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Saturday, 8 November 2008
09:02:14 PM (GMT)
Arrgh, I'm not sure about this.
Deffinatly not sure about the ending.
Kinda based on the movie I am Legend.
Used my friends and their friends names. Yea.
Worked like 3-4 hours on this I guess.

You think your life is rough? Ha. You think it's hard? Yea, be me for just on day. 
My name is Hayley, I'm 15 years old and this may seem like the typical beginning to a
typical story, but it isn't. A couple years ago, there was this virus that went
everywhere. It turned us humans into... creatures. I'm not sure what, but they were
like zombies almost. Body parts falling off but not bleeding, eyes blood shot as if
they've been smoking too much, strong so unbelievably strong and one scratch or bite
from them and either you die, or you become one.
But I'm immune.
Lucky me huh?
I'm not the only one who isn't diseased; in fact there are 6 of us. Jasper and
Jericho are my age, and twins- they'll fight till the end, and make sure that the
rest of us are alright before checking themselves. Then Angel, she's 13 and is the
quietest girl I've ever met. She's sweet though, although that becomes a problem when
we have to kill something. Mouse, a little boy we found on the streets, we suspect
he's around four- and we know for certain there’s something special about him.
Mikki is the last one, and she's five. We found her and learned she was immune, and
could read emotions. 
So here I am, and here's what’s happening...

Chapter One
Where’s Jasper?

"Jericho, how in hell did you do this!?" Hayley asked him, brushing her dark red hair
from her eyes, and looking at Jericho's leg. A large gash went through his calf, and
bled freely. Hayley felt sick as she stared at the blood gushing through. Jericho
gave Hayley a sheepish grin, 
"Fell down the stairs?" He told her sarcastically. Hayley smacked his head and shook
her head, 
"Jericho, grow up." She told him, standing up.
"Hey Angel, do you think you could-" Hayley saw Angel was already at Jericho's side,
tending to his leg, 
"Yea. Do that." I told her. 
Mouse clung to Jericho's arm, his big blue eyes looking worried, 
"Where's Jasper?" He asked. Mikki sat up and looked around,
 "Isn't he here? Jericho... where's Jasper!?" She was beginning to get frantic. 
"He..." Jericho's face turned dark, "They got him." He whispered.
Hayley almost lost her footing, the words knocking her legs from her. She gaped, 
"But how Jericho!? Jasper is so careful he... he wouldn't... how?" Hayley knew she
had to stay as calm as she could, but that was so difficult, especially since she
secretly loved Jasper.
"I don't know Hayley. But I do know we're going to save him. We may not have been
able to save Miracle, but we CAN save Jasper." Jericho told Hayley, his jaw set in
determination, his black hair falling into even more determined blue eyes. 
"Jericho. You shouldn't move." Angel told him, looking back at the leg, "I'll... have
to stitch it up." She muttered, going to get the things she needed to do it.
"She's right though Jericho, you'll get hurt." Hayley told him.
He laughed at her.
"Hayley, I've been hurt worse!"
"But Jericho you can't get hurt again. That's that. I'm going on patrol." She told
him, turning on her heels and pulling a large gun from the racks, strapping it on and
heading out the door.

