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Sunday, 11 January 2009
09:50:18 PM (GMT)
this is from facebook. i thought it was cute, so i'm posting it here. it is in no
way, shape, or form a chain letter. do not feel the need to repost this. only repost

this diary is the 100 things my dream love would do ^.^

1. he'll tell me i'm cute
2. he'll give me random hugs
3. he'll like to hold my hand
4. he'll pick me up... and won't comment on my weight!
5. he'll start the conversation
6. he'll stay up with me forever texting
7. he won't make promises
8. he'll play with my hair
9. he'll laugh when i'm acting silly
10. he'll have a smile the lights the world up
11. he'll be my best friend
12. he'll be my cornerstone when i feel weak
13. he'll stroke my hair when i feel sad
14. he won't judge me for feeling sad
15. he won't cringe when i prick my finger
16. he'll hold my hand when i feel scared
17. he'll threaten to beat the crap out of anyone who's mean to me
18. he won't actually beat the crap out of them
19. he'll say my name the perfect amount of times
20. he'll give me a cute nickname 
21. he'll call me that nickname even if everyone's listening
22. he'll be just as awkward as i am when it comes to kissing
23. he'll love to cuddle
24. he'll sneak up behind me and hug me
25. he'll slow dance with me and actually enjoy it
26. he'll make an effort to smell good
27. he'll write a poem about me
28. he'll hum under his breath when he's walking along
29. he'll send me random messages just because he misses me
30. he'll be taller than me, or if he's not, he'll act like he is
31. he'll say i'm 'his'
32. he'll ask if i want to be his girlfriend, instead of asking if i want to 'go out
some time'
33. he won't constantly tell me i'm a genius
34. he'll bake...even if it turns out bad.
35. he won't get tired of me
36. he'll never say he's bored when he's with me, even if he is
37. he'll make me a christmas gift instead of buying one
38. he'll play with me in the rain
39. he'll say 'weeee' when he goes down a slide
40. he'll remember my birthday
41. he'll never spell my name wrong
42. he'll call me something other than 'christi' just to be original
43. he'll grin from ear to ear when he's happy
44. he won't have stupid, mean friends
45. he'll smart, but not a know-it-all
46. he'll talk about his dreams with me
47. he won't rush to say he loves me
48. when he does say it, it'll fill my stomach with butterflies
49. he'll kiss my cheek
50. he'll give me backrubs
51. he'll watch scary movies with me and let me cut off the circulation in his arm
during the scary parts
52. he'll like anime, and even if he doesn't, he won't make fun of me for it
53. he'll draw doodles of us in his notebook when he's supposed to be taking notes
54. he won't leave without saying goodbye...no matter where, no matter what the
55. he won't smoke
56. he won't drink
57. he won't do drugs
58. he won't hurt himself on purpose
59. he'll help me be brave
60. he'll read 'cheating destiny' and appreciate it for what it is
61. he'll hug me tight and not let go
62. he'll walk around while he's hugging me
63. he'll be polite
64. he'll pull a chair for me before sitting down
65. he'll offer to get stuff for me because he genuinely wants to
66. he'll call me just to talk
67. he'll take a nap with me when im sleepy
68. he'll never feel the need to ask before holding my hand
69. he won't get too close to my face when i'm angry
70. he won't be a major pervert
71. he won't say he's fat, especially if he's skinnier than me
72. he'll never leave me hanging
73. he'll always be the first person to arrive to a party i'm having
74. he'll come back to me even if i don't deserve it
75. he'll be completely happy being stuck with me 24/7
76. he'll randomly show up at my door with flowers
77. he'll get me candy even though i'm diabetic...and he won't apologize
78. he'll walk around with me for hours just talking, and then ask if we can do it
again tomorrow
79. he'll tease me, but never enough to make me mad
80. he'll team up with me as a part of the 'every wish is for a cure' brigade
81. he'll ask me what's wrong when i'm crying, and he'll stick with me even when i
yell at him to go away
82. he'll give me a teddy bear named after him to hug when he's not around
83. he won't say i'm 'hot' or 'sexy'
84. but he'll tell me i'm beautiful
85. he won't ever ask me to dress like a slut
86. he'll say i look adorable, and mean it!
87. he'll like going on dates to silly places like the zoo or a playground
88. he'll magically know when i'm lonely and contact me somehow
89. he'll get along with all of my friends
90. he'll go through the formality of asking me to school dances, even when we're
going out and we both know we'll go together
91. he'll slip cute notes into my locker
92. he'll sometimes write me a snail mail letter, just for a surprise
93. in the summertime, he'll play with me at the pool
94. in the winter, he'll play with me in the snow
95. sometimes, if he is really happy to see me, he'll pick me up and swing me around
in a circle
96. he'll read this whole thing, and he'll call me if he realizes that its him
97. he'll make me blush as red as a cherry and say its the cutest thing he's ever
98. he'll know that my eyes are brown, not hazel, and correct anyone that says
99. he'll sit me in his lap and keep me there
100. he'll understand that each of these things is just as important and meaningful
as the next

I_Hate_Anime says:   11 January 2009   917321  
awwwwww, i wish i had a girl/guy like that.
super_amazing_christi_chan says :   11 January 2009   754457  
yeahhhh me too ^.^


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