Unhappy girl far away part 2 chapter 10 ( Her name is Courney now
read more to find out more)
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Unhappy girl far away part 2 chapter 10 ( Her name is Courney now
read more to find out more)
Category: (general)
Wednesday, 14 January 2009
06:58:01 PM (GMT)
A week later 

They all went home. School starts next week. Cindy never talked. She flinch every
time someone touched her. Mindy was ok she was talking and got back in the normal
routine. Cory was kind of ok. He was sad for Cindy. He never went near Jacobs room he
missed how everything was normal. Tamika had nightmares she never wanted to be by her
self.   One day Cory sat next to Cindy. He watch her eat half her bagel. He laugh as
she was reaching for the other half he snatch and  stood. She stood up too he ran she
ran after him. He ran up the stairs she followed him. She left out a laugh as she
chase after him. He snuck by him and ran outside. She ran after him. He picked her
expecting her to scream. 

She didn’t scream nope she didn’t she laugh and try reaching for her bagel. He
put her done and  he bend down and told her to hop on. She got on his back. He stood
up. She wrap her hand around his neck she took her feet and wrap it around him. She
put her chin on his shoulder. He put the bagel in her mouth. She ate it getting cream
cheese on his cheek. She laugh. He walked in the house. She took her hair and tickled
him with her hair. He laugh. She put her mouth to his ear and whisper I love you. He
smile and said he loved her too. 

Mindy smile when they came in the kitchen. Cory went to the chair and Cindy slid down
his back and sat in the chair. The door bell rang. Cindy was closer to the door. She
went to the door and she answered it. A man with a big brown box at his feet was
there. He hand her the clip board and she sing it. She drag the big box inside. She
saw it said her name on it. She sat back in her chair with box at her feet. She saw a
letter on the box. She took the letter and it read 

Please open it in your room. It has a lot of stuff in it.

Cory help bring the box to her room. Her friends followed her upstairs. She sat on
her bed. She rip the tape off. She open the flaps and slowly pull out a trash bag.
She open the trash bag. It said your teddy bear collection. She saw a picture of her
when she was four. She open the bag and slowly pulled out a 100 teddy bears. She
laugh and she remember when she was little how she collected them. She took a
suitcase next. It said my dresses I want you to have. She open the small suitcase.
She took out 10 dresses. They where so pretty. She remember how her mom wore them.
She pulled out a fat book out it read pictures. She open the book. She saw a blonde
women that had her eyes.  She saw all her baby pictures then the number stop at 9.
She put the book down and took the last thing in the box. A  rectangle box. She open
the box and it was the jewelry case she use to have on her dresser when she was
older. All her jewelry was there. She had a letter saying this 

Dear Courtney 

Hi honey I miss you. You probably have a new name now. You was taken from us when you
was nine because mommy was sick. I missed you. I sent you theses stuff because you
need to hold onto them. I had cancer. Your probably got this box by people because it
was in my will to you. I hope you have a good life. I’m heaven by now, 

Cindy your mom 

She looked at the letter sadly. She hang the dresses up. She put the teddy bears in
different spots in the room. She put her jewelry box on her dresser. She looked throw
her jewelry and she found the heart locket. She saw it had her when she was four and
on the other side was her mom and her dad. She put it on and held it close to her.
Cory said he will give her some space. Cindy laid on the bed. She then called Cory.
He came and laid next to her. Courtney said 

Courtney : Can we change my name to Courtney.

Cory: I can ask my parents. 

Courtney: Want to see the locket 

Cory: Sure 

Courtney sat up. He reach for the locket and he thought is was pretty. He looked
around the room at the teddy bears.  He went to her closet. He looked at the dresses
and he saw the wedding one. He took it out. He laid it on the bed and said 

Cory: Now we don’t have to get a dress for the wedding.

Courtney: Yes. I am glade. 

He hang it back up and said lets go to bed. They laid together and fell asleep

‹♥Kirsche♥› says:   15 January 2009   426432  
aww! thats so sweet!
‹Emma Bear› says :   15 January 2009   936915  
Its goinf to be lovey dovey for a while


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