Chapter Two
Killing Miracle

I was kind of mad at Jericho, just for thinking he could help with the state his leg
was in. I sighed and opened up the door to the old 1972 Volkswagen Beetle. I got in
and slammed the door shut, closing my eyes and sinking in the old seat. Tears begged
to be allowed to drop out of my eyes, but I was on patrol and that meant no crying. 
“Okay Hayley, let’s do this.” I whispered, starting the beetle and tucking my
bangs behind my ear and pulling out of the small shelter we had made for the car. I
have to admit, there was a good thing about having no adults, and it was that I could
drive before my time.
The dirty and deserted streets of New York City were scary, and so incredibly quiet I
was afraid my breathing was too loud. I chewed on my bottom lip, my eyes searching
for them. I was so mad I wanted to pick a fight with them. 
Out of the corner of my eyes I saw something move and spun the steering wheel,
causing the beetle to swerve and I was facing central park. My eyes narrowed and a
low angry growl escaped my lips. I hadn’t been near real society in a while, I was
allowed small animal like reactions, thank you very much. I pressed down on the gas
and the beetle surged forward, hitting something hard. I backed up and saw I had run
over one of the virus infected people. I hit the gas again, running them over once
again for good measure. I heard it whimper, but I was so furious I couldn’t have
cared less. I needed to save Jasper, and this thing’s kind was who took him away. 
I got out of the car, and looked at the monster to see whether it was male or female,
child, adolescent, or adult. I didn’t know this was such a bad idea. I heard
something rustle from the side, and I stood up straight, my entire body freezing. The
loud cackle of one of the monsters made me bolt for the beetle but I wasn’t fast
enough. A monster lunged at me from the side, and I jumped out of its way. Another
one came from behind and I pulled my pistol from my pocket and immidiatly pulled the
trigger, no aiming, and no second thinking. It flew backwards, a cry escaping its
cracked and disgusting lips. One leapt up on the hood of my beetle and dented it
slightly. By this point, I was pissed.
“You dented my friggin’ car!” I screamed at him. It laughed. I stared blankly
at him for a moment, my gun was raised to shoot but something was wrong. The monsters
never understood us, yet this thing had laughed at me.
“Looking.” He said, tilting his head, blood dripping from his head like it did
from most monsters head. 
“Yea I’m looking for something.” I said, trying hard not to look scared.
“Boy.” It said, and held up a gun of his own, but by the point he got it held up
right I had shot him. He was dead.
	I decided I wouldn’t let myself get ambushed again and I headed in the beetle,
slamming my door shut just as another monster jumped out in front of my car. This one
was obviously a girl, and the infection hadn’t quite taken over her. A disgustingly
sweet giggle erupted from her lips, and I pressed on the gas expecting to run her
over. Instead of the expected result she jumped up on the hood of my car and peered
down the front windshield. She had a disgusting grin and blood dripped down into her
black eyes. It seemed there was no white in her eyes, and her nose bled freely like
the top of her head did. She had straggly black hair that looked oily and clung to
her face.
She placed her hands on my windshield and almost incoherent words escaped her lips,
“Hayley, save me!” She screamed and then bashed her head into the windshield. It
cracked but did not break, and I hit the gas so hard that both she and the dead
monster were flung off my car. I whirled the beetle around and ran them both over,
then headed back. 
“Miracle…” I whispered, tears falling down my cheeks as I knew I had killed
Miracle. I also knew that I had put her out of her misery. I had killed my once
beautiful older sister.
I pulled back into the shelter knowing I couldn’t go on with the patrol. I unlocked
the steel door to our house and entered it. I shut it back and locked everything.
Nothing could get in unless it knew the codes. 
I walked down the steps and stared at Angel and Jasper, both of them knowing
something was wrong and that I needed Angel to fix it. Angel came up to me, staring
into my face and gently taking my hand, squeezing it for comfort.
Angel took my large automatic gun that none of us even knew the name of, and glanced
at Mikki. The little girl grinned at got up.
“We’ll go on patrol for you Hayley!” She smiled, rushing to hug me and then
pulling on Angel’s other hand. Angel let go of my hand and then leaning down she
whispered into my ear, “Hayley, you can’t let the destruction go to your head.”
And she walked out with Angel. 
I sat down sunk down beside Jericho and buried my head into his shoulder, letting
myself cry. Jericho didn’t know what to do; he had never seen me cry. Mouse cuddled
up next to me and held my hand. My own hands kept playing with the frayed bottom of
my tank top and I stopped crying eventually.
“You alright?” Jericho asked, lifting my head and turning it towards his face so
I was looking directly into his blue eyes. I blinked, my eyes looking down and I was
trying to avoid looking at him. 
“I killed Miracle.” I whispered. Jericho let go of my chin and looked at me, his
face a look of bewilderment.
“She…almost attacked me. And she… Jericho she screamed at me. But I understood
what she said! And there was another one, he… he knew about Jasper. He was full
zombie guy buy he still spoke Jericho. SPOKE! It was only a couple of words but… I
think they’re getting smarter. But Miracle… she was such a disgusting thing and
then she told me to save her. I knew I had to kill her Jericho, it was the only thing
I knew to do.” It all came from my mouth like a flood. I ran my fingers through my
hair and moved Mouse away from me. I stood up and walked over to one of the
computers. We only had three; three that worked anyway.
When the infection had first started, Jasper put a tracker in each one of us. I never
understood why until now. I pulled up the program and saw our five blinking red
lights on the screen. Mikki and Angel together and traveling, Jericho and Mouse
huddled together and me just a couple feet away. I couldn’t find Jasper and I
rubbed my tired eyes.
“Hayley you need to take a rest.” Jericho told me. My head whipped around and
glared at him, green eyes fierce and angry.
“Okay. Fine.” Jericho got up and as I was about to protest him moving he returned
my threatening look, “Jasper is my brother, he’s my twin. Hayley, you understand
what it’s like to loose a sibling but I’m not going to loose Jasper. If I killed
him I would be killing part of myself.”
“And what!? Just because Miracle wasn’t my twin it means part of me DIDN’T die
when I killed her?” I asked, standing up and screaming at him. Jericho kept his
cool composer which annoyed me even more.
“Chill Hayley. I know you died inside. Now let’s find my twin.” He told me. I
wanted to slap him. I wanted to let all my emotions out on him in one punch. Instead
I rolled my eyes and plopped back down in my chair.
“Oh God.” I whispered, “He’s in the…”
“Not the-" He began but I cut him off.
“Jasper is in the hole.” 
The great hole plays an important role in this story. You see, the great Hole is
actually a former hospital that collapsed in and became the monsters fortress. It
seems to have grown over the past months as they infect more and more people. Once
you go in you never come back out.
“We have to save him.” Jericho said, limping over to his bag and starting to
throw in as many weapons as he could find.
“Jericho! This takes planning! We have to plan all of this.” I told him walking
over and taking his bag from him.
“But we will save Jasper. If I die doing it I will save Jasper. He means as much to
me as he does to you Jericho, and I will not let him become a monster and suffer
through that.” 

