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Tuesday, 9 December 2008
08:25:15 PM (GMT)
Do you like to take polls?

[x] I LOVE polls
[] No
[] Sometimes
[] Yeah, but not this one

Do you know how to French Braid?
[x] Yes
[] No
[] I try to...

Are you a germaphobe?
[x] No
[] What's wrong with a little hand sanitizer?
[] If I could live in a bubble, I would

Do you like fish?
[] Yes
[] Mmmm, they're yummy
[] Only as pets
[x] No

Do you believe in soul mates?
[x] Yes, only one is meant for me
[] Yes, but everyone has more then one
[] No

Is breaking up hard to do?
[] Always
[x] Depends on the relationship
[] Nah

Do you believe in sisters before misters?
[x] Yes
[] No

Where do you keep your mouth guard before a game?
[] In my sleeve
[] In my pocket
[] In my hand
[x] I don't play that kind of sport
[] What the hell are you talking about?

Have you ever given a friend a makeover?
[] Yes
[x] No
[] I wish a friend would give me one!

Can guys be sluts?
[x] Absolutely
[] No, unfortunatly the double standard still exists

Do you care who makes your clothes?
[] Yes, kids making clothes for a penny an hour is so wrong
[] A little bit
[x] I just care if I like them

Do you have an after-school job?
[] Yes
[] No
[] I'm too busy for one
[x] I need one..

Do you worry about what you eat on a first date?
[] Yes I always worry..
[x] No, who cares?

What's under your bed?
[] I don't know, dust?
[x] Anything that will fit!  (storage)
[] I don't know.. a sock...an old sandwhich...a few stuffed animals...

Habla espanol?
[x] Si!  [actually not really ]
[] Huh?

If you had a time machine you would...
[] Visit the future
[x] Visit the past
[] Stay in the present

Have you ever flashed someone?
[] Yes
[x] No

Do you fall asleep in class?
[] Yes, I mean sorry what was that?
[x] No
[] Caffeine is the anwser!

Do you sing in the shower?
[x] Yes
[] No

Do you have a farmer's tan?
[] Yes
[x] No [not at the moment]

Have you ever forged your parent's signature?
[] Yes, all the time!
[] Only once or twice..
[x] Never

Do you know how to read music?
[x] Yes ( kinda...)
[] No

Do you crack your knuckles?
[] Eww that's so nasty!
[x] All the time
[] I can't

Do you blast music in the car?
[x] What? I can't hear you!
[] No

Can you change a diaper?
[] Yes..
[] No
[x] I haven't tried

Do you ever dance around your room naked?
[] All the time
[x] Only in my underwear
[] No

Do you have dry, oily or normal skin?
[] Dry
[x] Oily [only sometimes]
[x] Normal
Last edited: 14 December 2008

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