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Unhappy girl far away part 1 chapter 11Category: (general)
Wednesday, 24 December 2008
08:11:48 PM (GMT)
Cindy: The door is lock and I couldn’t get in. Jacob doesn’t want me

The parents took there key and unlock the door and they walked into together. Cindy
went upstairs to take a warm shower.  15 minuets later she laid on the bed and wrap
in a blanket. Jacob parents called her down stairs. She took her blanket and wrap it
around her and she went down stairs. She sat in a recline chair and Jacob sat on the
couch and there parents on the love seat.  Jacob’s mom said 

Jacob’s mom: Jacob do you want to explain to use why you didn’t give Cindy a ride
to school, why you didn’t care to talk to her all day, why you made her walk home
in the rain, and why you lock the door and let hers stand in the rain? 

Jacob: I forgot. 

Cindy: How can you forget about me?! How can you not even know I was there?! 

Jacob: It just slip my mind I’m sorry. 

Cindy: You said you loved me, you gave me my first real kiss and this is how you
treat me! 

Jacob: I do love you, I was glade to give your real first kiss. I never meant to hurt
you. Honey I’m sorry. Tomorrow I will be better and I will drive you to school, I
will eat lunch with you, I will pay attention to you. 

Cindy got up with tears in her eyes and she left her blanket and ran up stairs. She
slam the door shut and laid on the bed and cried.  Jacob came in and sat on the bed
and he hugged her. She sat in his lap and cried in to his shoulder. He hold tighter
to her and said he was sorry over and over again.

She stop crying and she kiss him. She coughed and sneeze. He put his hand to her head
and it was warm. He went to her medicine cabinet. He took a bottle of cold medicine.
He took out the thermometer and put it in her mouth. He held it there and waited for
it to beep. When it did beat it read 100. She sneeze again. He gave her some cold
He laid her down and tucked her in. He shut the light off and told her to get some
sleep. She fell asleep. He left the door open and went down stairs for dinner. While
Cindy was sleeping she had another weird dream. She was in a white room. She was
strapped down and people in white was over her.  She didn’t have any clothes on
except a bra and underwear. A doctor  took a knife and mat a cross over her chest
where her heart was. She close her eye of the pain. They un strap her and put her on
her stomach. They strap her again. They made a star on her back. They un strap her
and she got up and ran out of the room. The doctor ran after her. She ran and ran.
She was losing a lot of blood. She fell to the floor breathing heavily. The doctor
turn her over. She tried to kick him but miss. She screamed as the doctor brought the
knife to her chest. She kept screaming when the knife slowly stab her in the heart.
She felt someone shacking her. She open her eyes fast. Jacob was sitting next to her.

Jacob felt her head and it was cooler now. He held her close.  She heard a knock down
stairs and the door opening. She heard Jacob parents call there names. They got up
and went down stairs. A police officer was there. Cindy stop walking and looked at
the sad faces she then ask.

Cindy: What’s going on?

Police: You have to go to court tomorrow.

Cindy: Why?

Police: Because you have to face the kidnappers and you have to testify against them.

‹Mad♥Hatter♥Love› says:   25 December 2008   336142  
ohMiGawsh, please, plese, right more!!!!!
‹Emma Bear› says :   25 December 2008   546776  
I will


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