Chapter Three
The Great Plan?
Mikki and Angel quickly gathered up the various things on the list Hayley had typed
out for them to prepare. All of them were going, even though Hayley had protested and
did not want them to do this. Mouse sat beside Jericho and stared at his wounds,
hesitatingly trying to touch it. 
Jericho smiled, “Mouse you can touch it, it won’t hurt as long as you don’t hit
it too hard.” He told him.
Mouse then took off the wrappings and Angel rushed over, “Mouse! What are you
doing?” She asked, becoming frantic. 
“Fixing.” The little boy whispered. He stared at the wound and he pressed his
hands against it. Jericho flinched and then stared at his leg as Mouse removed his
hand. All scars were gone, and the pain was gone too.
“I knew there was something special about you kid.” Jericho told him, ruffling
the grinning boy’s hair. 
“Mouse!” Hayley yelped and picked him up and spun him around, “You have no idea
how important that is for tonight.”
“Hayley, I think we have everything ready.” Mikki told her, tossing Hayley a bag
as Hayley put down Mouse.
Hayley caught it and watched as Mikki tossed bags to the others. Hayley placed it on
her back and closed her eyes for a moment. She dug her hands into her pocket and
pulled out the crumbled up picture of her with her sister. They were young and happy,
no cares in the world. “I never wanted this Miracle.” Hayley whispered. She
looked up and stared at her new family. The all looked determined.
“Guys, we’ve only got one try for this. No second chances, so if we screw up
we’re screwed.” Hayley told them, and stared at Angel, whose wide innocent eyes
said something that Hayley couldn’t read, almost like a warning.
“Let’s go!” Jericho was filled with new energy, and they walked outside into
the icy darkness, determination seeping from their bodies. They piled into the normal
family car that would fit them all. Jericho started the engine and they headed out
for a mission that could determine life or death.

Chapter Four
I crept down through the door I had found. Jericho, Mikki, Mouse, and Angel followed.
They were just as quiet and I was proud of them. I was so scared one of them would
die, or become a monster.
“Remember, they’re smarter now.” I whispered to them and crept along the blood
stained and disgusting smelling chute. There were limbs in the chute, some fresh and
the red hot blood still dripping from their infected selves, but some older and
disgusting smelling with deteriorating skin that had turned grey and looked as if it
could still reach out and grab you. I pulled my hair back with one of Miracle’s
ribbons, just for her memory. 
The chute ended faster than I had expected and we landed on hard rock ground. A small
bird squawked at us, and I noticed that it looked infected. Its feathers were falling
off and the skin that showed seemed to be falling off as well. Mikki squeezed my arm
as we continued walking along silently. I pulled out the GPS tracker that I had found
in Jasper’s room before we left and saw where he was. I wanted to scream, he was
too far away! 
Jericho pulled me back and I almost squealed in protest but I did not, seeing what he
was pointing out. There were three monsters fighting over a dog, tearing it to shreds
and whenever a piece of its body came off the monsters leapt for it and ate into it
with their sharp fangs.
We had to sneak around them, and as we did one noticed Mouse. It leapt for him, but
Angel pushed Mouse out of the way and was pinned down by the monster. Its bloody
hands were leaving imprints and it dribbled down from its head onto her face and into
her blonde hair.
Angel did not struggle, nor did she move. I shakily pulled out my pistol but Jericho
made me lower it. I didn’t know why at first but then I saw why; Angel was giving
us a distraction to get away. Mikki buried her face into my shirt as we started to
move again. We heard Angel scream and I covered Mikki’s ears and watched Jericho
cover Mouse’s ears. Mikki began to cry but I shushed her. We had to keep going and
we had to keep it quiet.
We kept walking through blood covered halls and avoiding horrific monsters that
seemed to get more and more terrifying the further in we got. I checked my GPS for
almost the hundredth time and saw that we were only a few feet away.
“We’re close.” I whispered and I led us onward. 
We got closer to a large door, fringed in gold. I wondered silently as I pushed it
open slightly and gaped at what I saw.

