PM): that will never happen
Gizby (9:02:34 PM): I agree
SnowQueenOfPain (9:02:41 PM): technically it's only Washington
ZiggyZix (9:03:16 PM): i monna make the super intendent walk two miles to school in
-40 and see how he likes it
xsavannahbamfx (9:03:33 PM): you dont even have to walk evan : P
Gizby (9:04:03 PM): I should have to
xsavannahbamfx (9:04:33 PM): ha
xsavannahbamfx (9:04:39 PM): i have to, its cold 
ZiggyZix (9:05:24 PM): you shut up
xsavannahbamfx (9:05:32 PM): baha alright
ZiggyZix (9:05:48 PM): brit is pretty quite
ZiggyZix (9:05:54 PM): quiet
SnowQueenOfPain (9:06:00 PM): NO I'M NOT!!!
Gizby (9:06:06 PM): Blah
ZiggyZix (9:06:09 PM): actually
SnowQueenOfPain (9:06:09 PM): RAWR
SnowQueenOfPain (9:06:53 PM): speak
Gizby (9:07:10 PM): Evan...  Stop.
SnowQueenOfPain (9:07:11 PM): hahahahaha MY MOM CAN'T HAVE ANYMORE CHILDREN
ZiggyZix (9:07:19 PM): welll
SnowQueenOfPain (9:08:07 PM): I'm not gonna have children
ZiggyZix (9:08:18 PM): WELL NOT NO MORE
Gizby (9:08:18 PM): I don't think she's skanky enough to have kids at that age
SnowQueenOfPain (9:08:27 PM): Like JEN
ZiggyZix (9:08:40 PM): LIFE RUINER?
Gizby (9:08:40 PM): She is kinda dirty xD
SnowQueenOfPain (9:08:46 PM): me?
ZiggyZix (9:08:51 PM): no jen
Gizby (9:08:51 PM): Yep
ZiggyZix (9:09:09 PM): killed nathan 
Gizby (9:09:15 PM): Yeah
ZiggyZix (9:09:16 PM): pretty much
ZiggyZix (9:09:41 PM): ...
ZiggyZix (9:10:06 PM): savannah likes hugh
ZiggyZix (9:10:14 PM): i know it
xsavannahbamfx (9:10:19 PM): its hieu
Gizby (9:10:28 PM): xD
ZiggyZix (9:10:28 PM): you shut up
xsavannahbamfx (9:10:40 PM): kay
ZiggyZix (9:11:01 PM): brit is being silent again
Gizby (9:11:08 PM): Yep
SnowQueenOfPain (9:11:29 PM): NO I'M NOT!!!!!!!!!!
Gizby (9:11:38 PM): xD
ZiggyZix (9:11:40 PM): my god woman you dont speak
SnowQueenOfPain (9:11:40 PM): nkcbwdfbkwqgeflbckwgecjwalefhcowebl
Gizby (9:12:00 PM): What'd you call me?! Bitch!
Gizby (9:12:05 PM): xD
Gizby (9:12:05 PM): jk
ZiggyZix (9:12:12 PM): oh so your not a woman?
SnowQueenOfPain (9:12:23 PM): I am too
SnowQueenOfPain (9:12:30 PM): I mean look at ne
Gizby (9:12:30 PM): That's arguable.
SnowQueenOfPain (9:12:30 PM): me
SnowQueenOfPain (9:12:36 PM): not ne meee
SnowQueenOfPain (9:12:53 PM): I'll kill you!
ZiggyZix (9:12:58 PM): no you wont
SnowQueenOfPain (9:13:02 PM): -_-
SnowQueenOfPain (9:13:05 PM): yeah i will
ZiggyZix (9:13:09 PM): im too cute
SnowQueenOfPain (9:13:13 PM): HA
Gizby (9:13:25 PM): Evan, wigs aren't cute
SnowQueenOfPain (9:13:27 PM): i find that funny who else does?
Gizby (9:13:32 PM): Me.
SnowQueenOfPain (9:13:38 PM): YAHHHH!
SnowQueenOfPain (9:13:43 PM): SHAVE IT!
