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Unhappy girl far away part 1 chapter 17Category: cry
Saturday, 3 January 2009
10:59:58 PM (GMT)
Jacob woke up the next morning. He went into the bathroom and he look in the
mirror. He smiled when he saw her picture. He read the note then he ran to her room
and saw she wasn’t there.  Of course he didn’t read the whole note. He went down
stair and saw her car was gone. He got in the shower and then got dress. He grab his
bag and his shoes and got his car keys. He race to the school. He saw the parking lot
was full and he was late. He ran to the principal office and then said 

Jacob: Tell me if Cindy is here today? 

Principal: She is she came late with Mindy.

Jacob: Call her out of class right now!

The principal nod and called Cindy out of class. The teacher told the teacher Jacob
is here and him and Cindy will be back soon. Cindy look at Mindy and refuse to go.
When the principal said that to Jacob. Jacob picked his stuff up and went to class he
slam open the door and slam his things  on the desk down. He took Cindy by the arm
and he brought her out to the hall. He put her against the locker and slam the door
shut her then stood in front of her. She looked at him scared then Jacob said

Jacob: So now your going to runaway because your not getting enough love?! 

Cindy: Jacob stop it please. 

Jacob: No Cindy. Your going to explain to me why?!

Cindy: Last night you and your family was eating not bother calling me done and
having fun with out me and you went to bed with out kissing me goodnight!

Jacob: So you should of said something! 

Cindy now with tears streaming down her face went back into the class room and
grabbed her stuff and walked to her locker. She slid to the floor and lean her head
against the locker door. She cried.  Jacob went to class. When the bell rang people
walked by her and Mindy sat next to her. Tamika sat on her other side and they
hugged. They got up and went to the principle office. They said there going to go
home early to get ready for winter break. The girls got into Cindy’s car and they
drove to Jacobs house. Cindy brought them upstairs and they laid on her bed.

Jacob went home. He saw Cindy’s car was in the drive way. He went inside and he
went to Cindy’s room. He saw Mindy and Tamika was there and they where on the phone
asking someone to come over. When they hung up they heard a doorbell. Cindy got and
ran down stairs. She answer the door and return upstairs with Cory. 

Jacob sat in her chair while the girls sat on the bed looking at him. Cindy came in
with Cory. Cory sat in the other chair and Cindy sat next to her friends.  Jacob
looked at Cindy and Cindy looked at him.  Cindy sat up and told Cory, Mindy, and,
Tamika to come they will have to go home soon. They all got up and walked to the
door. Cindy turn around and kiss Jacob and said 

Cindy: I will see you soon. 

Jacob: Ok love muffin I love you.

Cindy: I love you to babe bye. 

They kiss goodbye and hug and the group walked to Cindy’s car. Jacob laid on
Cindy’s bed and cried. Cindy drove to Mindy’s house and they went up to her room
and they stayed the night at her house 

Authors note
The next chapter will be part 2 of this story and its going to be year later when
Cindy is 17 and how life contuine there s going to be 3 or 4 parts in the story. I
will write soon bye 

‹Mad♥Hatter♥Love› says:   3 January 2009   544957  
Pleez write more soon!!!

Pleez pleez pleez!!!!

I love it so much1
‹Emma Bear› says:   4 January 2009   239844  
I will thank you
‹♥Kirsche♥› says:   4 January 2009   983216  
u're an amazing author, and you should definetly consider publishing
one of your stories, and I would edit it, first though, plz continue
kimpossable sings:   4 January 2009   655173  
that was soooooooo awsome u have talent girl
‹Emma Bear› says:   4 January 2009   495518  
‹Emma Bear› says :   4 January 2009   225725  
I'm thinking of publishing this story I have to fix it up though


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