Chapter Five
The doors were pulled open and it seemed a full court of the new breed of infections
sat at the court. But what I gaped at was that Miracle, put back together and very
much alive sat in the position of a queen. 
“Little sister!” She exclaimed and clapped. Her voice was too happy, and she
looked so breakable. Mikki tightened her grip on my hand, and I watched Jericho edge
closer to us.
“Oh little sister! You thought you could kill me?” She giggled and I cringed, her
giggle hurting my ears. “No, never silly little sister. I have a present for
you!” She snapped her fingers and two monsters dragged out a cage. They pulled off
the blanket and I stared in horror. 
Jasper sat in the center, but he didn’t move and he looked like he was just on the
brink of death. Miracle leapt on top of the cage, causing Jasper to look up and see
us all. He stared and shook his head, “You should have left me Jericho!” He told
his twin angrily.
“Miracle… why!? What have you done to him!?” I cried out, my body shaking and
my head spinning. 
“Oh Hayley, Jasper is such a pretty little toy don’t you think. But he won’t
kiss me! Why do you think that is Hayley? Do you think maybe it’s because he’s in
love with you? Oh but it couldn’t be! You’re in love with Jericho aren’t
you?” Miracle snickered, and both the brothers stared at me for an answer.
“Miracle this has nothing to do with giving Jasper back.” I told her, crossing my
arms and taking a few brave steps forward.
“Oh you are just so silly Hayley! Why on earth would I give him back? I want more
pretty little toys like him! I don’t want ugly ones like… like…” Miracle
waved her hand indicating she meant all the monsters, “but like you! And all your
friends, you see all of you are so pretty! And uninfected. And immune.” Miracle
skipped towards Mikki and took her hand and forced her to let go of my hand. She
pulled Mikki into a hug and Mikki tried hard to escape.
“Let go of her.” Jericho hissed. 
“Ooh, I’m scared. Silly boy don’t you know, you can’t hurt me.” Miracle let
go of Mikki, who tried to run back to me but Miracle held her firmly by her hair.
Mikki let out a cry of pain.
“She’s so cuddly. I like her best Hayley.” Miracle’s large black eyes flashed
for a moment “Help me Hayley! Help me!” And they flashed again, “Oh silly me,
saying things I don’t mean.”
“What are you?” I asked, watching Mouse scoot around sneakily and pick the lock
on Jasper’s cage.
“Me? Why I’m just you’re big sister! I’m only infected is all.” Miracle
said, running her fingers through her scraggly black hair. 
“No you aren’t. Miracle is somewhere in there, Miracle you have to come out, and
you have to save us!” I cried, watching from the corner of my eye and seeing Jasper
leave the cage. 
“I can’t Hayley! She won’t let me- HAYLEY, quit asking ridiculous questions.”
Miracle reached out and grabbed my throat, almost choking me but giving me a little
bit of air. My hands scrambled for my gun and I held it at her stomach. 
“Shoot me Hayley.” She whispered in my ear, her voice disgusting and the blood
from her head dripping onto my arm and down to the floor. I swallowed and closed my
eyes, pulling the trigger. 
I pulled it again.
I opened my eyes and watched Miracle let me go, dropping me to the ground. I
couldn’t move. Something was wrong. I felt my head it the ground and my darkness
took over.
Chapter Six
The End

Hayley woke up in a cage. She looked beside her and found that Mikki was beside her.
She felt wrong. 
“Mikki? Mikki what happened?” she asked, shaking Mikki.
Mikki glanced at her, “What are you talking about Hayley?” Mikki asked. Hayley
realized Mikki looked far older than she

‹♫♪Sophia☆Kicking&Screaming♫♪› says:   8 November 2008   548732  
was supposed to.
“What happened? I mean the last thing I remember is Miracle throwing
me to the ground.” Hayley told her, brushing her bangs from her
“Hayley… that was three years ago. I don’t know why you don’t
remember…” Mikki stared at Hayley bewildered.
“What? No! Where’s Jericho? And Jasper and Angel and Mouse!? Where
are they Mikki?” Hayley was becoming frantic.
“Hayley don’t you remember? They were infected! We’re next.”
Hayley stared at Mikki and glanced at the floor around her. There
wasn’t much she could use. Then she found it, in her pocket was a
shard of broken glass.
“Hayley what are you doing?”
	“Mikki, I can’t be infected.” Hayley said, taking the glass and
aiming it, “I’m sorry… goodbye...” And darkness faded
Hayley’s vision as blood spilled from the stab.
‹♫♪Sophia☆Kicking&Screaming♫♪› says :   8 November 2008   212386  
so damn it. I had to post the ending in a comment.


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