Gizby (9:13:57 PM): I told her you grew your hair out
ZiggyZix (9:14:09 PM): i show a pic
SnowQueenOfPain (9:14:15 PM): NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
SnowQueenOfPain (9:14:18 PM): TO SCARY
Gizby (9:14:24 PM): It better not be nude -_-
SnowQueenOfPain (9:14:31 PM): AHHHHH!
SnowQueenOfPain (9:14:35 PM): SCARIER
SnowQueenOfPain (9:14:37 PM): ER
SnowQueenOfPain (9:14:38 PM): ER
SnowQueenOfPain (9:14:40 PM): Er
xsavannahBAMFx (9:16:27 PM): kay, welll i think im gonna go then...
Gizby (9:16:31 PM): Why?
ZiggyZix (9:16:38 PM): nooooooooooooooooooooo
SnowQueenOfPain (9:16:39 PM): ^^
xsavannahBAMFx (9:16:42 PM): you're boring xD
SnowQueenOfPain (9:16:57 PM): what  not i'm not
Gizby (9:16:59 PM): *chains savannah down*
xsavannahBAMFx (9:17:04 PM): oh baby xD
Gizby (9:17:06 PM): Ha, gang rape xD
xsavannahBAMFx (9:17:11 PM): woot!
Gizby (9:17:11 PM): Nog.
xsavannahBAMFx (9:17:15 PM): Nog xD
SnowQueenOfPain (9:17:15 PM): AHHHHH *RUNS AWAY*
ZiggyZix (9:17:18 PM): adds MIGHTY MEND IT
xsavannahBAMFx (9:17:27 PM): aha
SnowQueenOfPain (9:17:38 PM): *STILL RUNNING*
Gizby (9:17:48 PM): *trip*
xsavannahBAMFx (9:17:51 PM): ha
ZiggyZix (9:18:03 PM): if you run more we will let BILLY MAYES out on you
xsavannahBAMFx (9:18:16 PM): ewewewew@billymayes
SnowQueenOfPain (9:18:19 PM): i run less now
ZiggyZix (9:18:26 PM): and he'll scream you to DEATH
Gizby (9:18:34 PM): Spray kaboom in his eyes xD
SnowQueenOfPain (9:18:39 PM): i'm use to thar
xsavannahBAMFx (9:18:39 PM): bahaha
SnowQueenOfPain (9:18:44 PM): sheep
xsavannahBAMFx (9:18:52 PM): be like "KABOOM SUCKKA!"
SnowQueenOfPain (9:18:55 PM): mwahahah
Gizby (9:18:57 PM): xD
ZiggyZix (9:19:04 PM): tim
xsavannahBAMFx (9:19:07 PM): ew
SnowQueenOfPain (9:19:17 PM): color
Gizby (9:19:18 PM): Worse than Billy mayes
xsavannahBAMFx (9:19:24 PM): def.
ZiggyZix (9:19:31 PM): just looking for reactions
ZiggyZix (9:19:40 PM): lou
xsavannahBAMFx (9:19:47 PM): ewish
ZiggyZix (9:20:01 PM): me
Gizby (9:20:04 PM): Louie's awesome xD
SnowQueenOfPain (9:20:08 PM): i'm a frikin bitch
ZiggyZix (9:20:19 PM): im a sexy best
Gizby (9:20:20 PM): We're aware
ZiggyZix (9:20:21 PM): lol
ZiggyZix (9:20:27 PM): dud
xsavannahBAMFx (9:20:40 PM): agreeed !
ZiggyZix (9:20:49 PM): what?!
xsavannahBAMFx (9:20:52 PM): baha
SnowQueenOfPain (9:20:56 PM): color
ZiggyZix (9:21:11 PM): im still a sexy beast
SnowQueenOfPain (9:21:13 PM): llama
xsavannahBAMFx (9:21:21 PM): yup
Gizby (9:21:23 PM): Ew.
xsavannahBAMFx (9:21:27 PM): hahahaha
xsavannahBAMFx (9:21:30 PM): ew @ me
SnowQueenOfPain (9:21:32 PM): *high five* any ne
ZiggyZix (9:21:33 PM): you want it
SnowQueenOfPain (9:21:35 PM): one
Gizby (9:21:40 PM): *high five* xD
SnowQueenOfPain (9:21:46 PM): yahhhh
ZiggyZix (9:21:57 PM): high five?
