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a day in headquartersCategory: Death Note
Monday, 22 December 2008
09:01:00 PM (GMT)
"Momma I'm going out with A we'll be back later!"

"Kay, don't get kidnapped!"

I giggled life's been more easy going since I and A confessed their love, I'm not mad
that my son is gay they make a cute couple.
Beyond grumbled at me "Misa, shut up!" I giggled again "Now, now BB don't be mad that
somepeople's love life is going well,just 
cuz L won't admit she loves you!" he smiled at me but something was off he was going
to tell me off I braced myself. "Your completly right,
I mean, I'm luckier then you Light won't look at you even though you two have had
three children. Wonder, he still hasn't killed you!"
Ouch, ow,ow,ow I didn't see that one coming,what a bitch he was when he and L fight.
Light had been ignoring me,what a bitch!
I turned away from him, goddamn if I start crying....."Whatever, you're just mad that
A doesn't belong to only you anymo-" Crap! my 
voice broke! "Misa?..sorry it's just...." "It's fine you're telling the truth. No
worries!" it came out bitter......
"You know we can always go to the mall." he was filcking his knife
"No, we've been through ten this month!"
We both looked at each other and sighed.
"Let's make some cake!"
"........The fridge is full of it."
I pouted "Misa Misa wants to make cake!" God! sometimes I hate the way that sounds!
He was going to give in,"'Kay but I get some jam!"
we walked off to the kitchen .........
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foreverchacha says:   22 December 2008   539592  
Okay, so maybe I was being emo. But it was completely justified
really and I wish Yagami-kun wouldn't talk about himself so much.
"Yagami-kun.." I mumbled, interupting something about how he has to
deal with such insociable people at Headquarters. "When did you become
a people person?"

"When I thought it would help me get points with Misa."

"Aww. How sweet." I stared at my empty plate, wondering when the hell
I had actually ate it. Somewhere between "By the way Ryuuzaki"
and "Points with Misa." That was the heart of a healthy
relationship in Headquarters however, IGNORE THEM UNTIL THEY SCREAM AT
YOU. "Yagami-kun, lets go get some cake from the kitchen."

Light frowned. "I can't wait for the day when you just blow up like a
balloon from all the unhealthy things you eat."

"It'll never come, Yagami-kun."

"Why's that?" He asked me on our way to the kitchen, passing Mello and
Matt's room where they were either playing Wii or having sex, I
couldn't tell. 

"I'm a genius. Geniuses aren't allowed to get fat."

"Ah, yes, you want to keep your figure for Beyond, is that it?"

"Dammit Yagami-kun, why must you always try to take advantage of my
relationship with my brother..." I trailed off, noticing we were not
alone in the kitchen. The two serial killers we both were bitching
about not too long ago were sitting there, making CAKE. The fiends.
i_likes_L says:   6 January 2009   839128  
Akiba23 says :   6 January 2009   359477  
because she's a women!

plz don't hit me!


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