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Tuesday, 28 October 2008
08:37:54 PM (GMT)
we were on the bus afterschool yesterday .
and I had this 7-11 cup , with hot chocolate
if you know, 7-11 has obama cups and mccain cups
and i of course, chose obama. 

so i get on the bus and this kid starts looking me and my friends up and down
and we were like, can i help you ? 
and he goes ' OBAMA IS SHIIITT ' so loud on the bus. then he pushes my cup out of my
handd. and he goes, fight me if ur on obama's side. and then  he goes, obama-osama ,
which i HATE because its completely racist, assuming, and derrogatory.
and everyone is quiet.

So as you may imagine i was pissssed. There was a huge riot on the bus , and the bus
was eventually pulled out of service , and we were forced to walk home. Just us who
had defended obama. it didnt matter to me because i was not gonna be bullied into
political views. So i stood up for myself. When i got to school i found that some
kids had told the school i started the riot on the bus and i got detention. all
because i wanted to defend my actions. 

So in the end , does it really matter who we have as president? America will always
be biased...

‹beautiful_R.I.P_saxson_jake_&kim› writes:   29 October 2008   455954  
my mom wants obama to become president
but my nana who lives with us 
is so F'n raciest she is saying if he becomes president he is gonna be
assassinated it is so not cool 
nd why didn't you just tell them what happened on the bus
‹XxFallenxSoulxX› says:   29 October 2008   139912  
i agree with u 100% .. Obama shoudl be preseident and better win..
but i he doesnt become president than we will all kno it is just cuz a
majority of the people on this earth are raciist assholes :D
sharikka123 says:   29 October 2008   868942  
u r right
sharikka123 says:   29 October 2008   595516  
but he want.  just be cause he is african american  and he want
because he wasnt born in america he was born in korean and thats not
in the united states and they have to be inthe united states to be
‹KATIEParade› says :   29 October 2008   859545  
Obama FTW.
  I want an Obama cup. 
 Anyway, that sounds interesing.
 It drives me crazy when people say that, too, but weird that you had
to walk home. :\


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