SnowQueenOfPain (9:22:01 PM): no
ZiggyZix (9:22:22 PM): i'll take back the sucking- straw comment
ZiggyZix (9:22:39 PM): now?
Gizby (9:22:46 PM):
Gizby (9:22:52 PM): Look at it
Gizby (9:22:55 PM): All of you
ZiggyZix (9:22:57 PM): seen it
SnowQueenOfPain (9:22:58 PM): looking
xsavannahBAMFx (9:23:29 PM): yum xd
xsavannahBAMFx (9:23:31 PM): hahahaha kdding
ZiggyZix (9:23:34 PM): eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek
Gizby (9:23:38 PM): Ew.
ZiggyZix (9:24:11 PM): no ones talking
Gizby (9:24:28 PM): I know
xsavannahBAMFx (9:24:29 PM): ... that picture has a little itty bitty teeny weeny 
xsavannahBAMFx (9:24:31 PM): penis
xsavannahBAMFx (9:24:34 PM): xD
itslizzieee (9:24:46 PM) has entered the room.
ZiggyZix (9:24:48 PM): what?
SnowQueenOfPain (9:24:53 PM): lizzie]
ZiggyZix (9:24:54 PM): hi lixxie
itslizzieee (9:24:56 PM): Hello.
ZiggyZix (9:25:00 PM): lizzie
Gizby (9:25:06 PM): Oh crap, who invited her xD
SnowQueenOfPain (9:25:08 PM): LIZZEH IT'S BRITTEH!!!!!!!!
itslizzieee (9:25:09 PM): D:
ZiggyZix (9:25:11 PM): my buddi!
itslizzieee (9:25:14 PM): Heeeey.
ZiggyZix (9:25:15 PM): me i did
Gizby (9:25:24 PM): *smacks Evan*
Gizby (9:25:27 PM): xD jk
ZiggyZix (9:25:30 PM): i should invit tori too
itslizzieee (9:25:38 PM): orly?
Gizby (9:25:40 PM): I lurve you lizzie xD
itslizzieee (9:25:48 PM): I love you too.
Gizby (9:25:51 PM): Sweet  xD
SnowQueenOfPain (9:26:01 PM): What 'bout me
Gizby (9:26:06 PM): We love you too Britty
ZiggyZix (9:26:09 PM): dun du daaaaaaaaa
Gizby (9:26:11 PM): xD
itslizzieee (9:26:11 PM): I love youuuuuu. D:
SnowQueenOfPain (9:26:11 PM): AYHHHHH
SnowQueenOfPain (9:26:17 PM): I LOVES YOU TOO
Gizby (9:26:28 PM): Love fest >.<
itslizzieee (9:26:31 PM): w00t
SnowQueenOfPain (9:26:32 PM): WOOOOOOOO
ZiggyZix (9:27:06 PM): tim
xsavannahBAMFx (9:27:11 PM):
<-- did you draw that?
SnowQueenOfPain (9:27:12 PM): ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
SnowQueenOfPain (9:27:34 PM): *burp*
Gizby (9:27:39 PM): Yes I did
xsavannahBAMFx (9:27:48 PM): thats really cool! ha!
SnowQueenOfPain (9:27:48 PM): *BUrp again*
Gizby (9:27:57 PM): Thanks
lovinthechixtrix (9:27:57 PM) has entered the room.
SnowQueenOfPain (9:28:03 PM): Hello!
lilxxbirdiexxme (9:28:04 PM) has entered the room.
itslizzieee (9:28:08 PM): Heeey.
lilxxbirdiexxme (9:28:14 PM) has left the room.
ZiggyZix (9:28:16 PM): aloha tori
SnowQueenOfPain (9:28:24 PM): ANY ONE SAY HI TO BRITTY
ZiggyZix (9:28:30 PM): no
Gizby (9:28:35 PM):
SnowQueenOfPain (9:28:38 PM): You don't count
itslizzieee (9:28:40 PM): Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.
