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wow. that's long. XDCategory: ♥stuff.
Thursday, 13 November 2008
07:03:34 AM (GMT)
yes, I got this from <kabloomyourface>. hope you don't mind. ^.^" And the layout's from her, too. XD STEP ONE [Spell Your Name In Songs] A ~A little less 16 candles, A little more 'touch me' L ~Leave out all the rest (wheee. :D) E ~Eyes on Fire (where'd I get this again?) E ~Energy Z ~ (ooh, this is hard.) A ~Aozora wo Namida (is this allowed? XD) STEP TWO [Basics] Name: Aleeza Belle C. Birthdate: 09/04/94 Nicknames: Lee... Twilight (gahh.. due to an unfortunate sleeptalking incident at a sleepover. ugh. XD) Eye Colour: brown-ish. Hair Colour: Black. Probably. Mostly looks brown when I'm outside. XD Zodiac Sign: VirGo. STEP THREE [Random Questions] The Shoes You Wore Today: Black school shoes. boring. Your Weaknesses: Cute anime guys. Oh yeah, and my boyfriend's puppy dog eyes thing. it's crazy. I just can't say no. XD Your Fear: Frogs. And Lizards. And being alone. oh noeeeezz. Your Perfect Pizza: just give me the pizza made from the best ingredients and made by the best pizza maker in the galaxy. yeah. I'd be happy then. :D Goal You'd Like To Achieve: to get better grades. XP STEP FOUR [Bit More Random] Your Best Feature: How should I know? look at my picture and tell me. Though, I know it's not my height. XD Your Bed time: 10:30-1:30. depends on me. XD Most Missed Memory: I don't remember any. STEP FIVE [This Or That] Coke or Pepsi: Coke. McDonalds or Burger King: Burger King. yumm. Adidas or Nike: either. Lipton Iced Tea or Nestea: Hahaha! Nestea! Though Lipton's yummier. Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate! Cappuccino or Coffee: Cappuccino. But canI have a frappe instead? XP STEP SIX [Do You] Smoke: no. Curse: yes. just insert it where it's needed. :D Sing: yes. Dance: yeah. I dance like a freaking robot. XD Shower Every Day: course I do. twice. every single day. XD Have a Crush: no. erm. yes. idk. XD Think You've Been In Love: yes. Want To Go To University: course I do! Like School: The lunch and break isn't so bad. XD Want To Get Married: maybe. later. ask me again in.. maybe 14 years? Get Motion Sick: no.. unless I do stuff (aka read in moving vehicles). Think You're Attractive: no way. I'd be lucky enough to look normal. Think You're A Health Freak: yes. but I'm going in the opposite direction. XD Get Along With Your Parents: most of the time. As long as they keep out of my business. XD STEP SEVEN [In The Last Month] Gone To The Mall: Yeah. Can't go through a week without being there. Eaten A Whole Box Of Oreos: No.. Eaten Sushi: I don't remember... Ah, yes. Been On Stage: Yes. XD Gone Skating: No. Made Cookies: No.. Gone Skinny Dipping: No.. Stolen Anything: Nope. STEP EIGHT [Have You Ever] Played A Game Involving Removing Clothing: Yeah. XD Flashed Anyone: No... Oh, wait! My bff pulled my shirt up from the back in front of Mike, Ian, Rai, And Ej. X[ Been Beaten Up: No. Shoplifted: Nope. STEP NINE [More Questions] Age You Hope To Get Married At: IDK. Number Of Children: infinite. XD Dream Wedding: Hanging from a cliff. Then I'd cut the groom's rope so I'd be a widow early. XD. jk. What Country Do You Travel In Most: Japan. So yay me. STEP TEN [In The Opposite Sex] Best Eye Colour: I don't really mind. just be interesting.. lol. Best Hair Colour: Idk. My bf's got this really really pretty kind of brown hair color. so I'm lovin' that right now. Short Hair or Long Hair: Medium-short Height: TALL. XD STEP ELEVEN [Numbers] Number Of People I Trust With My Life: Christian. Just him. Number Of CDs I Own: Uhh... a lot? Number Of Tattoos: no thanks. XD Number Of Piercings: Just my ears. So... two? no, three. :] STEP TWELVE [Randomer Than Before] Do You Like Candy Necklaces: hmm.. maybe? Listen To Music Every Day: yeah. Do You Still Go Trick Or Treating: maybe I do. :D What Was The Last Thing You Ate: a lollipop. XD Are You A Fast Typer: Heh... IDK. What's Your Favorite Kind Of Pop: what kind of kind of pop? zomg. Have You Ever Moved: yeah, when I was a kid. XD Have You Ever Won An Award: yess. Are You Listening To Music: not now. XD
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