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chemicals reactCategory: (general)
Thursday, 6 November 2008
04:02:46 PM (GMT)
i'm sooo confused. my slightly big head can't handle all of this information. not
only that but i think my typing is getting worse. also i have clarified. this will
DEFINATLY be my new diary...seeing as i never keep paper ones. i don't exactly know
how to use this website. i just made an account beacuse bordem was clawing at my
.i sound so depressed. o.O so all in all today has been pretty much good. i came home slighlty late...ok it was pitch black outside.
anyway my aunt blew a fuse. i thought she was gonna pop. but luckily she didnt. '_'
well i kinda miss a few of my friends who are at the moment in spain while im stuck
in shitty(O.O BAD LANGUAGE!!) old london. i think ive gone of swearing.

 i used to swear non stop and considering im only 13 thats not good. but i have this
friend who HATEs swearing so yea...she also stoped me from dropping litter. she's so
angelic, the worst thing she's ever said in her life was 'no'. its kinda when im asking her if she want to go somewhere and she doesnt. she
takes ages trying to say's like it hurts her. and she so nice to mean
people...i could never do that. i have my mothers temper and hostility. i can be
extremly rude. trust me. i may seem all happy and peoppy but deep down i could rip
your head of at any moment.well.
 anyway i have to say that yet again ive lot my oyster card...if you dont know what
that is. your not from england or london. anyway. i had to borror my friends oyster
cause she insisted that i didnt go home in the dark through an alley way. trust me i
can take careof myself...most of the time...dont ask me why this is titled chemicals
 its the titles from my fanfiction stories...yes i write fanfiction. i write it cause
im bored and need to vent emotion so i dont become all weird...TO late. i'm already
weird. but good weird. the weird you can deal with..ok i should really stop rambling
on about myslef. and my not so interesting life. bi bi.XD

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