SnowQueenOfPain (9:28:46 PM): YAHHHH!!!!!
xsavannahBAMFx (9:29:04 PM): i hate you nick : P
Gizby (9:29:09 PM): I know 
ZiggyZix (9:29:14 PM): what?
lovinthechixtrix (9:29:20 PM): la la la
ZiggyZix (9:29:27 PM): LA LA LA
lovinthechixtrix (9:29:34 PM): no
itslizzieee (9:29:37 PM): Whhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
ZiggyZix (9:29:39 PM): yes]
SnowQueenOfPain (9:29:48 PM): YOU SHOULD DRAW ME!
lovinthechixtrix (9:29:48 PM): no.
ZiggyZix (9:29:56 PM): *turkey sounds*
Gizby (9:29:57 PM): I could...
SnowQueenOfPain (9:30:02 PM): OK
SnowQueenOfPain (9:30:05 PM): ^^
SnowQueenOfPain (9:30:16 PM): YEAH THERE!!!!! UHHHHH I FORGOT.....
ZiggyZix (9:30:46 PM): *more turkey noises*
xsavannahBAMFx (9:31:01 PM): *shoots you*
xsavannahBAMFx (9:31:04 PM): oops
ZiggyZix (9:31:26 PM): pulls an awesome turkey style matrix move*
xsavannahBAMFx (9:31:40 PM): oh like with the gumball?
ZiggyZix (9:31:45 PM): yes
xsavannahBAMFx (9:31:58 PM): well you didnt dodge that bullet, sorry
ZiggyZix (9:32:09 PM): brit is silent again
xsavannahBAMFx (9:32:13 PM): "I'll wear a bright pink sweathirt and dance one your
ZiggyZix (9:32:27 PM): i know right
xsavannahBAMFx (9:32:35 PM): i didnt get that one...
ZiggyZix (9:32:40 PM): brit did you die?
itslizzieee (9:33:13 PM): D:
SnowQueenOfPain (9:33:13 PM): NO!!!!!!!!!
ZiggyZix (9:33:21 PM): call 911 brit is surley dead
Gizby (9:33:22 PM): I'm still alive
SnowQueenOfPain (9:33:24 PM): I'm here and I'm talking to others
SnowQueenOfPain (9:33:34 PM): HEY DUMMY I'VE BEEN DEAD
ZiggyZix (9:33:41 PM): yippeeeee
SnowQueenOfPain (9:33:59 PM): ^^DUUDESSS I GOTTA HO!!!!!
SnowQueenOfPain (9:34:04 PM): DAMN I MEANT GO!
itslizzieee (9:34:13 PM): Nice
ZiggyZix (9:34:22 PM): i didnt know you rolledlike that
Gizby (9:34:25 PM): I lost my tablet pen stand D:
SnowQueenOfPain (9:34:30 PM): Shut it
SnowQueenOfPain (9:34:36 PM): OH NOSE!
ZiggyZix (9:34:36 PM): lira nick`
SnowQueenOfPain (9:34:41 PM): WHAT?!
Gizby (9:34:49 PM): What?
ZiggyZix (9:34:59 PM): yes liar
SnowQueenOfPain (9:35:11 PM): I know i said I HAD TO GO DOES ANYONE WANNA SAY BYE
Gizby (9:35:20 PM): Bye bye xD
ZiggyZix (9:35:31 PM): buh bye i loves you!
SnowQueenOfPain (9:35:31 PM): ^^that's 1
SnowQueenOfPain (9:35:35 PM): 2
SnowQueenOfPain (9:35:48 PM): anyone else?!?!?!!gives or takes ^^
itslizzieee (9:35:54 PM): Bye bye Brit Brit. D: I loves you.
SnowQueenOfPain (9:35:58 PM): ALRIGHT
Gizby (9:36:01 PM): I loves you too xD
lovinthechixtrix (9:36:03 PM): WHOA.
ZiggyZix (9:36:14 PM): total love fest
SnowQueenOfPain (9:36:15 PM): I LOVE YOU ALL BYE BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!! NIGHTY NIGHT!

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